Jimmy Butler isn’t signing extension; ‘determined’ to have a career year for the Miami Heat

The Jimmy Butler max extension talk finally comes to an end (until next year). Photo via MPH

The last 48 hours have been filled with Miami Heat news. There has been the NBA draft, Bam Adebayo extension and Haywood Highsmith re-signing reports. But most importantly, insiders Brian Windhorst and Shane Charania reported updates on the Jimmy Butler situation.

The Heat’s superstar is reportedly “determined” to have an elite 2024-2025 season in Miami. He will now opt to wait out his contract extension and earn his set $48 million for the upcoming year. There is a $52 million player-option for the following season in Butler’s contract.

He is essentially betting on himself to prove to Miami that he deserves that max extension. This is something that could be re-visited during the next season, or possibly until the very end of his deadline to receive it by next summer.

There is undoubtedly a desire to be in South Beach from Butler. He has repeatedly told media how much he loves being here and that he wants this to be the last jersey he wears. Although media attempted to stir controversy in regards to Butler’s extension and potential trade rumors, he reportedly rejected opposing team’s pitches to lure him away from the Heat.

Butler’s change of heart with his extension demands helps Miami heading into the next season. The front office can now focus on the franchises next pivot to bring in stronger rotation pieces or another star. With the current salary cap situation, the Heat would need to either shed salary or facilitate a trade to bring in another notable name.

If there is anything to take from Pat Riley’s end-of-season presser, it is that change could be on the way. With the Butler situation now handled, Riley can take full attention to making the proper moves around this Butler/Adebayo build this offseason.


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So Jimmy stays. Bam and Rosier too.

The question is what happens with Herro and Dunc. If one or both of those two will be traded, we will get a starter as a return.

That trade should happen soon, because good players wont be available later. If nothing will happen, then there will be more or less the same team as last year.


I like it. Personally I prefer this scenario, might blow up in their faces (and mine lol) in the very near future but heck, Jimmy wants to prove himself and I’m on board. Age, declining skill (?) and all. Seems like it’s “all in” indeed. Like the Bad Boys…one last ride…wattya gonna do when the Heat comes for you. Go Heat!!


agreed.  this is best case scenario.  Heat don’t give Butler an extension and he comes out playing his best basketball.
But if Jimmy is coming back next season, I think this mean that Tyler is probably on his way out…


His name is always out there every summer. He stops following the Heat on social media. He doesn’t get traded. Shows up to the 1st day of camp. Plays the season. Rinse repeat. lol 😛

If he is still on the team, I feel like his 6th man role is what is best for this team. Some games he’s going to be in the zone and will play starter minutes, but they will have to stagger Herro and Terry.


I actually like Tyler and think he’s become a bit under-rated as a result of all this criticism.

But the Heat can’t run it back next season with the same team that’s made the play-in two years in a row, even if they are a better playoff team.

I thought Jimmy Butler was most likely to get traded, and he still might be. But if the Heat really do bring him back next season, I think Tyler is the most likely to get traded.


There is always a new character, even in the last ride. Who’s it going to be? The suspense!


I think Jimmy wants to win. He knows Miami’s brass wants to win. They know each other’s languages.

I can imagine Pat and Spo being like dude–we don’t know if this team can win a chip, if you want all that money right now that means you’re fine with the risk of not winning a chip.

It makes sense they found a resolution.


I think a lot of people also forget that Jimmy never made it past the second round of the playoffs before he came to Miami. If he ends up in Philly or Houston or New Orleans, it’s possible he never makes it past the second round again; and gets blamed for under-performing while getting paid a max salary, and eventually gets the “Westbrook on the Lakers’ treatment. I’m not surprised Jimmy wants to stay in Miami. I’d be more surprised if the Heat weren’t looking at their options to trade him.


Nice words from Jimmy. If only words could translate to results. I used to be the biggest Butler supporter. But, I have seen a trend in that he talks a better game than he sometimes delivered, as pertains to last year. And still, I guess if he is staying on for another year, we should try to build around him and the rest of the team, minus two or three players, Martin and ?…
Is it better than trading him for draft choices and a solid player, maybe not, only time will tell. But, I lean towards going all in one more time, with our newly drafted center, Bam, Jimmy, Terry, JRich, Jaimie, Haywood, and two new players, both top eight rotation, one starter level. That means trading, Tyler, and one of Dunc or Jovic, and some of our few precious picks too. And , if we don’t go all in, don’t keep Jimmy. That’s how I see it.

Last edited 15 days ago by Bout30man

I agree with a lot of this, except of trading Jovic. If we’re going to trade Jimmy and build around the young guys, NIco has to be a big part of that

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