2024 NBA Draft: Reasons for (and against) Miami Heat keeping No. 15 pick

Heat Draft
The Miami Heat own the No. 15 pick in the 2024 NBA Draft. (Credit: Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports)

The 2024 NBA Draft is only 10 days away! The Miami Heat own the No. 15 and 43 picks, their first time owning two picks since the 2019 draft, when they selected Tyler Herro and KZ Okpala.

There’s plenty of consternation on whether or not Miami should keep their first-round selection or not. Let’s evaluate reasons for–and against–doing just that.

Let’s hop into it!

Reasons For Keeping No. 15:

New CBA incentivizes team-building through draft:

The introduction of the onerous second apron throws a wrench on team-building structure. And the Heat, who have made the play-in the last two seasons, is not in the most favorable position.

If you factor in Tyler Herro’s $2.5 million unlikely bonus–a requirement for cap calculations–and the No. 15 pick, the Heat is on the brink of becoming a second-apron team. Those penalties become even more punitive this upcoming season and beyond, limiting team-building flexibility options they would have available to them should they reach that territory.

Unless you’re the Boston Celtics–who are well past the second apron with three max players (Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Jrue Holiday), including two young, homegrown stars in Brown and Tatum–it’s going to be difficult for teams to team build with more than two max players. Of course, you need stars plus complementary size, depth and skillsets littered throughout the roster–plus some (injury) luck–to have a reasonable chance at competing for a title.

But the new CBA is going to incentivize teams to build through the draft with cheap, cost-controlled contracts. There’s no guarantee that Miami will have any of its first-round draft picks until 2029 with two lottery-protected picks owed to Oklahoma City in 2025 (could convey as an unprotected 2026) and Charlotte in 2027 (could convey in 2028); it will also have a limited amount of second-round picks through 2030, too.

The Heat is as good as any team and finding and developing undrafted talent, but utilizing their first-round picks to round out its roster (and potentially parlay into a star) could be crucial as they transition out of the Jimmy Butler era. Nikola Jovic and Jaime Jaquez were two picks off to very promising starts with the organization.

Even with the top being flat, the Heat could be in a golden area to strike:

It’s not a secret.

We won’t truly know how the top of the 2024 NBA Draft stacks up relative to other draft classes until at least 3-4 years from now, but the top of this draft is considered “flat.” There isn’t a huge discrepancy between each of the top prospects at the top nor a big gap between the top tier and the ensuing tier. Thus, there’s the possibility that there is more parity at the top of the draft.

That’s where the Heat’s pick comes into play: Anywhere between No. 6 and 20-ish could be a real sweep spot to take advantage of the board. There may not be any future All-Stars, but the middle of this draft should be filled with multiple quality role players who could make an immediate impact, which could greatly benefit Miami, who have routinely dominated the middle of the draft in recent memory.

Assuming there is more parity than normal, it could lead to multiple consensus top-10 prospects dropping near its range as well. In that case, it could lead teams to trade up to nab “their guy,” thus changing the overall complexion of the board.

Now, every team’s board is different; just because the “consensus” values a player in the top-10 doesn’t mean the Heat–or any other organization–will. We just saw the Heat draft Jaime Jaquez (a fringe top-30 consensus player), one of the most productive rookies, and passed on Cam Whitmore, regarded by many as a top-5 player. Organizations get to work out these players, interview them and become familiar with their backgrounds–in addition to evaluating their skill set on film. There’s more nuance to just watching film.

We won’t truly know until draft night, but it could peel open an opportunity for Miami to strike and secure legitimate value at No. 15.

Reasons Against Keeping No. 15:

You want a (super)star? Trading No. 15 may be required.

I don’t have to tell you that the Heat will “star hunt.” They do it practically every offseason.

One of the most difficult things is acquiring stars. It’s even harder when you have a limited asset stash–like the Heat do.

It remains unclear whether or not Donovan Mitchell will sign the four-year, $209 million extension he will be eligible for this summer; we also don’t know if the Atlanta Hawks will make Trae Young available and what that potential cost looks like. Could there be other stars made available at an affordable price? History says yes, but whether or not the Heat–who have a limited stash of assets–can strike when the iron’s hot is a different story.

Tyler Herro’s value isn’t quite what it once was. I’m also curious what league executives believe Terry Rozier and Duncan Robinson’s potential trade value looks like because of their neck and back injuries. Miami may have to trade at least one of Jaquez or Jovic if any of these become a bidding war. It could lead to it trading perhaps both plus possibly trading the No. 15 pick to acquire a star.

What if the Heat want to trade back … or even up?

As I mentioned above, there’s potential for parody in the lottery.

We obviously don’t know what their board looks like. Though should multiple prospects they like outside the lottery, could the Heat potentially trade out of No. 15 if, say, a team wants to trade up to acquire their guy? They would have to proceed with caution because, depending on how far they trade back, who knows what teams behind them would pick and how it would affect their board.

But trading back allows the Heat to secure additional assets–whether it be a future first, current or future second or possibly a (fringe) rotation player. They haven’t recently moved back, but this could be a viable opportunity depending on the board falls with the top being flat.

Conversely, Miami could be willing to trade up. Though for a few of the reasons mentioned above, there would be very few situations I–yes, me, an individual who’s very unqualified to be in an NBA front office–would trade up.

What would I do? Keep the pick, unless a trade for a star becomes available that you can’t turn down.

Do you think the Heat should keep the No. 15 pick? Let us know in the comments!


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That’s the way to go. Trade Butler, Herro and Robinson. Keep Bam, Jovic, Rozier (and Jaquez). What a nice haul we could get. Younger players, draft picks, ammo for additional trades…a bright future. As Jimmy said in his L.A. jersey yesterday: “Just Do It.”



heat for life

lebron ad butler stay healthy they would beat boston 4 straight

heat for life

superstars vs all stars

Reality Czech

Los Angeles LakersThe Lakers would have to break up their supporting cast to do this. They’d have to find shooting on the margins and accept that life after this version of the roster would probably be bleak. But holy cow, imagine LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Jimmy Butler on a single team. That trio, both offensively and defensively, would be a nightmare for the rest of the league. The Lakers could get away with weaknesses elsewhere with those three players in place. Their three first-round picks would all likely have to be included in the deal. So would Austin Reaves and Rui Hachimura, and they’d have to throw in at least one of Gabe VincentTaurean Prince and D’Angelo Russell to match money. But this team could contend for the title. If that’s what the Lakers want, Butler is the best fit on the market.”



Reality Czech

Philadelphia 76ersMost other teams would need to match money to land Butler. The 76ers could absorb him into cap space, which would itself be meaningfully valuable to the Heat. Philadelphia has five tradable first-round picks as well, though given the lack of salary going back to the Heat, the 76ers wouldn’t need to give up all of them. Butler and Embiid were great partners back in 2019. Ben Simmons and Brett Brown were problems back then. They’re gone now. A Butler-Embiid-Tyrese Maxey trio would be the best three-headed monster in basketball.”


Maybe…probably not.

Reality Czech

From CBS Sports about who’d be interested in a Butler trade:
New York KnicksNew York’s path to a deal is far easier than it would be for the Lakers. Julius Randle and Bojan Bogdanovic can match money. The Knicks have so many picks to trade that coming up with the necessary player value would be less important (though doesn’t Deuce McBride seem like a class Heat player?) Tom Thibodeau has coached Butler in both Minnesota and Chicago, so he’d likely be comfortable with his peculiarities. The Knicks may prefer to wait for a younger star to hit the market, but Butler puts them neck-and-neck with the Celtics atop the East right now.”


Well, two of Reaves ,Hacimura, Russell, Randle, Bogdanovic and picks wont make Heat a contender in years to come, thats for sure. I dont see any of those players to be a starter in the champion team.
If anything, there should be a star player available to trade Butler. A real star, not Mitchell.

Reality Czech

I really think you’re missing an important point. All of these scenarios suggest that the Heat would receive at least 2 to 3 first round picks in addition to those players. If you package one or two of the players, plus 3 first round picks, you will get a high quality player in return. Plus, in the Sixers deal, you would get the value of Butler’s contract, about $50 million a year, to use on another player.


One option is to trade star for a star straight up. But I don’t think that real stars will be available this summer, with possible exceptions of Mitchell or KD or Young. Except KD, which is even older then Butler, those are not Miami Heat type of players.

A trade you suggest would put Heat into lottery or play in group at least for a season, with shaky chance, to get a real whale for picks and those players in a year or so.

Then, the final option is, to kick the can down the road, and keep Jimmy at least till the end of this year, to see, if there is still something in him, and trade him for a star, if the right one comes around.

By far the smartest thing to do is the final option, so I don’t expect Jimmy to be traded this summer.

I really think that Butler should be traded for a player of similar qualities, only younger, and not for picks and average players. Otherwise is better to keep him.

Reality Czech

Tell me any time recently that a star was traded straight up for another star. I don’t remember any. The highest rated players traded in the last couple of years were Mitchell, Gobert, and Lillard. ALL of those trades consisted of players plus picks.
We have already been in the play in the last 2 years. In each of those years, we lost the first play in game and had to win the second. In our miracle run to the finals, it took a furious comeback in the last few minutes to beat Chicago. In other words, we could have possibly been a lottery team each of these last 2 years.


Holiday for Lillard? :).

Look, I do think changes are needed, but Butler was the only reason in past years, that Miami was something more then an average team.

Butler is old, true, and probably on decline. But trade him for average players and picks is not the answer. We are a step behind Boston in all positions, because their players are just better, and the answer for that is not getting quantity and picks, but quality, and internal growth of young players.

Reality Czech

Actually, Portland received Deandre AytonToumani Camara, Malcolm Brogdon, Robert Williams, Milwaukee’s 2029 unprotected first-round draft pick and unprotected Milwaukee swap rights in 2028 and 2030, 2024 1st-round pick (via Warriors), 2029 unprotected 1st-round pick (via Celtics).
Of course, none of those players are stars. But 4 players, 3 first round draft picks, and 2 pick swaps is a lot of capital.
But I strongly agree with you that it is important to develop young players like Jaquez, Jovic, Caín, Alondes, and whoever they get in this draft. That is the future.


Will se very soon, where things will go. As said before, I don’t expect Jimmy to go somewhere, but all the rest but Bam could be in play.

Reality Czech

I am not expecting Butler to leave either. No matter what, it will be interesting.

heat for life

all depends what we can get for him,if an all star player not coming back here dont do it

Reality Czech

And I would definitely take a 7 year younger Mitchell with his 27/5/6 and his shakier defense over 34 year old Butler. At 27 years old, I’d be confident he can provide 4-5 good years, which I don’t see with Butler.


I wouldn’t. We need a player, which can provide 4-5 great years. Mitchel is not that.

Reality Czech

And Butler definitely is not that.


Maybe, if include this year’s 24 & 25 picks.

Reality Czech

Along with our #15, it could theoretically bring back Edey, Holmes, and Shannon.


Still have Herro and Duncan to trade with picks. Many options

Reality Czech

Latest ESPN Mock Draft Still Has Miami Heat Taking Zach Edey At No. 15
Of course, this changes from mock to mock and day to day.


That would be one of the biggest draft surprises if that happens.


Pat will never trade JJ. Check out Pat’s vintage tapes of his old Laker playing days. Their playing styles are clones of each other…it’s almost scary.

heat for life

monty williams probably happiest man in america


Fired twice in two years and walked away with payoffs of $20M from Phoenix and $65M from Detroit! Incompetent owners and GMs involved in both hiring decisions.


If the Heat is really serious on getting another championship, ownership must be prepared to spend. That means going over aprons and paying luxury tax to sign talents. I mean, when was the last time an nba team won the championship without paying the luxury tax? i feel like the Heat wants to compete, but doesnt want to spend

heat for life

mickey like top 10 richest in world afraid to go over tax what a joke

heat for life

The Celtics’ rivals handed them a championship one bad trade at a time.


Milwaukee really screwed up trading away Jrue. He was the glue and experience Boston needed to close the deal. Notice they won without much being contributed by Porzingis.

heat for life

horford was very good tillman gave then good pt.like youve said million times boston really improved we didnt.thers a pretty good gap only thing can close that is ss jimmy or a whale coming in .just gotta upgrade talent like boston did.thats where i want u to come in .can u please apply for the gm job.you do your homework know what we need,know the league.by riley thinking bam is a center is a fireable decision,didnt he watch the denver finals.you will def be the coolest looking gm in the league


that Porzingis trade tho, im not sure if thats a win for them. i mean, porzingis was perpetually injured almost the entire season including the playoffs

Last edited 24 days ago by ZechMerquise
heat for life

uh what did they give up.marcus dum.to get a player of holidays quality w/o giving up jt or jb thats a gm doing a great job


So I watched a little of the player to Miami from the most recent The Ringer mock draft update.

What are they thinking? A shorter, left handed version of Herro? That’s weird to me. Or maybe it’s inside info?


What are they thinking? Who, The Ringer? No idea. 😉

heat for life

roger daltrey ?cool


Miami and Boston may have been similar teams a year ago. However, Boston made significant improvements adding Jrue Holiday and Kristaps Porzingis. Miami did not improve, other than drafting Jaime Jaquez and adding a couple of peripheral rotation players.

Boston’s top six (all two-way) players are much better than Miami’s top 6.
Jrue Holiday, Derrick White, Jaylen Brown, Jason Tatum, Kristaps Porzingas, Al Horford >
Terry Rozier, Tyler Herro, Jimmy Butler, Nikola Jovic, Bam Adebayo, Jaime Jaquez.

Miami has three ways to go this offseason:

Retain the core (Rozier, Herro, Butler, Jovic, Bam, Jaquez, Duncan, ORobinson, 15th pick, 43rd pick), minus Martin, Love, JRich, Bryant (who may opt out) and Highsmith, Mills, Wright (lost to free agency). Sign G Leaguers to NBA Minimum contracts. Find new players to develop in G league. If this option does not prove successful by the trade deadline, Riley may need to proceed to one of the other options. This team may be competitive, however, it will not be a championship contender.

Retain most of core and trade one starter and rotation player. For Example, trade Herro plus pick(s) in order to acquire upgrade at SG or to bring in starting PF/C to pair with Bam. Miami could also trade Herro, Robinson, Jaquez or Jovic and pick(s) to upgrade both the SG and PF/C positions. This team may be competitive, however, it will not be a championship contender.

Trade two or more starters and one or more rotation players to address medium and longer term needs. For example,

  • Trade Butler and Bryant for Houston package (Brooks, Jalen Green, Cam Whitmore, #3 pick).
  • Trade Rozier, Herro, Duncan, Brooks, Green, Jaquez or Jovic, #3 pick, #15 pick for best PG, SG, PF/C’s available, e.g., Donovan Mitchell, Dejounte Murray, Lauri Markannen, John Collins, Kyle Kuzma, Miles Bridges, Tobias Harris, Isaiah Hartenstein, Pascal Siakim, etc.
  • This team could be very competitive and a championship contender.
heat for life

theres 31 other teams sun going for same players.


Those other teams have ammo to trade with. We don’t unless we dump a couple of big salaries. Remember, Bam has a big payday coming too. That’s why I’m for trading Butler and Herro. Jaquez is Butler 2.0 in next year or two and 11.5 years younger. Gotta plan ahead or get stuck in the past. Bam is a stallion who wants to run. Miami will never be a running/fast break team with “Slo-Mo” Butler running the half court game. The team needs young, athletic, two-way players in order to compete in today’s NBA. Did I mention they need a partner in the paint for Bam?

Reality Czech

Yes, you would also have my vote for gm. I wholeheartedly agree and, as I’ve said, this is nothing against Butler who brought Miami back to relevance. However, I believe Riley is a loyalist. It is only relatively recently that you would have seen young players like Bam, Herro, Jaquez, or Jovic be starters or in the rotation. Early on, he traded picks for veterans. The league is different now, but I think that is still part of his dna.

heat for life

ask wade if he is a loyalist.boston not a running team.just need quality 2 way players.have 2 for sure.jjj prob 3.terry 1 1/2 little small on d.i think orob can be bams help if spo just gives him minutes with bam.hated the thomas bryant deal.trading jimmy to risky .if riley doesnt hit on the trade we are fkd.id like to see sunman apply for the job of gm


Thanks for the vote(s) of confidence. Maybe if I could telecommute. Wouldn’t trade the San Diego weather for Miami’s. It’s still Spring out here. Check out the temps and humidity. Hot tub weather. https://weather.com/weather/tenday/l/San+Diego+CA?canonicalCityId=cb5c473781cc06501376639dce8f0823a99187dcb42c79471a4303c076d66452

heat for life



I would be happy to be a long distance consultant via Zoom. (I’m retired so I work cheap).

Pat and I can spend our days brainstorming and crunching numbers and then run our ideas by Spo to see if he can make them work. I’m pretty sure we can come up with a younger, better, more athletic line-up than we have now.

There are some underperformers out there wasting away who we can probably get for cheap and who can benefit greatly from Heat culture and conditioning. We could turn their careers around.


You will need a bunch of consultants to the chief consultant… we are not all retired.. so ask Pat fro a bit more.

heat for life

how do we get sun the gm job rc.hes the hardest worker ive seen .

Reality Czech

Every year, there are 30 teams that seek to tweak or overhaul their roster. All teams are vying for the same pool of available players through trades and free agency. The Heat have as much a chance as any team to get a player(s) that can really help them. In the past, the Heat have brought in Rozier, Butler, Shaq, Allen, Zo, Hardaway, and others to upgrade the roster. I’ve deliberately left out LeBron and Bosh for those that believe it was only the influence of Wade that got them here. While that is true, it still takes management, agents, and lawyers to get everyone to agree to sign on the dotted line.
We are, thankfully, getting closer to knowing exactly what the roster will look like. Butler stays? Likely, I think, unless he demands an extension that is more than Riley is willing to offer. I expect to see a very different group after all is said and done.


Detroit said they are open for business for salary dumping purposes.

Start your engines!

heat for life

cade cunnuingham avail?sunman likes stewart.sunman knows nba im down with stewart


Of course he’s not available. They are doing what rebuilding teams do when they have cap space and there is no point making a big splash signing when it doesn’t align with the current timeline. They sell their cap space to other teams for picks.


If Butler stays, there are not nearly as many options as if he goes. Miami is already near the second apron and the team still needs to fill out the roster. You know Riley and Aronson aren’t going to go “hog wild” and pay a huge penalty like some of the other teams do. Somebody has to go. Butler’s value in trade will never be higher than it is now. By the trade deadline he will either A) call the shots on where he wants to play where he can obtain a max extension; B) be traded to a team as a four month rental on the cheap; C) opt out after the season and walk away as a free agent or D) do a sign and trade after the season with a team willing to match his salary and desired extension.who will give us a player of equal contract amount, but probably not equal value (such as Beal). If it was me. I would trade him before the 2024-2025 preseason. But that’s just me.

Reality Czech

True true true. Here are my IFS. If Butler stays. If they pick up Carter, Ware, Edey, Shannon, Collier or other solid player. If they trade for an Isiah Stewart, Murray, Jalen Smith or other starter/rotation player. If they retain Jaquez, Jovic, Wright, Richardson. If they promote Alondes, Cain, or Swider (depending on needs). With all that, I think they’d be a solid playoff team.
But I’d rather see them trade Butler while he still can bring the most in return (as opposed to a year or two from now).


Jimmy has one year left on his contract (2024-2025) before he can opt out. You either pay/trade him this summer, pay/trade him by the February deadline, or he walks at the end of the season.

The only reason for him to stay in 2025-2026, is if he gets the extension he wants or suffers a career threatening injury and spends the 2025-2026 season rehabilitating for a (possible) return as a free agent in 2026-2027, when he is 37 years old going on 38.

I don’t think Miami is in a position to gamble the best years of Bam’s career on an aging/declining Butler whose salary will eat up 30+% of the team’s cap space and who is one injury away from sending Miami to the NBA’a Purgatory for years to come.

Reality Czech

Sometimes your responses almost sound like we’re disagreeing on this issue. We’re not, of course. I’m just saying what I think Riley might actually do. If so, we’ll just have to live with it and hope for the best.
Before Butler came here and when he first arrived, he was known as a hard working, no nonsense type of player. Now, he is known just as much as a coffee merchant, a person hawking multiple products in commercials, and other external enterprises. I admire players who build a successful life for themselves post-nba, like Magic and UD (for those unaware, UD has the Starbucks franchise inside one of Miami’s larger hospitals). But is it taking away from his dedication to the team?

heat for life

yes true its like when u meet a poor girl real down to earth .u eventually marry them spend lots $ to get them and boom they become a diff person.ive witnessed this first hand


That’s where the term “You can’t buy love” comes from. Wanting to get out of poverty is not the same as love. Once that need is met then she can start thinking about love. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXC3A9h36cw

heat for life

wade got butler here marquette connection he wanted to be the new d wade.shaq came to be wades robin.rileys a top two gm hes pushing 80 whats the drive for him .to many misses lately draft wise contracts fa busts


All good things must end. Organizations/players move on. They do what is in their best interests. Holding on to and paying top dollar to an aging player for good memories makes no business sense. Just as players have moved on to teams making higher offers, Wade, Crowder, Tucker, Vincent, Strus, etc., organizations must move on when aging players are asking too much.

How many “super stars” have asked for the moon which required their new teams to gut their rosters to pay their salaries? Then, after a year or two they bitch and demand to be traded because their new/gutted team isn’t good enough to compete for a championship. They want their cake and eat it too. F*** em! Let them go somewhere else and eat somebody else’s cake.
We have a championship team to build!

Last edited 24 days ago by SunManFromDogBone

i mean, this goes without saying. individually and collectively, their roster is just simply better than us

jrue> rozier
white > herro
tatum > jimmy
brown > bam
porzingis, horford > any bigs we have (jovic, bryant)

Max Pain

Stay at 15 and take Terrence Shannon.

This dude averaged 23 points on only 14 shots per game.

That’s insane efficiency, the only other college scorer to best that level of efficiency was paint monster Zach Edey.

The difference is Shannon is a 6-6 220 lb wing who did it on all 3 levels.

He was a 70th percentile scorer as a spot up shooter.

He made 9 3s deeper than 25 feet last season.

He was 83rd percentile as a transition scorer.

He was 85th percentile as an isolation scorer.

He was 92 percentile scorer as a pick & roll ball handler.

He was the only player in all of college basketball to average 7 fts made and over two 3 pointers made. 

Plus he was a 5 year guy and at 23 years old fits Bam’s timeline. 

He was also cleared of all charges in his recent rape trial.

This is the Jimmy replacement we’ve been looking for, no need to overthink this.


Yup. If he’s there that is a wing we need. If he goes higher, or maybe the team isn’t comfortable even with the charges cleared, go with Ware. But I do agree Shannon is ready to ball, ya’ll


Boston and Miami are similar teams, but Boston have better players right now. You can beat that by getting better players (which is not an option, because there are not many), or built different team, to beat them.

Dallas tried with 2 superstars and three solid defensive, but not good offensive players. It didn’t worked out. Dallas is built to fight big western teams, not Boston.

The right path should be something Denver did, one superstar, another star, and three long, skilled players, solid defenders, good shooters. I think Denver would win in finals.

Where the Heat is right now?

Our superstar is maybe not that anymore, and the other star is more like an border star.
We have two young players, who might become starters in champion level team in 2 to 3 years.

We also have solid, but not great guards.

To summarize, we are one step behind the best teams like Boston or Denver on all fronts.

I don’t believe Jimmy is going elsewhere, not just because of him, but because there will be no player who could replace him available.

Its what it is. I expect Jimmy staying and transitional season, where JJJ and Jovic will show, if they are a material for being great. And a young whale hunt next year.

Reality Czech

Beginning Tuesday the Heat can begin negotiating with their free agents. The next 10 days should start to bring the future into focus. Hallelujah!

heat for life

ok celts are champs how do we catch them.sunman.hire u.thats my first start.


how do we catch them? jimmy must be healthy..thats it


Agreed ain’t much too it, we always play them good. We always take them to 6 or 7, so I ain’t afraid of them. The teams we do need to catch up to are nuggets and wolves. We need more size and more 2 way players. We gotta evolve, small ball doesn’t win championships anymore.

Reality Czech

Generally true, and I agree the Heat need to get bigger and more athletic. But, the Celtics won with a lineup at 6’9”, 6’8”, 6’6”, 6’4”, and 6’4”.


That lineup works when all your players can all defend and shoot 3s, plus that matchup means something as well. Mavs backcourt doesn’t play good D, plus putting kleber in at center, instead of lively or gafford was a Huge mistake by kidd. I guarantee you Denver and wolves would eat up that small ball line up. Also miami would of played the Celtics better. All that talent and mavs only beat them once, same as us. Small ball doesn’t win championships anymore unless you’re warriors or celtics, and get a small ball matchup in the finals, you still gotta be a versatile, and have small ball in the arsenal. Matchups matter definitely.

Last edited 25 days ago by Big_guy305
Reality Czech

The talent disparity was significant at too many positions. As much as I admire DJJ, he’s really not a starter imo.


Exactly, they don’t have enough 2 way players, that’s why he was starting, and Boston took advantage. If you want to win the championship, you gotta have enough capable 2 way players. Also your backcourt can’t be full of negative defenders. Dallas is full of one way players. I don’t expect to see mavs in the finals next year.

Last edited 25 days ago by Big_guy305
heat for life

pj wash borderline starter.also.think lively gonna be real good.

heat for life

were u saying that after minn series

heat for life

true . but bam guarding joker will not get us a ring though

heat for life

elbow to lukas face play on

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