Heat & Blazers have held talks but no ‘real traction’ on Dame trade

Not the update Heat fans want, but this should be resolved sooner rather than later.

It has been several long weeks since the official trade request from Damian Lillard to be dealt to the Miami Heat came out. There has been plenty of rumors, expert opinions, and potential trade ideas that have circled since.

However, nothing is close to being done yet.

In fact, as reported by Shams this morning, the Heat and Portland Trail Blazers have spoken on a Dame/Heat deal, but there has been nothing significant; no real traction.

An important highlight from those Sham’s notes is “it’s up to the Blazers & Heat to engage in negotiations at this point.”

Sooner or later this SHOULD be going down, but prepare for this to be a dwelled out process, potentially all the way up to training camp.

Lillard has not backed down from his request, and his agent has done a great job making it public to everybody that is has always been and still is “Heat or bust”.

This is a top 75 player of all time, respected by players, staff and fans throughout the entire association. Somebody that has played his entire career on one team and showed countless of loyalty and drive to win.

He has the right at this age and point of his career to be somewhere that he wants to be.

Both sides (more Portland) seem to be stubborn with this whole situation/process.

Portland doesn’t view Tyler Herro as a valuable asset in return, which doesn’t make too much sense truthfully.

Herro is a former 6MOTY award winner, coming off a 20 PPG, 5 RB, 4 AST season, and has gotten better every single year he has played.

He has all the tools to be a potential All-Star in this league, yet Portland has no interest. That is what has caused a major delay in all of this.

There are teams like the Brooklyn Nets, Utah Jazz and Toronto Raptors who have all expressed interest in getting involved in this trade and acquiring Herro in a multi-team deal.

Keep in mind that any package to get Lillard to Miami just starts with Herro. Other pieces and draft compensation will absolutely be included.

Getting multiple teams involved like this is always easier said than done. There are lots of behind the scenes talks, salary matchups, and draft asset considerations that go into maneuvering a larger deal like this.

If Portland wanted Herro, a deal would have been done by now between the Heat and Blazers straight up.

Nobody wants to have a disgruntled superstar around come the start of a new NBA season.

That is exactly what Portland is risking at this point.

Lillard has been quiet and professional throughout this process, but as time keeps going by it has the potential to get ugly.

It is fair to assume that even if Portland isn’t completely satisfied by Miami’s offer, more serious engagement will have to happen and both squads have to find a happy medium.

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