‘Over 5 teams’ are interested in a multi-team deal with Heat & Blazers

Several teams could be involved in landing Damian Lillard in Miami.

When the Damian Lillard trade request to the Miami Heat came out last weekend, the league wide assumption was that multiple teams would have to be involved.

The Portland Trail Blazers reportedly aren’t interested in acquiring Tyler Herro, as they are loaded with wing depth as is.

The Brooklyn Nets were initially involved in taking on Herro and joining the Heat with sending a plethora of draft picks to Portland.

However, the Nets tried to include Ben Simmons, which both the Heat and Blazers probably aren’t interested in.

That’s where today’s latest Lillard update comes in.

Now, an initial 3 team trade could expand to a “hectic” 5-7 team package. As reported from Marc Spears and ESPN.

The San Antonio Spurs specifically have the cap room to bring on other players on both the Heat and Blazers to facilitate this blockbuster trade.

The assumption all over both media and front offices is that Lillard eventually lands in South Beach.

Lillard and his camp have done a great job at making it clear where the All-NBA talent would like to play.

He has been “adamant” on wanting to play for the Heat and the Heat only. (via Barry Jackson)

Teams have decided to put their Lillard pursuit on pause because they don’t want an “unhappy” superstar being traded to their team.

If any other team would acquire him, the franchise would be unloading a crazy amount of assets to bring in a disgruntled star who would be unwilling to sign an extension or stick around long term.

At this point, it may not be a matter of IF Lillard goes to the Miami Heat, it is just a matter of when.

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