2024 NBA Draft: Tracking the Miami Heat’s undrafted free agent signees

Keshad Johnson was the first undrafted Heat player signed in the 2024 UDFA cycle! (Isaiah Downing // USA Today Sports)

The 2024 NBA Draft has concluded! The Miami Heat drafted both Indiana center Kel’el Ware and Arizona guard Pelle Larsson. Now, it’s time for Adam Simon, Pat Riley and the Heat brass to do what they really love: Hunt for undrafted free agents.

Let’s dive into it!

Keshad Johnson, F, Arizona

Here’s what I wrote about Keshad Johnson earlier today:

“Johnson is one of the most athletic players left in the class; he featured a 31.5-inch standing vertical, but had a combine-best 42-inch max vert when he tested. Johnson wasn’t a player that always popped off the box score at Arizona alongside Larsson, Caleb Love, Oumar Ballo and Kylan Boswell, but Johnson’s one of the best defenders left in the class. He’s versatile–he’s strong enough to guard up, but quick enough to hold his own against smaller guards.

He has a very strong base and center of gravity defensively. Johnson, who has a plus-four wingspan (6’10.25″) with a sturdy 225-pound build, had incredible instincts and can cover plenty of ground in a short amount of time–a premium in today’s spaced-out NBA. To top it off, he’s got an A-motor who positions his body well on- and off-ball with good hands.

Johnson was an abominable shooter in his four seasons at SDSU but improved to 38.7 percent from deep on fairly low volume last year. I would take a flier on him due to his physical tools alone, even though there will be development to be had offensively.”

Zyon Pullin, G, Florida

Bryson Warren, G, Sioux Falls Skyforce

Isaiah Stevens, G, Colorado State

Warren Washington, C, Texas Tech

Neal Sako, C, Cholet (France)


The Miami Heat will begin Summer League in the California Classic on Saturday, July 6, at 6:30 p.m. EST inside Chase Center against the Golden State Warriors.

Click here for more details about the Heat’s California Classic and Las Vegas Summer League adventures.


This is a developing news story. Stay tuned for updates.

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I’m ignorant to these selections but the excitement from these comments got me a little hyped!


Ware = Myles Turner-like (a guy this board has wanted to trade for because he could play with Bam, but never happened because Turner is the only man on this planet that Bam does not get along with)

Larsson = Swedish Thunder Dan or like Christian Braun on the Nuggets

Keshod Johnson = James Posey-like 3 & D guy

Zyon Pullin = bleeds Heat culture like a UD. Can live in the midrange like a slightly smaller DeRozan

Now give these guys over to Spo & Co. They are in good hands. Summer league is going to be lit.

Reality Czech

Isaiah Stevens not too shabby either. Small, but a microwave type player.


2qbn, thank you for putting Heat fan descriptions for the new players. I’m even more hyped now, you two! I don’t watch college ball at all, so I never know what’s going on until the start of summer league and/or reading HHH posts during the offseason.

Reality Czech

Speaking of savants, 2qbn gets his Pullin! What the hell? 😆😆


Let’s goooooooooooooooo! What a draft/collection of talent.

Reality Czech

The Heat have the 7th highest payroll in the league. Higher than Lakers, Mavs, Cavs, Knicks, and Wolves, amongst others. The argument that the owners don’t want to spend money really doesn’t hold up. Now, if someone wants to argue how wisely it has been spent? That’s another story.


Cruises are booming right now. Mickey, it’s time to pay the tax. This could be Jimmy’s last year where he’s functional. 😉

Reality Czech

If the right deal/player is available, yes, definitely.


Don’t be surprised if jimmy is a mid season trade out of here


I will be surprised.

Reality Czech

If he and the team are doing well, I can’t imagine there will be a trade.


Holy crap, man. We have 3 good players (so far) with tools to work with. The Heat are absolute pro’s at this s**t. Let’s go HEAT!

Last edited 15 days ago by 2qbn
Reality Czech

That’s a guy expected to go in the 40s. Question is which 2 way will be released or signed to a regular contract?


I think Cain for sure. Possibly Alondes.

Reality Czech

From a logical standpoint, since they picked up a big, a sf, and a sg, Williams makes sense on a minimum contract. Plays pg and better shooter than Cain.

Reality Czech

Fantastic pickup! You want athletes, we got some.


And with a skill that can keep them on the floor!?!

Reality Czech


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