Caleb Martin leaving Miami Heat to sign with Philadelphia 76ers

Caleb Martin
Caleb Martin averaged 9.6 points, and 4.4 rebounds in three seasons with the Miami Heat. (Photo by Vaughn Ridley/NBAE via Getty Images)

The offseason for the Miami Heat has somehow gone from bad to worse with the news that their top free agent Caleb Martin will be signing with their East rival Philadelphia 76ers on a reported four-year deal worth almost $40 million.

Losing a key piece of their roster for nothing to an Eastern Conference rival who also recently acquired All-NBA forward Paul George, the Miami Heat have so far done little this offseason aside from retaining free agents Kevin Love, center Thomas Bryant, and Dru Smith on a head-scratching two-way deal. They did extend Bam Adebayo on a team-friendly deal and sign free Alec Burks to a minimum deal but also lost Delon Wright to the Milwaukee Bucks. Needless to say, there is plenty of work to be done to keep pace with their rivals. As Ira Winderman of the Sun-Sentinel points out, losing Martin’s production on both ends of the court — and potentially Haywood Highsmith — could pose significant hurdles for Miami this upcoming season.

The 76ers, eager to continue to raid the Heat’s coffers, are also linked to Highsmith.


This is a breaking news story. Stay tuned for updates.

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Martin, you have all the facts for your decision, most of us don’t but can only speculate as much as we want and none of that matters. Still have your jersey from your exploits againt the Celtics in 2023. Thanks for your efforts in Miami. Best wishes as you chase your dreams.


So unless there is a major trade coming, this is probably the defining move of the offseason for the Heat. Underwhelming draft pick, no additions, and now they lose Caleb to a Conference Rival.

The Sixers made a bunch of moves and are a new sexy title contender, while the Heat did nothing and everyone is counting them out. On the one hand, this is completely accurate. On the other hand, it does sound familiar enough that I’m taking it with a grain of salt.

I say it every offseason, and this offseason I’m not sure if I even believe it. But it’s usually true. It’s been true since Butler came, since Spo became the coach, since Riley took over.

The other teams can win the offseason. The Heat will win in the postseason


p.s. bring back Locksmith and Precious and I’ll call this a successful offseason

heat for life

Doesnt make sense.Less $$ to be in crappy phily compared to beaut so fla..Ive always liked hh more than caleb.


It’s amazing how quickly the landscape changes. It may have already been apparent, but there can be no question that the Heat are not the cool place to go anymore. A lot has happened and we try to keep a stiff upper lip, but it seems like, unless something drastic changes, we are temporarily in decline. And it’s important to see it for what it is so we can do what we can to change it.
And that circles be back to Jimmy. Will he stay fully engaged if we are mediocre this season? Why would he want to spend what is likely his last effective season on an also-ran.
So, the Heat have to have an exit strategy for Jimmy- first, try to build this team up. But, if we can’t get anything significant done, have the clearheadedness to trade him for two reasons-1) to take advantage of his highest value, 2) to give him a last shot at glory. He will be more likely to be worth less after a listless half season in Miami than at the start.
I know I have taken some hard stances lately, and I take no pleasure in it. I prefer a more optimistic slant. But, I can feel a negative vibe in the air lately.
The good news it can change back very quickly. Ware becomes a serious center position acquisition, and we hit on one more major find, what I call an A- to A player and we could be back in the battle. That’s why I hope that if we are basically running it back, Jimmy does get traded. I think our bounce back happens faster with that path.

Last edited 6 days ago by Bout30man

Lol I love you, my dude. We’re not the cool place because the cool kids like to get paid. No tengo dinero is this off-season’s catch phrase. But that’s okay. A blessing in disguise. The only trade I really think raises this teams floor is Markkanen or a Cam Johnson. A very talented shooting 4. DeMar will be fun, but it’s going to delay the reset.

Keep on keepin on, Bout30. It’s what Neil “GOD” would want 😉


Thanks. The money seemed better on our side of the equation. But, when you factor all the money associated with an NBA title, I see your point.


I think the Heat are already planning for a future without Jimmy. Or at the very least, a future where he is taking up a smaller percentage of the salary cap.

I think your only blind spot is that you have not been working side by side with Jimmy every day for the past five years. That dude has given Miami a lot of success. I think Riley is hesitant to trade him, and would rather rebuild the team around an aging Jimmy Butler than trade him and build around a bunch of potential players. While it means the Heat won’t get replacement “assets”, they would rather have a better team than a bunch of draft picks. Like it or not, that’s how the built the best franchise in the East over this century.

In the next year or two, Jimmy’s contract will come off the books and the Heat will have a bunch of cap space. In two years Duncan and Rozier will take another fifty million off the cap. That’s a hundred million dollars in cap space opening up over the next two offseasons around Bam, Jovic, JJJ, and Herro. That’s the future. If Jimmy can summon “old Jimmy”, that’s great. If not, he’s an expiring contract. Think of him as a supremely talented Kyle Lowry.


Caleb why would you take the $32 over the $58? You were appreciated in Miami. Thanks for your time and happy you made something of your time, but very very glad I didn’t buy a Martin jersey as I almost did. Kind of appalled at our defensive prospects, especially after Delon left to the Bucks. Won’t forget you hitting that long 2 over Giannis at least


I guess he thinks he can win a championship with the sixers, that’s the only reason I can think of on why he declined our offer. I’m honestly glad he declined that offer, now we gotta resign locksmith. If pat can’t get it done, then our defense might drop towards middle of the pack status.


At this point Locksmith should be a better bang for buck with some unrealized potential on offense still left in his career arc.


Yes most definitely, he also is the better defender, and has more length. With the extra pt, I think he becomes a 8 – 10 point scorer, which would help out the Bench tremendously. Only thing is he has to gain more confidence shooting, and stop being hesitant with open shots .


I really liked what he was showing shooting wise at the very beginning/pre-season of last year. Spent all that time working with Duncan on the three and it exploded, but then fizzled out as I think rotations altered his confidence. Felt like he was turning it up a little back towards the very end of the year – excited to see if he consolidates that improved shooting ceiling (given that he signs with us obviously). I agree with you that dollar for dollar Highsmith is the better option at this point, his consistent performance is the defensive anchor we need right now. Wonder where he would fit into the lineup now with the picture of Ware, Bam, Jovic, Bryant, Love. How do you see him being implemented?


He’s one of our best defenders, also Don’t forget about jrich. With that being said I think locksmith will slot in as our 8th or 9th man. Jovic will probably start again because of size and shooting. Ware won’t get much pt to begin with until he shows spo his prowess. Love will continue to be the first big off the bench until he shows he can’t do it anymore. Bryant won’t get much pt, unless players get hurt, or he gets some garbage time pt. Jrich, jjj, and dunc will be fighting for 6th, 7th, and 8th man. Locksmith pt will be based on matchups against high powered offenses. Also injuries, and if certain players don’t play well, he’s also could be used end of games as closer. So we will see what spo does, but on any given night he will be 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, or 10th man depending on matchups, which players are playing well, and if his offense improves will be deciding factors for him.


No question It was an overpay. Seems like we have to do that lately. But, we needed them both. No sugar coating it, it sucks to lose Caleb. Hope we keep HH.


Damn Heat just can’t take the win when it’s there. Still trying to go after DeMar. I guess they want to show future FA’s they will go to the mat during your window, but this is kind of crazy.

Evan Sidery: The Clippers, Heat and Kings are all involved in the DeMar DeRozan sign-and-trade sweepstakes, per @ChrisBHaynes (…). All three teams are actively looking for a willing facilitator to help their own package with the Bulls.


Caleb, we were glad to help you become the best version of yourself and you took that opportunity and excelled to where you can make a boatload of cash. But to turn down $65 from the Heat to take $32 from the freaking Sixers you are dead to me. lol seriously though thanks for saving us the $65 🙂


He made major strides as a player with us. It is disappointing. I can’t hate him because of that Game 7 against Boston. He won that game.

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