‘Nothing imminent’ for Goran Dragic, Heat reunion

The Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson reported on the speculation.

quote from Goran Dragic made the rounds on Heat Twitter yesterday. An article on Basket News quoted the veteran as saying that his main desire is to return to the Miami Heat and added that “movement for other players will open” when Damian Lillard finds a new landing spot. He said, “We are in talks with a few clubs, but much more will be known in a few days when the news will be released. You will see.”

Was Dragic saying that a Lillard-to-Miami trade was days away from breaking? And that soon after, he’d return as a backup point guard? That’s what some wondered.

But Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald tweeted that there is “nothing imminent or any pending deal” between the Heat and Dragic. Jackson said that while there is fondness and respect between Dragic and the organization he played with from 2015 to 2021, a potential reunion would happen later on.

In replies, Jackson said that people should be careful with English translations of interviews — Dragic spoke with local media from his training camp in Lasko, Slovenia. (It should be said, though, that Dragic has called returning to Miami “a no-brainer” last month.) Jackson also said that he senses the Lillard/Portland standoff will go awhile.

As Ethan Skolnick said, the Heat are in good position as long as Lillard remains steadfast in his desire to only play for Miami. As we inch closer to the start of the season, Joe Cronin won’t want to see a media circus surrounding whether Lillard will report to camp.

Then we’ll see Lillard traded to Miami, and hopefully Dragic as well.

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