Jimmy Butler’s game-winner leads Heat past Bulls

Heat Bulls
Jimmy Butler’s game-winner led the Heat past the Bulls, his former team. (Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images)

Jimmy Butler’s game-winning pull-up jumper prevented the Miami Heat from losing a second straight game at home to the Chicago Bulls.

Up by double digits in the first and third quarters, the Heat succumbed to another paltry fourth period and were at risk of ending their regular season series against Chicago at 1-3 before Butler’s heroics made the final output 118-116 on Saturday night at the Kaseya Center.

Butler, who finished with 28 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists, and 2 steals, was immediately surrounded by his teammates after the clock hit 0 seconds, providing Heat fans with a moment of jubilation when it looked like another sardonic ending was in play.

Caleb Martin had an impressive fourth period and finished with 17 points, 4 rebounds, and 2 steals while rookie Jaime Jaquez Jr. impressed anew with 18 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists, and 8-of-14 shooting in 35 minutes off the bench.

Kevin Love continued his impressive play with his best output in a Miami jersey: 22 points and 7 rebounds on 8-of-12 shooting.

The Heat had Josh Richardson and Haywood Highsmith back in action, but were once again without Bam Adebayo (hip) and Tyler Herro (ankle). The good news is the duo could be back by next week for a Miami team that’s now 15-11 in the standings and has a couple of tough challenges ahead of them.

Big-time hustle plays allowed Miami to stay within striking distance of Chicago in the final minutes, paving the way for Butler to put on Superman’s cape and save the day.

With Chicago ahead 111-108 after DeMar DeRozan’s and-one finish, Caleb Martin flew in for a put-back jam that brought momentum back to the Heat’s side. The Heat then took the lead when Butler rebounded a Kyle Lowry miss a possession later, but Chicago regained possession on a triple from Coby White who was exceptional in the final 12 minutes of play.

After Butler missed a jumper, Jaquez retrieved an offensive board and scored a few seconds later. White gave the Bulls the lead again with a basket in the paint. After the Heat failed to score on a missed Jaquez triple following a Love offensive rebound, they forced DeRozan to a turnover, paving the way for a wide-open Lowry lay-up.

Nikola Vucevic then missed a shot in the paint. Heat coach Erik Spoelstra opted not to call time-out, allowing Jimmy the platform to add another moment of clutch heroics to his growing list in a Miami uniform.

The Heat will be back in action when they take on the Western Conference-leading Timberwolves on Monday.


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I have seen all permutable trade scenarios except for one that has not included moving the Heat from Miami to another city. I am waiting for that too, lol!

Reality Czech

They can move near you – the Uranus Heat, basically an oxymoron. Traveling for games would be prohibitive though.



The Heat are currently playing OK without Herro and played very well without him in last year’s playoffs.

If Demar DeRozan dropped out of the sky and landed on the Heat team for the rest of the year, would that make Miami a much better team? I think so. So would trading Herro for DeRozan be a plus for Miami?

Alex Caruso is versatile enough to play 1-3. Martin is best suited as a SF, but can play PF in the Miami system. Although the dollars don’t match, if Miami added a couple of non-rotation players would that be a fair trade?

Herro, Martin, Bryant and Jovic for DeRozan and Caruso. (Dollars match up with Chicago adding $600,000 in salary).

Trading 4:2 makes room for Miami to add two players from G League (Cain and Hampton)?If Miami trades 6’5″ 205 lb Martin for 6’5″ Caruso, 6’6″ 230 lb Jaquez can be inserted at starting PF.If Miami is going “all in” does this trade make sense?

Depth Chart:
Lowry, DeRozan, Butler, Jaquez, Bam
Caruso, Richardson, Duncan, Highsmith, Love
Hampton, Cain, ORobinson, Smith, (Swider or veteran off waivers if spot is open)

I think that unselfish and extremely skilled starting unit would be among the very best in the league. Any thoughts?

Last edited 2 months ago by SunManFromDogBone

I kinda want to see Herro in another playoffs.


I kinda want to see Herro play more unselfish, under control and better defense. This is his fifth year in the league. He needs to elevate his game to the next level if he ever expects to be an all-star, such as DeRozan. If he can work on improving his overall game as much as Duncan has, I would feel much differently.

heat for life

hes a one on one player meaning when he gets ball hes usually trying to go one on one and take a shot.ball sticks with ty.very taleneted offensive player but as a team guy dont think so

Reality Czech

Another comment with no basis in fact (not opinion). Herro is tied with Butler for most assists per game this season – 4.6 per game. Again, this is not an opinion or a biased observation.

Reality Czech

In other words, he’s getting his teammates involved as much as anyone on the roster.

heat for life

a ball hog takes lots unwise shots.plays no d .hurt alot.not a team player.44shooting %.38 3s overall avg player

Reality Czech

His assists belie your ‘not a team player’ falsehood. If you look up his standing in the league, you’ll find he is well above average player in multiple categories.


My only point is that I think DeRozan is more reliable and a better defender than Herro right now. Killer two point shooters such as him are invaluable in crunch time. With Bam and Butler you already have two. I would like to see a closing unit of Bam, Butler, DeRozan Jaquez and Caruso. You also have Lowry, Duncan, Richardson, Love, Highsmith, ORobinson, Cain and Hampton available. It would be a very strong team.

Reality Czech

I’d like to have him in a Heat uniform. If we could do it and keep Herro, so much the better. For the record, Derozan defensive rating is 119.5 this season, Herro 114.5.
Anyway, let’s see how it all shakes out.

Reality Czech

Just admit you’re biased against Herro. That would be honest and I’m cool with that.
Lillard has career averages less than Herro in shooting % and 3p%, and also doesn’t play much D, but you were salivating over him and giving them Jaquez and everyone else to get him here.

Reality Czech

He’s also missed more games than Herro the last 4 years.


With all due respect herro did elevate his game, defensively he was improved and leading the team in steals, even if the sample size was small. Also 4.6 assists seems unselfish to me.

Reality Czech

Herro for DeRozan straight up would be, imo, a very bad deal. It is highly questionable that the Heat sign Derozan after the season if he expects some kind of super max deal. The second deal, including Caruso is a little more palatable, but it’d be better if we keep Herro, include Duncan, and maybe throw in a second rounder. The Bulls will get nothing for DeRozan after the season if he leaves as expected. No need to overpay for him now.


Makes sense. However, since everyone is talking about Riley wanting to win now, I think DeRozan offers a better chance at that than Herro. With DeRozan and Lowry on expiring contracts, if neither wants to stay in Miami on a team friendly contract next season, that opens up money and spots for other players who might want to play in Miami on team friendly contracts. There are quite a few free agents scheduled to hit thje open market in 2024. https://www.spotrac.com/nba/free-agents/ufa/?ref=trending-pages

With a core of Bam, Butler, Jaquez, Caruso, Duncan, Richardson, Highsmith, Love
Hampton, Cain, ORobinson, and free agent(s) to be named later, they could still put a competitive team together in 2024.

Reality Czech

I totally agree on getting Derozan and that his pure scoring would greatly benefit the team. Because he’s not known as a consistent 3 point shooter (he’s doing pretty well this season), I’d like to see him as the leader of the second unit. Or, if you retain Herro, they could share pg duties with DeRozan at 5.2 and Herro 4.6. A starting unit of Bam, Butler, Love, DeRozan, and Herro would be pretty explosive.

heat for life

herro for derozan a very bad deal for chi agree

Reality Czech

Hahahaha! Ridiculous!


We were lucky. But 3:1 is a good result in those four games. We are not out of the woods, but with Herro and Bam back would be much easier.


We won! 😲🤯


A win is a win. Love had a great game. Jimmy came through. Jaquez steady. Caleb playing well except he needs to quit trying to force shots. Lowry hanging in there. ORobinson and Bryant inconsistent. Love will get most of back-up center duties once Bam returns.

Things start getting harder on Monday vs TWolves. Herro may be back. Hold on to your seats.



Bulls played better defense than the Heat.

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