Heat run Bulls off the floor, win 112-91 and advance to the NBA Playoffs

Tyler Herro was spectacular for the Heat, leading the way with a 24 point near triple-double outing. (Photo via mph.com/HEAT)

It was a memorable night for the Miami Heat, who stay alive and reach the NBA playoffs for the fifth straight year following a 112-91 blowout win against the Chicago Bulls. It was the final play-in game to see who would earn the eighth seed and the Heat got it done in inspiring fashion without Jimmy Butler.

The team rallied in determination to pick up the win for their sidelined star in Butler following his knee injury that took place the other night. Somehow the Heat find a way to get the job done whenever opportunity comes to count them out, and tonight was no different. It was a miraculous effort on both sides of the ball as the team played collectively and did not shy away from the moment.

Miami was led by their young star combo guard, Tyler Herro. It was a bounce back performance from him after he shot inefficiently in Philadelphia during Wednesday night’s 7/8 play-in matchup. He finished with a team-high 24 points to go along with 10 rebounds and 9 assists; just one shy of a triple-double.

Herro also led the team in +\- with a +32, as the entire starting lineup was positive in that category.

Jaime Jaquez Jr filled in for the injured Butler as the team’s starting small forward and the rookie was impressive. He totaled 21 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists on 50% shooting and +21. His slashing and cuts to the rim without the basketball was huge in a game that the team desperately needed a standout performance from the supporting cast.

Kevin Love also proved to be the most underrated role player in the league once again, pitching in 16 points, 7 rebounds and a +19 in just 12 minutes off the bench.

The Heat shot 46% from the field for the game compared to the Bull’s 38%. They also shot 42% from 3-point range to the Bull’s 30%. Miami was more aggressive in getting to the foul line as they shot 14 more attempts from the stripe. Lastly, they won the rebounding battle 47-38.

Bull’s superstar DeMar DeRozan looked hot offensively to begin the game, but coach Erik Spoelstra assigned Bam Adebayo to him on the defensive end most of the second half where he went cold. Nikola Jovic’s length in the frontcourt next to him is what allows Adebayo to play more freely defensively like this.

DeRozan was only able to attempt one single field goal in the entire third quarter as Adebayo had him on lockdown.

Coby White, who was coming off a 42-point explosion for the Bulls in their last play-in game against the Atlanta Hawks, struggled heavily in South Beach. A lot of that was the defensive pressure on the perimeter from the combination of Caleb Martin, Delon Wright and Haywood Highsmith. White only had 13 points on an abysmal 5/16 shooting.

Wright is quickly becoming a big asset to the Heat with his toughness on the defensive end. Miami knew what they were getting with that elite point of attack defense when they acquired his services from the buyout market. However, he is becoming more reliable on the offensive side too, making him more of an all-around impactful role player.

For a Heat team that is undermanned with injuries to core players like Butler, Terry Rozier and even Duncan Robinson, Wright’s efforts have been huge over the last few games.

Robinson was finally able to shake off some rust and get some in-game reps this evening. He immediately was able to spread the floor with his long range shot making during the first half. The sharpshooter only saw 12 minutes of action and did not look 100%, but after missing a nice chunk of games due to a back injury it was nice to see him on the court again even if it was for limited minutes.

Spoelstra said this team had to do this the hard way, and the Heat got the hardest way possible with all the circumstances heading into this playoffs.

Miami will now quickly turn their attention over to the rival Boston Celtics to open round one of the postseason Sunday afternoon.

It will be the fourth time in five years that the Heat and Celtics meet in the playoffs. Regardless of Butler’s status, this Miami squad is not going to go out without a fight.


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heat for life

lebron aint getting out of first round one time in his career that has happened

heat for life

watch ad play and then our maxy player play jeez like day and night


Knicks for the win, that serious will probably go 6 or 7

heat for life

whos gonna be our josh hart.


I would say either JJJ, Caleb, or HH

heat for life

hart won them the game hes more of a nasty def type player


Joel came back


Good hustle by theknicks’ second unit in the first half.

heat for life

knicks might be better off w/o randle ball moves


Yeah that’s funny knicks fans been throwing him under the bus then making excuses when they lose bec one key guy randle is out lol

Last edited 1 month ago by ManilaHeat
heat for life

not sure phily gets a game w/o joel maybe one at most


Embiid done. Always bad to see a player go down with injury. What a pity, it has been a good game knicks vs sixers

heat for life


Reality Czech

Shame the guy just can’t stay healthy. He’s so talented.

heat for life

dum play he did with his injury history


That’s why now I’m having second thoughts on him in Heat jersey. Philly fans cnt get a break and they might even blame Bam again for that injury lol

heat for life

bam only hurts knick players


Meanwhile, in Boston…someone apparently has anger issues. It sure would be a shame if anything would happen to their star players while they are throwing their weight around. It could really dampen their championship hopes. Jus sayin.

Member since: September 15, 2021
2 hours ago

The Large Latvian vs Herro the jerk will be my favorite all-you-can-eat buffet. I want to see Tillman run over Bam. I want to see Bam run into a shuddering Kornet pick.

I can’t remember feeling this viscerally angry before a game. I don’t want just a win. I want Riley to look like he’s been run over by a truck. Twice.


I read some Boston fan site articles and comments bellow. Some weird stuff there.
They all seems confident that Miami without Jimmy is not a threat, but they are afraid of their precious players to be injured by Heat lumberjacks.

Miami is without Jimmy, NY without Randle, Bucks without Giannis, Embiid is playing with one leg. Those guys didn’t hobbled themselves, those injuries are a part of the game.

Its funny that the fans of practically only healthy team are moaning about injuries.


I think it’s more fans worried about getting injured, because fans are generally reactionary and tribalistic and somehow equate teams that play hard with being dirty – even when their own team has acted in the exact same way.


Agree with 2qbn. One would think whatever happens in this series will not outweigh the beneficial experience the younger players will receive nor will it dim any interest for any off season acquisitions. Go Heat!


AMEN!!! It’s all good!

Reality Czech



Last season, Miami was given a 3% chance of beating the Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals. We know how that turned out. This year, Miami probably has a .03 chance of beating them. In essence, we’ve got em just where we want em. Being down two starters due to injury, Miami is playing with house money and has absolutely nothing to lose. (I wonder what would happen to Boston’s odds if two of their starters were injured. Hmm?) Let the battle begin…David vs Goliath 2! GO Heat!!!

NBA playoff power rankings
1. Boston CelticsLeague’s best record at 64-18, the only team to finish with 60 or more victories and the Celtics were No. 1 in offense, No. 2 in defense and No. 1 in net rating. They have the best starting five: Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Kristaps Porzingis, Derrick White and Jrue Holiday.
Odds to win title: +160
16. Miami HeatNo Jimmy Butler for the Heat after he sustained a sprained MCL in his right knee against Philadelphia in a play-in game. Yes, it’s the Heat, it’s Erik Spoelstra and it’s Heat Culture. But still, no Jimmy Butler.
Odds to win title: +6000

Last edited 1 month ago by SunManFromDogBone

This is truly a David vs Goliath series coming up with Boston. Miami may be outgunned, but they will come ready to fight. I expect a very physical, grind em out series. I would love to see Wright and Highsmith dogging Boston’s guards full court. Anything to disrupt their rhythym and pace. Bam, Jaquez and Caleb will also need to stay on top of their defensive games. It will not be easy, by any means. Herro, Jovic, Duncan and Love will need to carry their weights too defensively, and produce offensively, or it won’t work. If nothing else, Miami may show other teams how to slow down the vaunted Boston offense. Spo is going to have to earn his money. He has his work cut out for him. I, for one, am looking forward to David and Goliath II. The way I look at it, we’re playing with house money now. What the hell, Miami has nothing to lose. Time to put all our chips on the table and go for broke!

P.S. Meanwhile in Boston…
I was picking Heat to be biggest test for Boston in the East, followed by Milwaukee and NY.
Celtics can’t lose to the Heat with no Butler. They would’ve beat them with him.
Celtics in 4


Heat has a 2% chance to get out of rnd1 vs Celts as per espn. Short series or going the distance? We’ll find out. Go Heat!


So you’re telling me there’s a chance?

Last edited 1 month ago by SunManFromDogBone

Such a fun game and looking forward to the series vs Boston since the Heat have nothing to lose. I’m actually a fan of the team 😉

Any word if Terry is available for game 1?


Props to Herro.
Practically the only pure scorer available for Heat, and he scores.


Also giving more playing times to JJJ, KLove, Jovic and HH increases Heat size and has helped in the last few games, even though Heat narrowly lost to Philly in a very entertaining game.


In past weeks Heat lost a lot important games, against Philly and Indiana, and Philly again.
But they won the last one.
With Jimmy, the goal should be win it all.
Without Jimmy?
Just enjoy the ride.


Amen! The only thing left for the Heat to do is to give everything they have.


Last edited 1 month ago by SunManFromDogBone

Congratulations Heat for a successful season. With all that happened this season, my bar for a heat’s successful season was qualification for the play off . This was/is based on their under performance after the trades in my assessment, which was not better than where they were last season in the same timeframe. Having achieved my bar, again I say congratulations to Heat players, Heat organization and Heat fans!
Any more win is the icing on the cake.

Reality Czech

As noted, the only time the Heat was 9 games over 500 was post trade. The Heat ended up 10 games over 500 compared to last season ending 6 games over 500. The only trade I’m aware of is the one that netted 2 good additions, Rozier and Wright. Some signings before or during the season could be questioned, such as Bryant or Mills.
Of course, there was other reasons one might say the team underperformed that should be rather obvious.
Congratulations to the Heat and fans. The odds are squarely stacked against them in this first round, but play your hearts out and let the chips fall where they may.
Let’s go Heat!!


I stopped reacting directly or indirectly to comments that have unsuccessfully and repeatedly tried to justify a trade that did not achieve its desired goal: better seeding and avoiding a play in tournament. My not responding to those comments is not an admission of those points of view but because history tells me that you can never take Alice OFF fairyland against her wish.The more you try, the more Alice tenaciously wants to stay in fairyland.

Reality Czech

Better, or equal, seeding or return to the play in had absolutely nothing to do with that trade.
There were other reasons the team underperformed that should be rather obvious.
I have simply pointed out some statistical facts. Numbers don’t lie and are not opinions. That’s reality, not fairyland or fantasy land. They’re not meant to, nor would I expect them to change anyone’s opinion.
And, to quote Alice herself:
”Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrariwise, what it is, it wouldn’t be, and what it wouldn’t be, it would. You see?”


Lets enjoy this post season while we can, might be a short one but could be a blessing in disguise that Butler injury. Nothing to lose indeed. Give em one helluva fight!


We have Boston right where we want them. As good as they may think they are, they are 1-2 injuries away from mediocrity. They still need to get through four playoff series without an injury to one of their key players. Miami has absolutely nothing to lose!!!



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