Heat claw back to outlast Nets in OT, win 96-95

First Half:

Jimmy returned in this one and made his presence known immediately as he deflected passes and acted as an all-around defensive nuisance. Miami’s offense was anemic to start this one off going 0/4 until Jimmy found Bam for a dunk. This was only the ninth time this year that Jimmy, Bam, and Herro started together so the rust was apparent at least early on. Jimmy looked spry though, easily getting to the hoop and showing that he still has some strong dunks in his bag. The Heat was able to take an early lead, but it wasn’t by much as Miami struggled to connect on three-point looks. Brooklyn took advantage of this to take the lead on a 12-2 run. Brooklyn’s defense frustrated Miami, making it hard for them to find a true rhythm. There was some success with the Duncan and Bam two-man game, but it wasn’t enough. The Heat ended the first quarter down six (which wasn’t horrible considering they didn’t score a three).

The Heat struggled at everything to start the second playing less-than-inspired defense and forcing looks on defense. However, things changed slightly after a spectacular slam by Bam Adebayo off an alley-oop pass from Duncan.

It wasn’t enough as the Heat found itself down 13 (which will happen when you’re shooting 26% from the field) with no answers for the Nets on either end. Dennis Smith Jr. was an absolute menace throughout the first half, picking the pocket of Tyler Herro and others for 3+ steals. With Miami struggling massively, Jimmy went to work scoring his signature buckets at the logo and setting up his teammates on drives. With Jimmy driving, the Heat offense suddenly showed life cutting the lead to single digits. This wouldn’t last as Brooklyn fought back wrapping up Miami’s worst half of the season. The Heat entered the second half down 14 while shooting 26% from the field and 0% (YEP THAT’S A ZERO) from three.

Second Half:

Miami continued to flounder to start the half, but a three from Herro sparked signs of life. He’d follow that one up immediately with another to cut the lead to 10.


With a Bam block leading to a Butler dunk, suddenly it seemed as if momentum had shifted. The Heat was finally showing hustle and it reflected in the score as they cut the lead to four. Suddenly Tyler was balling, and the Heat was on a 12-0 run and looking like the team we’ve become accustomed to seeing. It’s worth noting Tyler’s aggressiveness on defense, obviously frustrated by his play in the first half – Tyler was energetic and effective on the defensive end to start the second. If people could stop including his name in hypothetical trades on Twitter, they might notice the improvements he’s made this season. Miami managed to tie things up and later take the lead albeit briefly as the defense picked up and pressured Brooklyn on nearly every shot. With the Heat hitting threes (we see you Caleb) and Jimmy getting to the line the Heat were finally dictating things and would ride that wave into the fourth quarter with loud “Let’s go Heat!” chants from the crowd.

Still, the Nets didn’t go away keeping things too close for comfort and leaving Miami down one to start the fourth.

The Nets expanded its lead to four to start the fourth quarter, but Bam answered back showing off his mid-range ability. J-Rich delivered a deep three to take the lead, and Bam followed that up with a bunny. The Heat had momentum once again without Jimmy on the floor as J-Rich did his thing giving me flashbacks to 2018. Despite a 9-0 run, the Heat stalled slightly on the offensive end but caught a break with BK missing its looks. Up only three, Miami needed to step on the gas and luckily would get some Jimmy G. Buckets. Bridges kept things close, and a poorly timed free throw miss and avoidable turnovers didn’t make things any easier down the stretch. Jimmy looked to be having a lot of fun as he went into his low post bag for some tough baskets.

The Heat threw up some questionable looks for a stretch but with Bam getting constantly double-teamed, the Heat still managed to get to the line. O’Neal got the Nets back within one with 1:30 left in the game, and a terrible turnover put the Nets back in the driver’s seat. Down one Tyler would hit yet another runner to get back ahead, but Cam Thomas would get fouled and put the Nets ahead with 37 seconds left. Miami went to Tyler again and he’d hit, with Claxton fouling Bam on a loose ball, the Heat would get up two (Bam missed one). The Nets would get a shot at the win, but Bridges went for two instead, getting fouled and sending the game to overtime after Jimmy’s missed game-winner the following possession.


Brooklyn’s double teams continued to be effective as Miami’s offense stalled and Brooklyn got up five. Things looked dire for the Heat, and despite getting some great looks once again resembled their first-half selves from beyond the arc. A questionable block on a Richardson gimme kept the Heat scoreless in OT but a well-timed Tyler three put them down just two. Bridges put BK up four but another three from Herro got the Heat back within one.

After an offensive basket interference call the Heat were in position to win with the ball and 25.7 seconds on the clock. Jimmy got fouled sinking both to put the Heat ahead with 11 seconds left but the Heat would hold on to beat the Nets.

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Siakam going to Pacers…they say its almost a done deal. A little over two more weeks before deadline lets see some magic Pat! Some may not agree with me but im more looking for a 2way big (PF/SF) coz in my view lots can handle the ball already. But as I always say, trust the godfather hehe


I’ve been hearing that the Heat are looking for one more ballhandling guard. Not sure how accuarte those reports are, but dudes like Zach Lowe are usually pretty plugged in


with the way Herro is playing lately, it becomes more difficult to see him leave in a trade…even for Donovan mitchell

heat for life

donovan better player than ty not that close.

Reality Czech

Career wise, no question. But this season?
Mitchell 28.1/5.4/5.8 45.9 fg%. 35.1 3p% 111.4 defensive rating
Herro 22.7/5.7/4.4. 44.0 fg%. 41.1 3p% 113.8 defensive rating
At the very least, they’re close this season.
Is Mitchell better? Yes. Would I trade Herro for him? Yes. Would I trade Herro, Jovic, Martin, and 2 first rounders for him? Not an easy decision, even though you’d do it in a heartbeat I imagine. But let’s not forget that you would have given up Herro, Jaquez, Jovic, and a couple of first rounders for Lillard.


I’m not there yet with Herro. I definitely wouldn’t want to see him traded for a guy like Terry Rozier or Dejuante Murray, and I don’t think the Heat would do that. But Donovan Mitchell is a perpetual all-star. Tyler isn’t there yet.


Yes. Tyler might have another level in him (or not), a couple more notch (?) of improvement. but no one is indispensable unless they’re Bam, if a good deal comes along Riles might bite.


Ok, guys, I decided to play a little Armchair GM the last few days. My previous trade offer posted got shot down, although, I think it could work out with some tweaking.

Here’s another proposal, my last one (I think, for now).

Four-way trade involving Miami, Brooklyn, Atlanta, and Portland.

Miami trades: Kyle Lowry and Caleb Martin.
Brooklyn trades: Spencer Dinwiddie, Royce O’Neale, Dorian Finney-Smith, and Lonnie Walker IVPortland trades: Malcolm Brogdon and Jeramy Grant
Atlanta trades: Dejounte Murray

Atlanta receives: Spencer Dinwiddie (expiring)
Portland receives: Kyle Lowry (expiring), Royce O’Neale (expiring), and Caleb Martin
Brooklyn receives: Jerami Grant and Dejounte Murray
Miami receives: Malcolm Brogdon, Dorian Finney-Smith, and Lonnie Walker IV (expiring)
The money works. Now draft picks would be included, which and by whom is the question. All of these teams and many of these players have been mentioned in rumors.

I would think most picks would be headed Atlantas’ way, Portland opens up a boatload of money for their continuing build, Brooklyn gets two good players to add to Mikal Bridges and Cameron Johnson, and Miami gets just what it needs – a floor general and a power forward who can both play defense and are excellent three-point shooters (just what Jimmy needs).

It’s a big trade with many moving pieces, but history shows us that Riley is a master at these.


Well, what do you think?


atlanta wouldnt like this. they will give up Murray for just dinwiddie?

Reality Czech

No. He indicated that draft picks would be added. So, in that case, Hawks would end up with Dinwiddie and 2 picks, I’m guessing. Other teams would get or give up picks in that scenario.


I tihnk the Heat could probably get Murray if they are willing to give up two picks. How would you feel about the Heat doing that Czech?


It doesn’t mean Miami would be giving up 2 first-round picks. I can see Brooklyn giving one up in this scenario. There could be added second-round picks as well.
If you think adding Brogdon and Finney-Smith to Miami is a pupu platter, with all due respect, you need to brush up on your basketball. The skills and experience those two would bring is exactly what Miami needs to push up to the top of the Eastern Conference. My only concern is their overall durability on a team that is bent on playing injury musical chairs.

Last edited 1 month ago by HeatDiehardSince88

I live in Portland, I assure you I’ve watched more Blazers basketball than you have. I am very familiar with Malcom Brogden. He’s fine. Finney-Smith is good too. Maybe you need to brush up on your chinese menus. The pupu platter isn’t bad. You get a couple egg rolls, fried wontons, maybe a couple spare ribs. But it ain’t a main course.

I’m just saying none of those guys are better or worse than Caleb, Duncan, K-Love, or any of the other dudes on the Heat roster already. To quote the great Bomani Jones, they’re all low spades. I’ll take them if they’re buyout dudes. But there’s no point trading rotation pieces from a good team to add rotation pieces from a bad team.

Dejuante is a different story. That dude was the best player in San Antonio for a couple years. He’s young and he’s on a reasonable contract. I’d take him as the fifth starter on the Heat. Reminds me of the Dragic trade.

Last edited 1 month ago by oregoner
Reality Czech

I’d do it. It’s not like others who would be one and done, or an aging former good player. We would have him for 4 years+. He’d fit in the Bam Herro Jaquez timeline. Lots to like.


yeah i think i’m with you. I’m tired of holding out for a “whale”. This team is good, let’s cash in some picks and add one more guard. If he’s in the starting lineup with Herro Bam Jaquez and Jimmy, plus Love Jovic Martin and Lowry off the bench, this team is going to be good as hell.




I’d rather just trade for Dejuante than go after the pupu platter


I missed the game so I appreciate the rundown. Really nice to hear that Tyler came through with a couple clutch shots in the 4th quarter


Still need to work on transition defense.


Watching this team, it seems to me that Heat are playing both long at short term.
Its obvious, that starters 2 season from now should be:

Herro, Bam, Jaime, Jovic and a less then 27 years old quality point guard. Having that we have at least top 10 team in the league till 2030.


31 points in first half and the win. This must be some kind of record.

In past year Heat always had problems with nets, so this is quality win. Never seen that much team double on Bam.


Amazing win, this team is tough as nails, refs was crappy tonight, but the heat still found a way to win through the mud. Jimmy buckets was in full affect, and herro was super clutch tonight!


Win pretty…win ugly…just win baby!
Man does this team need a two-way playmaker who can score 15+ points a night.


Murray or rozier… hopefully we can get one.

Reality Czech

I hope that Riley considers passing on landing a whale like Mitchell, which is unlikely in the short run, and concentrate on obtaining a hammerhead shark like Murray or Rozier, which could be feasible. And, we likely could get either at a reasonable cost and keep most of our assets.


I heard 2 picks for Murray. That seems like a done deal to me.


ATL may be saying 2 picks, but who’s offering? Remember, he’s lost some of his shine since playing with the Hawks.

heat for life

i wish u were pat riley r u?


Munch on these ones compadre:

Robinson, Martin and pick for:
Dejounte Murray https://www.espn.com/nba/player/_/id/3907497/dejounte-murray
Patti Mills https://www.espn.com/nba/player/_/id/4004/patty-mills

Lowry, Jovic and pick for:
Kyle Kuzma https://www.espn.com/nba/player/_/id/3134907/kyle-kuzma
Johnny Davis https://www.espn.com/nba/player/_/id/4432356/johnny-davis

Murray, Herro, Butler, Kuzma, Bam

Second Unit:
Richardson, Jaquez, Cain, Highsmith, Love
Bench: Davis, Mills, Bryant, ORob, Smith


Ahhh if only it was that easy. I went to both blogs, apparently some folks want to hold on too Murray unless a Paul George or a bridges type gets offered on the hawks site. The wiz hate kuzma. One of the commenters said he had the 2nd worst + – in the NBA. Idk how you or anyone feels about that. So if we can’t get Murray, maybe we get still rozier, and that package would definitely be good enough to get kuz, and spo scheme can probably turn kuz back into the championship lakers version.


Rozier works for me. Kuzma could work within Heat system. See his 2021 stats wih Lakers.

Last edited 1 month ago by SunManFromDogBone

2 days, 2 wins. 8 games above .500 let’s see who gets to sit next game. Rest, recover then grind again. Go Heat!


Great win. For me, I enjoyed that one more than any other. That type of team is tough for us. So proud of Ty, he played co- Herro with Jimmy.

Reality Czech

An exhilarating win! Would’ve been a b**ch to lose after that very questionable decision by Butler in the 4th.

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