Heat come back to stump Blazers, win 106-96

First Half:

The Blazers started things off with two straight threes, putting the Heat at a disadvantage as it tried to find a sense of rhythm. Despite being whole, the Heat couldn’t buy a bucket in the first few minutes with the Blazers playing desperation defense trying to avoid their ninth straight loss. Miami’s stagnant play wouldn’t last forever with Bam and Jimmy going to work and picking up things on defense. Still Portland stayed consistent in the first maintaining its nine point lead. Miami really struggled guarding Ayton in the key. Guarding bigs has been a big issue for the small Heat lately. With the Heat unable to stop bunnies, or grab rebounds the deficit ballooned to 15. With Miami 3-12 from the field to start, things were expected to at least reach the mean. That didn’t happen in the first quarter, which was an utter disaster.

Kevin Love was the high-point for the Heat to start the second quarter sinking a three, but still the Heat struggled to cut into the thirteen point deficit. The offense just seemed jumbled, with nobody confident in their role. Thankfully, Jimmy realized that he needed to spark things and started getting to the rim in his typical Jimmy ways. He was phenomenal scoring nine points in the first couple minutes of the quarter, and with Jimmy surging other Heat players (Caleb) were able to get involved and cut the lead to single digits.

It didn’t last overly long though with Portland continuing to throw haymakers, but Miami would show some grit towards the end of the half. With Bam finding his touch it looked like the Heat could claw back, but with some awful ill-timed turnovers the Heat really only managed to get within seven and that was even with Rozier coming alive to close the half. The Heat went into the second half down 10, but with the game very much up for grabs.

Second Half:

With Duncan and Jimmy stealing back momentum from Portland, the Heat were able to put together an 8-0 run to get within two.

There was still sloppy play, but at least Miami was in a position to take things back. Still Jerami Grant remained on offensive menace for Miami keeping things continuously out of reach. It was Jovic who would help turn things around for Miami hitting some huge threes – Jovic really has that range. It was arguably Jovic who was the catalyst to Miami taking back the lead finally, well that and Jimmy’s spectacular defense.

Miami was in the driver’s seat, but Portland was still comfortably in striking distance. So even with the Heat playing an exceptional third quarter, sloppy play kept the end result of this one ambiguous. But dunks like this certainly helped:

The Blazers tied things up to start the fourth thanks to some strong defense. But the Heat weren’t going to go quietly with Caleb, Delon, Kevin and Jimmy all stepping up for big plays. The Heat were once again able to get the lead out to six (thanks Terry) and draw a few frustration fouls. Terry Rozier really stepped up in this quarter making some huge looks – this is the Terry Miami traded for.

Miami would sit firmly in the driver’s seat for the rest of the game, and cement things with a stepback Caleb Martin dagger. A well-earned win for the Heat after a disastrous first half.

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i hope heat whip the blazers asses for as long as i live
chump organization


Shout out to Max Strus. He had hit four 3’s in 69 seconds before this to bring Cleveland back from -10 points.



Emo Jimmy lol in a music video


Awesome! Life is for living! Have fun Jimmy!


This team is starting to put it all together.
Great to see.
Let’s Go Heat!


Just another game for us. The Blazers are bad and Cronin is irrelevant. Just a nice road win as our team continues to round into shape and get better. The additions of Rozier and Delon are part of what has made us better as they have given us more offensive and defensive options. Other factors are- Jovic, who is now contributing, Love has been more solid on a day to day basis, Caleb has upped his game, and Dunc continues to improve.
Our only weakness could be met by ORob or Bryant and one of them only has to give us support minutes. It’s not asking for that much and if happens, we should be able to compete with the better teams.


That was ugly, it looks like Heat sleeping in the first half.

Luckily Blazers are terrible.

Miami finds players, which are doing one thing really good, and try to improve those players in other areas.
Portland picks players with no skills, and try to improve all.
A bunch of bums.


They’re like most teams maybe the majority in the NBA. Get guys that have talent, skills hoping they’ll rescue their franchise and not really keen on personnel development and fit. Or try to make a system around whoever the star is in their roster. Sometimes that works but usually it’s trial and error. Mostly error lol


Another tough grind it out game. Despite being down early, the guys stayed focused and played their game. They had far more turnovers than usual. Bam and Caleb especially.That is something they will need to work on. Can’t do that against good teams.

Once Herro and Richardson return, the team should have a very good 8-11 man rotation, with several good players waiting in the wings.
PG: Rozier, Richardson, Wright, Smith (out)
SG: Herro, Robinson,
SF: Butler, Jaques
PF: Martin, Highsmith, Jovic
C: Adebayo, Love, ORobinson, Bryant


Reality Czech

I actually think Delon will be the backup point guard with J Rich getting minutes at sg, sf, and at pg.


I think that is true of several Heat players who are able to play/have played multiple positions. I just plugged Josh in where I thought he has played most of the season.


Not only do I agree, I think that needs to be the case moving forward.

Reality Czech

J Rich has done an admirable job filling in, as has Herro. But Rozier and Delon are closer to pure point guards. I see a real difference with them running the offense – it is smoother and both of them have excellent assist to turnover ratios.


Thanks for the write up. Will watch the recorded game later. From the comments, seems playoff Jimmy is warming up.


You guys are right…5th seed! And 5th straight win! Glad Jimmy, Terry and bad boy Jovic are back lol. This is the longest road trip of the season for Miami and it concludes with the Nuggs hope we sweep this then head home. 24 games left its gonna be a tight race. Go Heat!

Reality Czech

Although it would be nice to have that veteran 6’10” pf that can hit 3s, this team is in a very good place now personnel wise. While Rozier is not known for his defense, he has looked good to me – a feisty, energetic, pest. Delon is just so good on defense. That gives us 2 combo guards that can really handle the point. Add in Bam, Butler, Highsmith, Martin, Jaquez, and a clearly improved Duncan, and you have a group that can give most teams fits.
im excited for this stretch run!


I agree with everything you said, especially wanting that same type pf as you, but we will have to wait until next season. My top 2 options in free agency would be Tobias harris and Jonas valanciunas .


It will be interesting to see how this year’s team matches up with last year’s nemisis on Friday (Denver) without that 6’10” PF to help Bam in the paint and to spread the floor. Should be a good barometer of where we are, how far we have come and how far we still need to go.


I think JRich Rozier and DWright all speak to the teams investment in Herro. When he’s running point he won’t be the primary ball handler’s defender.

Subtle thing, I’ll be watching rotations.


wheeew. that might have been the worst looking win of the season.

Thursday is going to be tough, 3rd city in 4 nights where you can’t find a restaurant open after the game lets out. Let me know if the dudes are still in Portland tomorrow, I’ll grill up some wings for ’em


Ei how’s the blazers fans temperature there? Got excited early eh?


lol. lately the big story in Portland about the Blazers is that the tickets are so cheap that people who don’t care about basketball are starting to go to games.


I’m guessing that was a perfect game for the fans in attendance. Exciting from the start, and they probably all went home before the Blazers puked all over themselves


I heard they had tickets going for 1 – 9 dollars out there.

Reality Czech

They announced on the local (Heat) radio station that tickets were being sold for $1 each.
I looked at the Blazers blog. Not much Heat bashing, but a number of people happy about losing now AND next season to get better draft position! How sad.


Oh man I’d hate to be in that position happy abt losing, tanking for several years?! Makes my skin crawl eeww!

heat for life

spurs did that got them the admiral and duncan


You can definitely get nosebleeds for a dollar. You can also get lower bowl seats for about $40. But honestly, I don’t think I would accept free Blazers tickets these days. I still have to pay $10 for a slice of pizza and $14 for a beer, just spend three hours watching the Blazers lose on purpose for the third year in a row? No thanks. I’d rather spend $25 on a nice Portland restaurants and watch Netflix


6 game road winning streak for the first time in 2 years!. We struggled in the 1st half, but then picked it up in the 2nd half like jovic. Butler came through strong after being suspended, the dunc yard dog played some aggressive offense, and defense. Also scary Terry played one of best games in a heat uniform. I wanted a 30 point beatdown but winning by 10 will suffice. It feels Good to be 5th seed and knicks lost. We getting close to that 4th seed and one last thing…. F U CRONIN !!!!


5th seed!

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