Erik Spoelstra signs long-term extension with Heat

Erik Spoelstra
Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra just earned himself a shiny new extension! (Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports)

Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra, widely regarded as one of the NBA’s top coaches, has signed a long-term extension with the franchise that will make him one of the highest paid in the sport, NBA insider Tim Reynolds of the Associated Press and Heat insider Ira Winderman of the South Florida Sun Sentinel were among the first to report Tuesday evening.

According to Reynolds, Spoelstra’s deal will be an eight-year deal, while Anthony Chiang of the Miami Herald reported his deal will exceed $100 million.

For perspective, Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich, who signed a five-year, $80 million deal to become the league’s highest-paid coach in July, shortly after Monty Williams signed a six-year deal worth $78.5 million with the Detroit Pistons.

Spoelstra, 53, is the NBA’s second-longest-tenured head coach, starting in 2008-09 after spending over a decade as a video coordinator and assistant coach. He is 725-506 (.589) in his head coaching career with Heat, guiding the franchise to two NBA titles with six Eastern Conference titles in seven East Finals appearances. He is currently 19th all-time in wins, 34 wins behind Nate McMillan and 59 wins behind Gene Shue.

Well deserved, Erik. Worth every penny imaginable.


This is a breaking news story. Stay tuned for updates.

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This is a well deserved extension that reflects his excellence in handling all aspects of being a head coach. He is one of the best there is currently. No, a coach can’t win a championship with average players. But, there is no doubt a Spo team will win more with whatever roster or team situation he is given than just about anyone else.


PG wishlist : malcom brogdon, dennis schroeder, dejountay murray, cole anthony, dangelo russel


I saw that Brogdon was hardly used last night . Would we ever deal with Portland anytime in the near future? I believe he would really help us.


Spo’s ex-wife punching the air right now.


More Spobot please.


double rec.

Remember when the Skyforce won the G-League title in like 2017 and we all wanted Dan Craig to be the coach?


Well, I remember, that anybody from the street could be better to coach Heat then Spo around that year.

I m here since 2015, and till 2020 there were several games, stretches or seasons, where he made weird decisions, which didnt pan out. Since then, I cant remember a single error from him.

He squeezes everything from players, his game plans are often perfect, his coaching during the game is without obvious errors.

He is a the top of his profession now, probably the best coach in the league. He wasnt that good 5 or 10 years ago.


a good reminder that coaches and players are not static, and will continue to get better if they are with a solid organization. It’s one of the biggest reasons I’m not in a hurry to trade any of the young guys from this years squad


Dude, you and I must have started following the Heat when Dragic was traded to Miami by Phoenix. I guess that makes us hermanos, sort of.

I stopped following the Suns soon thereafter, even though I grew up in AZ and had followed them since their creation in 1968. Nonetheless, I kept the Sun handle, since after all, it is a very sunny place.

P.S. I hope Miami brings Goran in as a coach at some point. He has a lot to offer.



Exactly, I followed Goran from Phoenix to Miami, and start posting here. Along with you, hermano, sort of 🙂 , I know that. Never been suns fan, don’t know exactly why.

Heat doesn’t have good reputation worldwide 10 or 15 years ago, it was known as titles chasing franchise buying players. I would never be a fan of Lebron, for example.

Today is know as hard working franchise doing everything possible with what is available. I like that.

There was a press conference last week ago. Goran was asked about that and he said, that he has a meeting shortly with Spo (Spo ask for it), so I think there is a possibility that Goran will be around. Not as a coach, because he doesn’t like it, but maybe in some other role.


You guys really missed out on the Beasley/Chalmers years. Two HHH legends

Reality Czech

Yes, everybody was very high on them! 😀


I hope Spo works out something with “The Dragon.”


Congrats spo 👏 , you deserve it…especially after getting divorced. you truly are the best coach in the league, and it’s been that way the past 5 seasons at least. You never won COTY, but it doesn’t matter anyway. Only a great coach like spo can be a top 4 seed in the east with the most lineup changes in the league. Also one of the most, if not most injury stricken teams in the NBA, with a rookie leading in minutes. None of the top coaches can coach like you… you’re better than ty lue, pop, Kerr, nurse,vogel,malone,doc,etc. Spo is one of one .

Last edited 1 month ago by Big_guy305

This is wonderful news!

heat for life

doesnt bother me as long as he wins hes been gifted some of the best players in the history of the nba good for him.if u dont think any coach could have won at least 2 rings with the big 3 then i dont know what to tell u.popovich void of talent now did he forget how to coach last few the nba a coach is as good as his players.give spo 2 decades of the pistons roster and lets see what he does .hes my coach but hes a product of his players,hes had great players so yes he is a great coach.unpopular opinion but thats the way i see it,go spo go heat.


Give Spo the 76ers, Celtics or Clippers and he wins at least 2 championships each. They have lost because of crappy coaches who have choked when the going has gotten tough. Spo makes the most of the cards he is dealt and develops unheralded players better than any other coach in the NBA. He is the second best coach in the NBA next to Popovich and is closing fast.

heat for life

cant argue with his record.give him other teams that didnt win and he makes them champs ez to say i doubt that would happen sun man.jalen brown will still turn the ball over with spo as coach.harden will always suck in the playoffs.even with spo as coach.did spo teach lebron wade bosh how to play together or did they figure it out on their own what do u think sunman


I think great coaches bring out the best of great, good and average players. It takes a combination of all three types of players to win championships. Spo brings out the best of his players. That’s why, with a few exceptions, players that have been developed by, coached and have flourished under Spo seldom go elsewhere and produce like they have in Miami. Spo is worth every penny Miami is paying him.


Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain, and most fools do.

Even though supposedly “any coach” could have won at least two rings with LeBron on the Heat, somehow no other coach managed to win more than 1 title with LeBron, no matter how many all-star teammates he had. Still, Spo has really proven his value over the last four years. I doubt any other coach could have taken this Heat team to the Conference Finals 3 times and the NBA Finals twice. Hell, Daryl Morey is a “genius” and he’s never been to the Finals once!

Regardless of what you think, Spo is one of the consensus best coaches in the NBA according to basically every national TV pundit, every anonymous scout and gm survey, and every Heat fan. So one of two things are possible. Either everyone who works in professional basketball is wrong, or you are. Maybe you should read about the Dunning-Kruger effect?

Last edited 1 month ago by oregoner
Reality Czech

You get it O! Other teams that are stacked with high level talent often do not win a championship. There is no doubt that you put Spo in Detroit and he’d win far more games than they have. Championship or deep playoff run? Hell no! But they’d be a better, more focused team. You have to be a fool (as you so succinctly point out) if you can’t see that Spo (and management) has found a way to keep the Heat relevant and competitive in MOST years AFTER the big 3 period while having no high draft picks or blockbuster trades.
The quotes I posted below are reasonable and reflect what most people who know this game appreciate as the definition of a good coach. Of course you have to have the right players. But as we see year after year, that often is not enough. You need the right players AND the right coach and Spo is one of the best.

Last edited 1 month ago by Reality Czech
Reality Czech

Lol! The extension is for 8 additional years. I’m sure that will bother some (or at least one haha!)
And for anyone who doesn’t understand the importance of coaching in the NBA:
”However, there are other factors beyond wins and championships that can impact a coach’s performance.
One such factor is player development. Coaches who are able to develop young talent and help them reach their full potential can have a significant impact on a team’s long-term success.
In addition, coaches who are able to make adjustments and change their game plans based on their opponents can also have a significant impact on their team’s performance.
Overall, the role of coaching in the NBA is ****critical****(my emphasis), and the impact of a coach on team performance can be significant. While wins and championships are used as measures of success, there are many other factors to consider when evaluating a coach’s performance. Whether through player development, strategic adjustments, or motivational skills, a great coach can make a difference in a team’s success.”
Roughly half the offense we see are actions called by the coach, depending on who’s doing the counting. Basketball players aren’t afforded mic’d up helmets, so the majority of these plays get communicated via hand signals.”


He derves it a lot more than flash in the pan coaches like Monty and others.

Reality Czech

No doubt. He has done an admirable job with a team that, because of its success, has not had the luxury of getting high draft picks like many other teams.

heat for life

coaches are judged by their record.spos a great coach based on that .its about wins and losses and rings.good job.dolphins havent won sht in like 50 years

Reality Czech

As has been said, just because you constantly say something doesn’t make it true. Again, it’s your opinion and you’re entitled to believe what you want, but Oregoner put it perfectly:
“So one of two things are possible. Either everyone who works in professional basketball is wrong, or you are.”

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