Report: Tyler Herro expected to be out at least another week

Tyler Herro
Tyler Herro has been sidelined since Nov. 8 with an ankle sprain. (Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images)

For those of you who have been looking for a Tyler Herro update, Anthony Chiang of the Miami Herald reported that Herro is still at least one week away from returning to the lineup.

Herro has been out since the November 8 game in Memphis against the Grizzlies, where he suffered a pretty serious ankle sprain. He landed on a defender’s foot on a shot attempt and his ankle completely went sideways, as he fell to the ground immediately and grimaced in pain.

His veteran teammates Kevin Love and Kyle Lowry both helped walk him back into the locker room shortly after. Herro was limping significantly and couldn’t put any weight on the ankle.

The 5th year 23 year old, who will turn 24 shortly after the new year, deemed that night that he sees this injury keeping him out at least 2 weeks. However, today marks 3 full weeks since the injury took place.

Luckily, as of this week, it seems like Herro has finally been getting shots up again late after practices with coaches. The starting shooting guard is expected to be out at least another full week after he got his ankle re-evaluated recently.

Anthony Chiang noted that:

“The expectation is Herro will miss at least another week before returning to game action after his ankle was re-evaluated over the weekend.”

It is nice to finally see an update on the Herro injury, and at least see he is making progress. The injury was very unfortunate for him, who went into the season with a lot to prove.

The Miami Heat are coming fresh off a historic 8 seed NBA Finals run without barely any help from Herro. He went down with a season ending broken hand in game 1 of the first round of the playoffs in Milwaukee against the Bucks.

Following that, Herro saw himself in loads of NBA trade rumors all summer long. Yet, he has remained on the team and was statistically putting up the best season of his short NBA career so far before this sprained ankle took place.

Ankle sprains are undoubtedly the most common injury in the entire sport of basketball (look at Jimmy Butler who has also been out the last couple of games with an ankle tweak), so this should not be an injury for Herro that should raise much long-term concern from Heat fans.

Also with it being still so early, it is absolutely important for Herro or any of the guys necessarily to not rush back from any injuries.

In the 8 games that Herro has played in this season, it’s looked like he has made significant improvement in his all-around game.

For the first time in Herro’s 5 year Miami stint, he looks super motivated specifically on the defensive end. He has been very active in all the passing lanes and has clearly made it a point to get better with his one-on-one defense too.

Factor that into his jump in PPG and shooting numbers, it is clear that the young man is dedicated to the game and poised to continually keep getting better as time goes by.

For the 2023-2024 season, Tyler Herro is averaging 22.9 PPG, 5.0 RPG and 4.6 APG on 45% shooting and 41% from 3-point range. He has also averaged 88% from the free throw line to go along with 1.4 SPG.

Small sample size, but the points, steals, assists and both field goal percentage and 3-point percentage are career highs.


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When a team more often than not. loses big leads in games, it is usually due to a failure to recognize the adjustment the other teams have made. This may come as exploiting mismatches, slowing or hastening the tempo of the game, zone defense etc, it is rarely due to the personnel on the floor, since it is the same personnel that got you the big lead in the first place. That is why I am not one of those calling for the Heat to pursue a pg, if it is not a player who has the mindset of coach/player like LeBron, who have the ability to read adjustments on a fly and adapt immediately. Those players are rare to come by and there are very few in today’s NBA and are not available unfortunately.


I think the Heat already has a player who matches the description you’ve described:

“…a player who has the mindset of coach/player like LeBron, who have the ability to read adjustments on a fly and adapt immediately. Those players are rare to come by and there are very few in today’s NBA and are not available unfortunately.”

His name is…Jaime Jaquez. A 6’6″ 225 lb combo PG/SG/SF who is versatile/flexible enough to play multiple positions with either the starters or reserves.
Jaquez, Robinson, Butler, Martin, Bam sounds good to me
Lowry, Herro, Richardson, Highsmith, Love
(Jovic, ORobinson, Cain, Swider and Hampton waiting in the wings).

*Note: If the Heat could pick up a power forward via trade or buyout, that could strengthen the rotation even more.

Last edited 3 months ago by SunManFromDogBone

Far from it,,,,,otherwise, the Heat could not have lost to the Knicks with a 21 lead blown. Where was JJJ. In the current NBA, you only have 3 players in my mind. LeBron, Kawhi and Green of GSW believe it or not. With those guys you will never see the Lakers, Clippers or GSW blow big leads. It is unthinkable.

Last edited 3 months ago by Alien

After watching the Heat fall apart in multiple 4th quarters, it’s pretty obvious what they need from Tyler. Guys like Caleb and Jamie and Love and Duncan can carry this team through three quarters. But none of them are good enough to consistently be the difference between winning and losing when the game is on the line. This team can do everything else, it’s time for Herro to prove he can be that guy. If he can, this team will be at the top of the standings by the trade deadline. If he can’t his name will be in rumors again by the trade deadline.


He proved it from time to time, that he is a closer. The last game without Butler shows why we need him. To close games. Herro seems to have potential, to get a bucket at the endgame.


he’s also done everything the heat have asked of him. when they made him a 6th man, he won 6moty. when they made him a starter, he averaged 20+ ppg. Now they’ve built a rugged and talented team that needs someone to score in the clutch. I think Tyler can do it. But he’s got to go out there and prove it


The game is different in the last five minutes. Many players that can get you the lead can be ineffective in crunch time. Only the best can score with the game on the line. And so many games are still undecided at that point.
On our team, Jimmy usually is our most reliable player until the last second shot, which he often misses. Bam can likely take on this role but it seems like he hasn’t yet. As for Tyler, he is a possible go to guy on the last second shot, but down the stretch he has often gone cold in his early career. Another possible go to guy is Caleb, and JRich seems to have some clutch in him.
But, I still worry we don’t have enough, even when everyone is playing, which is rare.
I always remind everyone that this is likely Jimmy’s last hurrah. We should go for it, even mortgage the future to do so.


I think if you look at Tyler, Bam, and Jamie, I don’t think it makes sense for the Heat to mortgage their future. Aside from Jimmy and a couple role player vets, all of these guys have their best years in front of them. And there is some wonkiness around the new salary cap rules that hasn’t even kicked in yet. I am fine with patience.


Yep no rush. When your good to go wonder boy then go but again no rush. One more week. Others are stepping up and that’s good. That’s a luxury not many teams have and one that the Heat is good at.


Praying for your healing. No rush!

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