Brunson, Knicks hand Heat sixth straight loss 125-109

Heat Knicks
Jalen Brunson led the Knicks with 32 points and eight assists over Heat. (Peter K. Afriyie/AP Photo)

A fourth-quarter New York Knicks surge–spearheaded by All-Star guard Jalen Brunson–catapulted the Knicks to a 125-109 victory over the Miami Heat Saturday afternoon inside Madison Square Garden.

Brunson led the charge with 32 points–scoring 30-plus points for the sixth time over his last seven games–with five rebounds and eight assists on 12-of-22 shooting and 4-of-8 from deep.

The Knicks outscored the Heat 70-44 in the second and fourth quarters, shooting a combined 63.4 percent from the floor over that span. After trailing by double figures entering the intermission, Jimmy Butler’s third-quarter surge led a 10-0 run and tied the game up at 86 with 13 seconds left. Though a Julius Randle 3-pointer followed by a 24-10 outburst over the first 6:31 in the final period buried the Heat in a 17-point hole that it could dig out of.

The Heat have now lost six straight for the first time since the 2020-21 season. Over this six-game skid, they have lost by an average of 16.8 points per game.

Butler led with 28 points, eight rebounds, four assists and three steals on 11-of-20 shooting. Duncan Robinson posted 19 points on 5-of-11 shooting from 3-point range, flashing the movement shooting we’ve so often seen this season while creating advantages for the offense. Tyler Herro finished with 18 points on 7-of-18 shooting and 4-of-11 from 3-point range.

Bam Adebayo lived around the rim Saturday with his shot diet, though he finished with just 12 points and 13 rebounds on 6-of-10 shooting. Terry Rozier had his best game with the Heat, but still struggled with his efficiency. He had 10 points, five rebounds and seven assists.

Miami’s energy waned as a team defensively end as the game went on–especially down the stretch in the fourth after their immediate run. It was not able to score enough, generate enough stops on the defensive end or class the gap on the glass enough to mitigate any damage that Brunson provided.

OG Anunoby, who was acquired in late December, had 19 points on 8-of-14 shooting; Julius Randle, who dislocated his shoulder in the fourth quarter, posted 19 points and nine boards with three assists in 32 minutes.

Josh Hart tallied 14 points with nine rebounds and five dimes; Quentin Grimes had 12 points on 3-of-6 shooting; Donte DiVincenzo added 11 points on 4-of-10 shooting and 3-of-6 from deep.

Saturday’s loss drops Miami to 24-22, while the Knicks improve to 29-17. The road doesn’t get much easier for the Heat, as they head home to take on the scorching-hot Phoenix Suns on Monday.


This is a developing story. Stay tuned for updates.

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A very nteresting article that explains Miami’s recent struggles.

  • 40%: This is Miami’s shooting percentage on open shots, as defined by (shots without a defender within 6 feet of the shooter). That’s the second-worst clip in the league during this stretch, and almost five percentage points off Miami’s season average. 
  • 21.4%: This is Jimmy Butler’s usage rate during this stretch, which is not the usage rate of a star. In fact, it’s fourth on his own team behind Bam Adebayo, Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson.
  • 29th: This is the Heat’s ranking in defensive rating over the last six games. Yikes. Some of this is lucky opponent shot-making and the fact that the Heat aren’t getting set because they are defending off of misses too often. That will level out with time.
  • 5-10: This is Miami’s record in 15 games this season with Tyler Herro, Bam Adebayo and Butler. It’s led many to wonder if the Heat would be better off bringing Herro off the bench.
  • 14.5: This is the difference between Rozier’s points-per-game average in Charlotte (23.2) versus in Miami (8.7). A big part of the decline is that Rozier is shooting 30% since joining the Heat. That’s a big reason why the Heat’s open shot percentage is so down, but it will get better (Rozier shot 43.6% during his Hornets tenure). 

Based on this assessment, it appears personnel changes are needed. Herro appears to be the “odd man out.”


Personnel changes indeed are needed.


heat for life

lol not a fan i of turtle?


…. and Heat going 0-3 makes you a Heat for life fan, lol.


At minimum, move Herro to sixth man role, insert Duncan or Jaime. At maximum, trade Herro for a good two-way power forward or center (Markkenan, Kominga, Kuzma, Vucevic, Claxton, ?) and insert Robinson in Herro’s starting spot or trade Robinson and Martin for a decent PF (Collins?). Do something to improve paint defense and scoring.


Rozier should be the 6th man til he gets his footing. He played like a shy baby deer on offense the last three ass whoopings. Him building some chemistry as the main ball handler with Dunc and Jaime/Martin could be what the second unit needs.

Tyler should play point guard and be the only weak defender on the starting 5. Hear me out lol. Since coming back from injury, he’s playing slower and trying to playmake before looking for his shot, which has gotten him worse looks and shit turnovers. When he plays faster and takes what the d gives him, he’s been lethal. I wanna see that decision how to approach the possession happen as early in the shot clock as possible. pnr w Bam, pnp w Love, dho w anybody, or let Jimmy cook, whatever.

The firepower is there. We’ve seen it. But it works a little slower. I wanna see them be deliberate and create their best scoring opportunities with all the time available. Sucks when we get swung into possessions by martin or whoever and set 3 screens to get the ball to jim and theres 9 seconds on the shot clock.

The frequently stated problem is that both Tyler and Jimmy are on-ball creators, right? Have Tyler bring it up and attack fast or defer to a set through Bam. Jimmy gets the ball whenever he wants it, and he’s not interested in taking 35 shots a night anyway

heat for life

good pt with ty hes not attacking anymore,before nobody could stop him from getting to rim .now doesnt try great pt whats up with that still injured i guess


1.It is true that unconsciously some players are more tentative coming back from injury which is human but I don’t know if that is the case with Tyler. One thing, I do know is that there were criticisms of him taking shots first, instead of him moving the ball around. Maybe, him moving the ball around is a reaction to those criticisms.

2. I have also noticed that since the trade, Bam has been less involved in play action and has taken less mid range jumpers that he had been good at lately. He seems to be fighting more under the rim. Bam points average has dropped in 3 games after the trade, while Rozier has averaged 9 points not much different from Lowry’s, Though this is a small sample size to judge, will assess after 10 games with Rozier. Perhaps, like you suggested it may be good to have Rozier slot in as the 6th man instead of Tyler until Rozier gets the groove of the offense.

3.As crazy as it may seem, if Lowry is waived by the Hornets, I think the Heat should open up a roster space and sign him up immediately for the minimum veteran salary. Since he is gone, there have not been any hussle play in defense by the Heat. No one has taken charges on defense in 3 games! Even though countless opportunities abound, I have seen myself turned to a “couch coach “shouting take a charge, take a charge. Duncan’s efforts on the rim for rebounds is now zero, perhaps seeing diminutive Lowry going for rebounds challenged Duncan unconsciously. That challenge is gone. I see the return of the old Duncan, lazy on defense taking chip shot silly fouls.

Last edited 28 days ago by Alien
Reality Czech

I’m not sure if the Gary Payton Rule has changed, but, if not, Lowry couldn’t be brought back soon.
A team cannot reacquire a player they traded away during that season (a season being July 1 – June 30). If he is waived by his new team, then he cannot re-sign with his original team until the one-year anniversary of the trade, or until the July 1 following the end of his contract, whichever comes first”


Thanks for the info,you earthlings are weird with your rules.So sad for Pat. He has been scammed.

Last edited 27 days ago by Alien
  1. I’ve commented on the new slow Herro here before. He posted a video of the some ‘in season workout’ (great way to curate the film for opposing teams). Skip to just over a minute in. You see him practicing a slower pace rhythm based swing into a drive/shot. One of those things you can’t unsee. The number of times I yelled at my TV at 2am watching this dude try that shit against grown ass NBA perimeter defense and lose the ball or shoot something contested… bruh -.-
  2. Bam is for sure in danger of repeating history here. He starts every season with a goal to take more shots, and this season he’s flexed that middy hard. But I’m afraid it could go the same as last season where he eases off the pressure he puts on opposing defenses and just settles for lobs, tip ins, and late clock jumpers. We need you, big boy. Attack ffs
  3. You’re right on this one. Not only is the hustle gone, Dunc is fouling more and Tyler isn’t contesting shit anymore. Just parked in the corner ball watching mostly

Sorry for being a party pooper but I think they’ll run with this group (with some minor changes, trades, pickups) and get on with the season. And piss a lot here in HHH lol. With that said window with Butler imo closes this season but hope he still signs below max (a little way below) and the era of Bam, Herro (I’m gonna piss some more here hehe), JJJ, will start. I maybe wrong and in denial but we’ll see. Go Heat…Go to the playoffs through play-in or not. Just…Go lol


Agreed you gonna piss some people off. Already Herro, is being set up as the fall guy. if Rozier trade does not pan out well, it is because of Herro. I see the narrative going on. I remember very well that before the trade, the Heat were running up and down in standings between 4 to 6 position. I am waiting for 10 games after the trade to review the effectiveness of the trade. So far our defense is a shade below what it use to be. I am not the only one noticing, Brunson and co have noticed too.

Last edited 28 days ago by Alien

Its a semi-panic button for others already and I respect that. Differing views and perspectives. And what the heck is a semi-panic in the first place? Haha! I still have that belief they’ll figure this out somehow coz its not their first time in this kind of situation. But like before also hoping its not yet late to turn things around. We’re still a dangerous playoff foe.


Agree, this is not their first rodeo. My only concerns are health and bigs.


I’m with you. They’re not going to trade their way out of this slump. This is a team that’s won the East multiple times recently. This is the most talented Heat team since the Heatles. They don’t need to make a trade. They just need to play better.




NBA Trade Rumors: 1 Player every team desperately needs to trade at the deadline
Miami HeatTyler Herro

Before every Miami Heat fan jumps down my throat, let me preface this by saying that I do believe that Tyler Herro is a very good player. In the right system and role, Herro could be one of the best scorers in the NBA. Of course, the problem with that is that the Heat is no longer that for Herro. For the past two seasons, since Herro was awarded the starting shooting guard position, it’s become abundantly clear that the trio of Jimmy Butler, Herro, and Bam Adebayo don’t fit together.

So much so that if the Heat aren’t going to bring Herro off the bench, and it doesn’t appear as if that’s going to happen, they have to trade him. It’s in the best interest of the Heat to trade Herro for a player or players that fit better with this core. The addition of Terry Rozier only makes this point all that clearer.

Rozier and Herro are not the backcourt that complements each other. If the Heat is serious about solving their issues, they have to trade Herro. And there’s no better time to do so than at the NBA Trade Deadline.


I Don’t mind trading herro…as long as we get back an all star caliber player or a player close to that level. Also it has to be a 2 way player pf/c that can space the floor and help bam on the boards, especially with bigger match ups.

heat for life

kyle kuzma

Reality Czech

Eh, maybe. The better choice was Naz Reid. Younger, better 3p shooter.


I wanted Naz since last year, he has to be tired being on the bench, when he can start here.

heat for life

minn best team in west .wash gonna be selling not sure minn wants a one way volume shooter plays no d.wash doesnt care there clueless

heat for life

just get nazr reid givem dunc to

Joe Bloe

Herro is a nice player and a great guy.
He just doesn’t have Heat DNA.
He’s a 6th man in this league.
We need a 2 way player at that position.


I’m riding with Tyler. Don’t trade him, he’s a young player and he can ball. I will be reminding everyone about this during the playoffs, one way or another.


Jaquez 24 minutes, 6 pts on 3 shots, 1 rebound, 4 assts, 2 steals 1 block, 0 turnovers
Herro 35 minutes, 18 pts on 18 shots, 1 rebound, 3 assts, 0 steals/blocks, 1 turnover

Do the math!

Did anyone else notice the Heat were down when Jaquez was first brought in and they quickly caught up. When he was taken out they got buried at end of first half. Jaquez is the glue that binds this team together and adds youthful energy. He is also a good defender.

Trade Herro for a two-way big (Kuzma, Collins, Markkennan, Stewart, somebody) and start Butler at SG and Jaquez at SF. Bring Duncan in off the bench.


Pretty good ideas. I remember when we first got Jaime it seemed like right away he was always in the right place. And he has only gotten better. But, IMHO, he still is a high B+ player with a higher ceiling.
I go back and forth on who to trade but I think that Ty should be used as a sixth man and Duncan should start, if they are to be kept. And, at this time, if I had to trade one it would be Ty.


What about a two-way PF. Simply rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic won’t get the team anywhere.


I would trade herro in a heartbeat for markennan. Kuzma would be a good pickup too. Collins value has gotten lower. So maybe do like a herro and Martin for Collins and Clarkson. Also I like beef stew, and maybe we can get an ivey or Sasser packaged with stew for herro and jovic.

heat for life

its called bball iq instincts herro doesnt have that.jjj better all round player than herro.ty justs shoots so much pads his #s


It has to do with diminishing returns.

With Jimmy and Bam not offering offense from beyond the arc. With Herro creating most of his own offense in the midrange. Those lineups just don’t have enough real estate, in a way that is sometimes hard to identify because Herro is a really really good 3-point shooter.

The answer might really be to strictly stagger Herro and Jimmy. But then you’re building two teams because Herro is a shooter and Jimmy can defend.

The contrast with Jaime is that he can leverage his size to score in the post in a way Herro cannot, that puts a specific kind of stress on the opponents defense. (The “big wing” see Lebron, Kawhi, Tatum, Tyreke Evans, Jimmy Butler.)

It’s just frustrating to see people “pit” our own players against each other, and then identify trades for the loser that wouldn’t really change the problem.

Kuzma uses his size in the same way Bam does. Collins would cut into the few hard roll opportunities Bam gets.

The challenge is Herro would probably be a really high level secondary playmaker on many other teams. For example, you could substitute Herro for Beal and Phoenix would feel great. Put Herro on the 76ers and they’d be really happy. Herro in Denver, instead of Murray? They’re probably still odds on finals favorites. Herro instead of Harden, I bet LA says hell yeah. But most non-contenders aren’t looking for a key championship level role players, they’re looking for stars. And so there aren’t any respectable trades involving Herro around the league. Unless we want to gamble on Jonathan Isaac, or Kyle Kuzma.

We need to stop being such sorry losers. We’re Heat Fans after all.

Reality Czech

Nice comment. Every player on the team has value, if not here, elsewhere. I’ve lobbied with others for Herro to play off the bench because Duncan doesn’t need the ball in his hands. Herro has been in a rut lately, but he’s not the only one. If there is a good trade for him or anyone on this team, do it.


The thing I’m so disappointed in when it comes to Herro is how little off ball movement and sets he’s involved in. The guy is shooting 40%+ off catch and shoot threes. That’s elite.

Why are we not utilizing the skill like we do with Duncan? Especially because Herro is so much more capable of breaking down a close out.

It’ll be on Spo, especially with Rozier, if that aspect never develops.


I believe this was an encouraging game, because of:
-Jimmy shows some life
-we coped well for 3/4 of the game on the road against team on the long winning streak with their superstar being on fire.

Still, we need changes:
-I suggest replace Herro with Robinson in starting lineup.
-Start Jovic or at least JJJ in place of Hayward.

So the starting lineup should be:
Jimmy, Bam, Rosier, Dunc and Jovic.

Big minutes from bench:
Herro, JJJ, Love…

Depends on need:

Hayward, Martin, JRich, Bryant,


I like the roster. However, no question it is not working right now.


The Heat needs size. Unfortunately, Pat sold ” Skill over Size” to Spo and Spo has held onto that for his dear job. The champions of small ball, GSW had 4 players who were at least 6′ 11″ in their championship years 2015, 2017, 2018 as sureties for mismatches. In 2022 they only had one player 6″ 10″. Since they have gone smaller they never won another championship. Size matters.

Last edited 29 days ago by Alien

The heat are a seriously undersized team.
Their starting pg is 6-1, 190 lbs.
Their starting 2 guard is 195 lbs with a 6-3 wingspan.
The starting pf is 6-5.
The starting c is 6-9.

A few teams in the nba actually have a starting sf that is bigger than the Heat’s starting c.
The average height of the Heat’s starting unit is 6-5.
The biggest player coming off the bench is 6-8.
And the second biggest player coming off the bench is 6-7 but defends like he’s 5-7.

Being that small means there isn’t much room for error especially against good teams because the Heat basically start every game at a disadvantage on the glass and in the paint.
And to make sh*t worse they’re also a low possessions grind it out team that don’t take a high number of 3s or get a lot of transition buckets to help make up for that disadvantage.

This puts a lot of pressure on the offense to protect the ball and on the defense to create a high number of turnovers to make up for that major size disadvantage.
If they’re not winning the turnover battle and points off turnovers by a lot then the Heat are most likely going to lose.
And if the other team protects the ball and hit their open 3s, then the Heat are most likely
going to lose by a lot.


Good comments about how small we are. That is a big part of why we are so mediocre over the season so far and why we are losing so often lately. It’s not our only problem, but a big part of it.


Size is not the only problem.
Here’s another big problem for the Heat in a nutshell.
The Heat usually have 2-3 players out on the floor at a time who opposing defenses have no respect for when they’re off the ball, including Bam and Jimmy, the Heat’s 2 best players.
And teams usually come in with an offensive game plan of attacking Herro and Duncan and that’s a game plan that usually yields positive results for them.

Reality Czech

Not giving Orlando at least a few minutes here and there is frustrating. He’s still raw but plays hard and has a good skill set.


Also he is the biggest player we got, and was shooting the 3 at a decent clip when he was in. I tired of the small ball tbh, it’s only effective when we’re making our shots. Most teams run 2 bigs, while we run 1 undersized center with a 6’5 pf or even sometimes a 6’7 pf. That ain’t gonna cut it in this new nba with more skilled bigs coming along.


Well, with Jimmy back, less minutes for JJJ, Jovic got benched and the Heat cannot beat the Pistons. Not sure what Spo is thinking but he needs to change things

Last edited 29 days ago by Bull

Duncan and Martin for:
John Collins (I think he can be rehabilitated if he’s playing for the right organization).

Herro and Martin for:
Kyle Kuzma and
Corey Krispert

Last edited 29 days ago by SunManFromDogBone

I see the thought process and I don’t necessarily disagree.

It’s just challenging to trade a (secondary) playmaker who can shoot for a big who can shoot. Because we’re gonna have playoff lineups that need the playmaking more than the size–unless JJJ is running point on bench units as a rookie in the playoffs…

I kinda agree that the Herro trade shoulda been for O.G. I don’t really see whose available that can bring that same skillset—maybe Jerami Grant? Too bad the nets are never trading Bridges for what we can offer.


Thankfully, this game is the best of the last 3 games since we reset to zero with the trade, maybe a sign of an upward trajectory,

heat for life

wish we could have gotten ogounoby for dunc n tythe league knows ty n dunc cant defend there not very tradeable.hh on randles a joke.time to put bam and orob or bryant together,just to dam small or get a nazr reid for herro


I wish we had gotten Anunoby too. But, they weren’t going to get him for Ty and Dunc. The league does know. We should trade one of them. But, we also need an upgrade on HH or Caleb, neither should start either, not enough offense. Everything has been exposed, all the deficiencies are visible now. JRich is just an adequate backup, and Bryant and ORob, even less so. Love should play only five minutes as now that Lowry is gone, he is our weakest link.
We started fixing it with Rozier but we still got some more to do. We have to do one or the other, either go all the way in fixing it or go all the way in breaking it down. Middle ground is a short lived play-in and first round exit. And Father Time weighing down another year on our best player.
This is why rebuilds happen, the rude awakening that you don’t have enough and you don’t have enough resources to fix it. For the first time, after watching the last seven games (we were lucky to beat the Nets), I am starting to think we might be at that state.
But, I still can’t go down swinging and try to fix it. But, it takes honest assessment and a willingness to trade a package for one, quality over quantity. And, we have to give up another pick, which we don’t really have. And that is why the rebuild might be on the horizon.


That should say, I still want to go down swinging.


alright, next game vs Suns : well gonna lose by +/-20 again


Nope…only 10+ 😬

heat for life

watched the replay this fkn coach keeps on playing basketball suicide with dunc and ty on ct together,theres something wrong with this fkn coach.he suks.u cant play in this league if u cant defend. f u spobot


How do you really feel h4l?

heat for life

Does this coach just turn his head away when dunc n ty are trying to defend.its hard to watch sunman. he is so robotic and stubborn with these midget unathletic lineups vs teams with couple almost 7 footers and athletes across the board.i/m at the point where id like a call up of cain and this aldones williams dude and shipping dunc n ty out of town.even when ty scores over 25 hes taking atleast 20 shots which is gonna rob jjj(2way) and caleb(1/12 way) of their touches and when he scores his 25 hes letting in 25.i think i know this game pretty good(67years old) rc .ty and dunc at best are 10 minute guys but never never should be playing together.bam needs to be paired up with a legit 610 julius randle type.i know kk is a little soft but he could be had from a disfunctional wizards team.just need length to help undersized bam out.


big ouch! that’s six game straight Ls and big deficits. now just 2 games above .500 this is looking like a downward spiral. i know Heat has been in dire situation before but ive got a bad feeling about this but hope im wrong. sigh…go Heat…

Reality Czech

Hey, don’t worry. These January games don’t mean anything. Or, at least, we’ve been told that.

heat for life

for the first time we are healthy let these guys play 10-15 games together see how it goes

Reality Czech

Dude, make up your mind! Play them together, trade them. They’re not tradable. Making me dizzy 🤪.
Your Naz Reid idea? Yes, I’d do it.


Lol 😆🤣


We tried hard but we got thrashed again.
It is now time for any illusions that this is a very strong team, any comfort in thinking how this team did last year, any claims about injuries or perhaps thoughts that our personnel can be utilized better, any hopes that Jimmy will be our savior, or any excuses about where we stand after 6 straight losses, should be dropped.
That isn’t to say we didn’t make a good move in getting Rozier, doesn’t mean we are a bad team, doesn’t mean we aren’t close to being highly competitive, does not mean we don’t have some really good players.
But, it does mean talent wins out and we don’t have as high a cummulative level of talent as maybe half the teams in this league. More upgrades, or at least one more, are necessary. And there isn’t plenty of time anymore to fix things. Maybe some of our problem this year is related to our improbable success last year. We keep thinking it will somehow happen again. Maybe we still will think that till this season is over very early.
Me, only looking from a fan’s perspective, I would rather go for more this year. But first, we need to come to the painful but accurate conclusion that some of our players are only one way players, either lacking offense or defense, and are only good and in the NBA being good is not enough, you have to be great. And then we have to make some trades.


Beg to disagree with you that we do not have enough talent. Only few of the elite teams have 6 players who average double digits and the Heat is right there with them. One of the Heat’s problem is size and their opponents understand it and make them pay for it. That is why we loose on the boards, commit TOs, commit silly fouls because the opponent’s length bother our players, our perimeter defense is poor because the competition stretches out our interior defense. However, I believe we shall be fine if everyone stays healthy during the playoff and we get a big that is 6′ 11″ to 7′ 1″ that is athletic.The other issue is, I wonder if the Heat watch films. The competition perimeter shooters perennially destroy us from the arc, but Duncan is hunted throughout a game that he barely gets an open shot. Most of his shots and Herro’s are contested 3s. All of the above, tells me that the competition does a better job watching films on the Heat and preparing , than the Heat does on the competition.

Last edited 29 days ago by Alien

Nope, it’s talent. You can score a lot but give up a lot and be only a good player. Or you can play good defense but make only six to eight points and only be a good player. You can once have been great but slow down a little over time and only be a very good player. My point was good isn’t good enough in the NBA. And some folks are still avoiding that reality, yes are in denial. And, I understand why.
The area we agree on is the solution, getting an athletic big would help. We aren’t that far away. But, the quality of these losses, to the teams we played and the lopsided nature of the games, can’t be easily dismissed. As they say, you are what you are.

heat for life

relax as ar would 5 healthy all star level players now lets see how it works for next 10-15 games .but yes we do need a 610 dude to help bam and jimmy to ball every time hes on ct


Heat got talent. Let the Heat waive off Tyler, Duncan, Cain. I bet you they will be snatched up by other teams within 24 hrs.

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