Heat outlast Hornets win, 116-114

First Half:

After the last game’s poor performance, Duncan got things started for Miami with a three, getting things off in the right direction. It was Duncan and Caleb who led the offense to start. Noticeable early, was Miami’s struggles to rebound on the offensive end as well as guard the key on the other end with Charlotte getting most of its scores at the rim. Still, it wasn’t often and the Heat was able to put together a quick lead on a 12-2 run. On the flip side of Charlotte’s ability to score inside, was its inability to score from beyond the arc – the Hornets didn’t sink a three until the 3-minute mark of the first. The Heat got some great contributions from the second unit with Jaquez Jr. and Kevin Love, but it was Jimmy who would anchor the offense with his signature blue-collar buckets.

One thing that’s been noticeable as of late is the chemistry between Kevin Love and Jimmy Butler – the two paired together create many a headache for opposing defenses.

Miami let Charlotte come back reducing its lead to just five to start the second quarter. Suddenly Charlotte was prolific from beyond the arc going on a run to tie things up on a 9-0 run. With Miami reeling, Thomas Bryant saw minutes with a hope that he’d grab some offensive rebounds – probably. Duncan, Jaime, and Caleb all worked to get the Heat back out ahead by nine.

The Hornets fought back getting to within five once again, but with Miami sharing the ball well and Jaime Jaquez Jr. putting on a preview of February’s dunk contest, KLove hitting multiple threes, and Caleb Martin slamming it down to end the half Miami would take a nine-point lead into the second half. With Miami dominating half-court play (in terms of points/play) it would go into the second half with momentum.

Second Half:

Jimmy and Duncan extended the lead to start the second half, but Terry Rozier and Charlotte returned fire on the other end to keep things within striking distance. With Charlotte appearing to gain momentum, Jimmy went to work offensively getting to the line and extending the lead. Duncan also delivered from three to stay up double digits. Lowry was scoreless early in the third quarter but was still proficient in orchestrating the offense and finding open men. With Jimmy in a flow state, he’d continue to attack the bucket and earn trips to the line. It helped that Love’s shooting touch was on full display, showcasing what an asset he can be for this team when his looks are falling. Headed into the fourth Miami was firmly in control, but Rozier’s hot shooting threatened a Charlotte run – that being said a well-timed three by Duncan and a good bucket by Love kept the Heat ahead by 12 headed into the fourth.

Miles Bridges continued to score well, and chip at Miami’s lead to open the fourth. Miami’s offense stalled to start the fourth which was ill-timed with Charlotte cutting the lead to five. The Heat was once again on its heels in the fourth, treading water after working diligently to build a lead. With Rozier hitting threes, Brandon Miller scoring, and the Heat struggling to create offense things were extremely disorganized. Why the Heat continues to lose its identity in the fourth is still a mystery, but it’s one that needed to be solved quickly with Charlotte cutting the lead to one. Miami’s answer was to bring in Jimmy Butler and Kevin Love who provided instant offense. Charlotte continued its offensive assault with Hayward and Rozier both getting involved, but with Kyle showing up at the perfect time and Duncan hitting some big looks Miami stayed ahead – just barely. Despite Charlotte making things extraordinarily difficult it was Jimmy Butler, Kevin Love, and Caleb Martin who’d put Miami in a good position to take it home.

The ending of this game turned into a chess match played out in free throws, but missed free throws by Rozier and smart clock control allowed Miami to escape Charlotte with a much-needed win in a game that had no right being so close.

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Jovic has a way to go. He’s better off in Sioux Falls getting playing time/experience and developing skill and confidence.

heat for life

play him 5 minutes he/ll never get better.learn on the job only way to improve.g league is trash play.hes such an enticing player with his size and skills


I’m glad the heat won, I had it recorded. I watched the dolphins game and it pissed me off, also made me feel sad. After that I watched the 2nd half of the heat game and I guess it made me feel a little better. I’ll take any win, no matter how we get it, and take no team for granted.


Looking forward ahead to the rest of the season. May players stay healthy.


I do want to say some nice things about Duncan Robinson. It’s not a question of whether he can sustain his improvements anymore. He has simply blossomed into a good player, a B+ talent. He shows his athleticism on his drives to the basket, as he is quick and fluid. He handles the ball fairly well in crowded areas, has good vision, makes some nice assists. He also has a good short range jumper that he scores with almost every game. And, of course, he has superior three point range. It’s hard to get used to this improved version of Dunc after watching him for years, but there is no denying it anymore.
I would prefer he remains a starter when Ty comes back. I think Ty was always most effective as a sixth man.

heat for life

how bout some kevin love love 30.u trashed him big time


I admit it. I still think he is the closest to more bad than good when he is on the court. But, he was great pro, and is capable of occasionally hitting his threes. You did see one brief glimpse of the old KLove on that three point play. Every player has his ups and downs. Lillard shot 3-17 last night. Dunc was off in the Cavs game. Last night he’s a hero. Last night JRich and Kyle were off. But, they will have better games too. I guess the way you judge a player is how high his highs are and how often does he not contribute. Of course, that doesn’t account for the defense players put in. And, circling back to KLove, that’s where his true weakness lies. In fairness, he also has value for his rebounding. Hey, glad to see one of our old players have a night.


I agree with everything you said except herro’s ego won’t allow him to be on the bench. Herro has a chip on his shoulder with more to prove, and probably is thinking that since he already won 6moty. So he probably doesn’t want to go back to that role,especially if he’s been improving his D like Duncan before he got hurt.


I agree. Ty may not like it. But, in a way it’s a compliment because he can contribute big time coming off the bench and I am not sure Dunc would as much. But, in my mind, the best move is let Ty reshow how good he is and that he’s injury free, showcasing him or Dunc, and then trade one or the other. I think Ty is a tad better player, a high B+, while Dunc is a low B+. But, even though they have different skills, their overall effectiveness or efficiency is reasonably similar. We could be reasonably unhurt by trading one or the other, if we strengthened elsewhere (not to alienate anyone, lol). The good thing is, not only will there be suitors for Ty, but there will be a market for Dunc too.


Ty is a trade bait. Outside of Bam and Jimmy, he’s our only valuable trade piece to get roster improvements. The vast improvement of Duncan will help once a Derozan, Brogdon, or a Siakam arrives.


I’ll take any Ws. Rozier was making difficult shots maybe showing off wanting to get a call from Pat?


Job done. Thats all it matters.


Ball movement was incredible once again. Kevin Love was great. J-Rich was terrible. Caleb seems to be getting his legs back under him. I would like to see this team being more aggressive on defense, getting into passing lanes and harassing ballhandlers.

Two obvious shortcomings for the Heat. First, until playoff Jimmy makes a return, this team doesn’t have a proper 4th quarter closer. And second, they’re missing their second and third best player.

The depth on this team looks good, although I would like to see one more guard added to this roster at the all-star break. Doesn’t need to be a superstar trade, just a draft pick and a contract for a Norm Powell type.

The real test will be the closing lineup once they are healthy. I think it should look something like Bam/Caleb/Jamie/Jimmy/Herro. If that 5-man unit can gel, I feel very confident in the ability of this team to be great.


Charlotee has some good players. Plus, they had LaMelo, Mark Williams and Cody Martin out. Hayward, Bridges and Rozier had good nights. Hornets are now 7-14. I wonder if there is a possible trade in store with them down the road after LaMelo returns? Hmm?


Excellent write up but I believe that game had every right to be that close. These are two decimated teams and the level of talent was pretty even. Miami was lucky to escape with the W in a game where the shots were falling for everyone except JRich and Kyle. We should not feel superior to anyone as long as we have so many guys injured. Just be glad we weren’t up against a better team.
And, the injuries are covering up the truth anyway, that this team isn’t much better than average even when healthy. But, the league will dole out its justice eventually, and after these next three we will get some hard lessons if we don’t augment this team in some way.
For now, I’m grateful for eking out a win.

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