Donovan Mitchell is once again tied to the Miami Heat in trade rumors

Donovan Mitchell, 4X NBA-All Star and reigning All-NBA talent, is averaging 27.9 PPG, 5.7 RPG and 5.7 APG on 46/35/90 shooting splits this season

Is Donovan Mitchell someone that the Heat can target at this year’s Trade Deadline? Only Pat Riley and the Miami Heat front office truly have that answer, but there are once again some things surfacing on the internet linking Mitchell to Miami.

Mitchell has found himself involved in trade rumors tied to the Heat organization for years now.

Bam Adebayo is someone who has a very close relationship with Mitchell both on and off the court, and have been seen working out together over the years.

They have also both played together in the Miami Pro League pick up games over the last couple summer’s.

The multi-time All-Star and superstar guard has quietly made it known he won’t be re-signing with the Cleveland Cavs after the season; his current team.

He was recently traded there two summers ago in a blockbuster deal with the Utah Jazz.

He has not made any signs yet that he plans to sign a contract extension, which would eventually make him an UFA . Cleveland would most certainly want a chance to get something for him rather than lose him for nothing.

Without signing an extension, he is under contract for the rest of this season and through the end of next season, where he then can use his Player Option to sign with any team.

Mitchell has reportedly been deemed available for the February 8 Trade Deadline, per several sources.

According to Jeff Zillgitt/USA Today Sports, the Miami Heat still have their eyes on the star Cavs player.

In the USA Today article, it was mentioned:

“The Heat have been looking for a combo guard and have long had their eyes on Mitchell.”

Heat Nation knows better than to get overly excited over reports like this.

Before the 2023-2024 season began, the Heat had a golden opportunity to bolster this roster to the next level after Damian Lillard requested to be traded specifically to the Heat and Heat only.

Miami was active in talks, but nothing made significant progress.

Pat Riley insinuated that the front office likes this roster currently and wanted to see what they could do following another NBA Finals berth.

However, injuries throughout the entire roster and the lack of star power with core guys like Jimmy Butler, Tyler Herro and Adebayo being in and out of the lineups, have been holding this Miami team back from reaching their full potential.

Even if no trades are set and stone, it is still trade season. There are going to a plethora of rumors and reports with the Trade Deadline coming up on February 8.

Donovan Mitchell, 27 years and old and in the very beginning of his prime, will be a name that headlines this Deadline class.


This is a developing news story. Stay tuned for updates.

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Reality Czech

To this point, Cleveland has been adamant that they are not trading Mitchell. Just blowing smoke? Maybe, but they have him under contract for 1 1/2 more seasons, so they could afford to wait.
I’d love to see Mitchell in a Heat uniform. I’ve said it before. He’d be a game changer. But at what cost? Herro, Jaquez, Jovic, and 2-3 first round picks?
For comparison purposes, this season’s stats:
Mitchell – 45.7 fg%, 34.7 3p%, 90.1 ft% 27.9/5.7/5.7 1.9 st, 2.6 to
Herro – 45.5 fg%, 42.4 3p%, 87.2 ft%, 23.4/5.5/4.5 1.3 st, 2.7 to.
By hfl standards, Mitchell is an average to above average player since he puts so much weight on Herro’s fg%, it only fair.
i don’t think a deal is happening.


Cavs would be asking for Ty, JJJ ++
So NO.

heat for life

when a team has a player that doesnt want to resign they lose leverage love to trade wonder boy dunc and picks but cleve never do it

Reality Czech

They won’t lose leverage for a year. Under contract this year and next, and afterwards has a player option.


And once again lol


He’s not quite as good as Dame, but he’s a lot younger and he’s on a better contract. If the Heat can get him without giving up Jimmy, Bam, or Jamie, I would say go for it


Definitely, and whatever it takes, not named Jimmy or Bam. Maybe I am wrong, as he hasn’t shown his potential this year as much as last, but I still would not want to lose Caleb. Same for JRich, but doubtful he would be part of a trade. If we got Donovan, we go from being a first rounder to NBA title contender. Please, let it happen this time! All the other times we had a chance to get a whale would be forgotten as this is the one worth waiting for.


I think Caleb is great, but I’m fine including him in a trade for Donovan Mitchell. Same goes for Duncan, Tyler, Lowry, K-Love, and all the picks. I would trade J-Rich for a bag of donuts. at this point, the only player not named Jimmy or Bam I wouldn’t want to trade is Jamie.


Oh I forgot, definitely we shouldn’t trade Jaime. But, because what we see is what everyone sees, that is probably who they will ask for. What if they forced us to give him up for Sonovan. I have to admit, I would hate to lose him, but I would do it.


yeah that’s a great question. I’m not sure. I really like Jamie


Herro did struggle against LAC’s defenders, I’m getting. Lil more open to that idea.


I think Tyler has looked great this season.

But at risk of sounding like a broken record, I still need to see him take over the scoring in the fourth quarters of close games, especially against other good guards, before I say the Heat don’t need an upgrade.

I’m also willing to be patient, I don’t think it NEEDS to happen by the trade deadline. If Tyler is showing signs that he can handle the responsibility, lets see how things shake out in the playoffs.

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