Heat remain unbeaten on Christmas in Erik Spoelstra era, beat 76ers 119-113

Heat 76ers
Jaime Jaquez Jr. led the Heat with a career-high 31 points on Monday. (Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports)

In the NBA’s penultimate game of its annual Christmas Day marathon, the Miami Heat bested the Philadelphia 76ers 119-113 inside Kaseya Center Monday evening.

The victory marked the Heat’s ninth consecutive victory on Christmas, remaining unbeaten in the Erik Spoelstra era on Christmas and improving a league-best 12-2 on the holiday.

Both teams were without key pieces: The Heat were without star wing Jimmy Butler–in addition to Haywood Highsmith and Josh Richardson–while the 76ers were without reigning MVP and current MVP frontrunner in Joel Embiid.

Never fear: Jaime Jaquez Jr. delivered his best Butler impression Monday, just like he’s done so often with his on-court playstyle and acumen. Jaquez Jr. finished with a career-high 31 points on a ridiculously efficient 11-of-15 shooting with 10 rebounds, one assist and two steals. He became the ninth rookie all-time to have at least 30 points on Christmas, doing so in 39 minutes.

Bam Adebayo posted a 25-point, 15-rebound double-double with five assists and three blocks–one of the more dominant defensive performances he’s put together tis season. He shot 9-of-15 from the floor and 8-of-12 from the charity stripe and clearly established himself as the best big on the floor on a national stage.

Tyler Herro had a very uneven performance, but still had 22 points, six rebounds, five assists, a steal and a block on 4-of-11 shooting from deep. Duncan Robinson had 16 points on 5-of-10 shooting from 3-point range, in addition to four rebounds, two assists and one steal.

The Heat shot 47.6 percent from the floor and 12-of-32 (37.5 percent) from deep; Philadelphia shot 42.6 percent and 17-of-45 from beyond the arc. Though the biggest discrepancy came on the glass, the Heat finished a plus-20 on the glass, hauling in eight more offensive rebounds.

Tobias Harris and Kelly Oubre Jr. led the 76ers in points with 27 and 25, respectively. Harris shot 10-of-18 with seven rebounds and six assists, while Oubre knocked down six of his nine 3s with seven boards and three assists. Mo Bamba dazzled with 18 points on 7-of-8 shooting with six boards while Tyrese Maxey, frontrunner for sixth man of the year, had just 12 points on 4-of-20 shooting.

The Heat have now won six of their last seven games, while the 76ers have subsequently dropped to 0-4 without Embiid this season. Miami now begins a five-game West Coast trip, beginning with the Golden State Warriors Thursday.


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i feel sorry for the Pistons. can we get Cade?


Heat climbing in power rankings. #8 in one and #10 in another.

8. Heat: Starting to show a little more consistency since Tyler Herro‘s return.

Last Week:19↑
Record: 18-12
OffRtg: 115.6 (14) DefRtg: 113.8 (13) NetRtg: +1.9 (12) Pace: 98.2 (26)
The Heat got Tyler Herro (18 games) and Bam Adebayo (seven games) back from long absences last week … but only had them together with Jimmy Butler for one night. Two guys are better than one, though, and the Heat won all three of their games without Butler (calf strain) last week, having gone 1-3 without him before that.


Last year’s playoff run was made possible because Gabe Vincent and Max Strus stepped up to fill the voids left by the injury to Tyler Herro and underperformances by Kyle Lowry and Duncan Robinson.

Vincent scored 11.2 PPG with 1.4 RPG and 3.5 APG on 40.2 FG% and 37.8 3PT%. Strus scored 9.3 PPG with 3.6 RPG and 1.4 APG on 40.2 FG% and 31.9 3PT%.

Both Strus and Lowry have since gone on to greener pastures in Cleveland and L. A.


Max Strus:
GP: 30 MPG: 34.7 PPG: 14.3 RPG: 5.1 APG: 3.9 FG%: 40.4 3PT%: 34.8 FT%: 79.6

Duncan Robinson:
GP: 28 MPG: 29.1 PPG: 15.1 RPG: 2.8 APG: 3.1 FG%: 49.2 3PT%: 44.8 FT%: 84.8


Gabe Vincent:
GP: 5 MPG: 25.4 PPG: 5.4 RPG: 1.0 APG: 3.0 FG%: 43.7 3PT%: 11.8 FT%: 50.0

Kyle Lowry:
GP: 28 MPG: 29.3 PPG: 9.4 RPG: 3.7 APG: 4.1 FG%: 46.1 3PT%: 43.8 FT%: 83.3


Jaime Jaquez:
GP: 30 MPG: 28.9 PPG: 13.7 RPG: 3.9 APG: 2.5 FG%: 51.6 3PT%: 37.9 FT%: 85.7

Josh Richardson:
GP: 24 MPG: 27.8 PPG: 10.0 RPG: 2.7 APG: 3.0 FG%: 37.5 3PT%: 32.7 FT%: 91.4

Note: Vincent ($10.5M) and Strus (14.5M) are being paid $25M combined this season. Jaquez and Richardson are being paid $6.4 million combined this season.

Based on the preceding statistics, it appears Riley again made shrewd decisions by deciding not to sign Vincent or Strus to long term contracts.



Nice comparison. Sad to see Vincent injured this season but the way he’s playing with lakeshow it seems they don’t know how to utilize him. Happy for Max in Cleveland but the team as a whole is struggling. And of course happy for our team getting great contributions from different players.
Yeah, Go Heat!


After seeing what happened with Nunn and Vincent, I’m willing to say there is a jinx on the Lakers signing Heat guards. They better stay away from Jamaal Cain!

Reality Czech

Could not agree more. Between that and the Jaquez pick, maybe we can put that silly ‘Riley has lost it’ type of narrative to bed.

heat for life

all gms make mistakes in every sport .pats made his share but has his share of dwades bams tys trading for zo timmy jim bosh bron .we are the luckiest bball org that pat left stinkin ny.anybody remember louis schafel and billy cunningham lol.and we were gifted the best play by play announcer to.im proud to be a heat fan for life.


And of course the last productive years of shaq

Reality Czech

That’s hysterical. When Riley was striking out with various trades, including Lillard, you were squarely on the criticism bandwagon. Then when he uncovers a gem like Jaquez (not to mention other pickups like Martin, Richardson, Cain, etc), you give him minimal credit. You were one of the biggest of the Riley has lost it narrative posters on HHH. Some of us never lost faith in Riley like you did.


Look at HFL getting into the holiday spirit! Lets Go Heat!

Joe Bloe

So that’s where the name comes from. 🤔


let the record show my narrative has always remained the same. Let the other teams win the offseason, the Heat will win in the postseason


Duncan and Triple J have been the team MVP’s. Bam, Butler and Herro have missed time and those two dudes just show up and ball. Keep it going as top 4 seed would be great.


mix in Caleb, Lowry, Love, and J-Rich, you’ve got a solid playoff rotation, plus Thomas Bryant when you need the size


JJJ for president.


Not yet…Miami mayor first lol

Reality Czech

Nice. And impressive. I guess he is an NBA player after all! 😆

Joe Bloe

Duncan has been impressive. Perhaps Max Strus competition for the minutes was making his butt cheeks tight. He’s playing freely now set in the nightly rotation and doesn’t have to worry about missing shots and then being pulled.
The sample size is getting big enough where it’s going to last and not fizzle.
Then there’s Jaime. Thanks Portland. You did us a favor. Whew!!! Wiping the sweat from my forehead.


Funny, it doesnt seems to me that he is an elite level right now. He was better 2 or 3 weeks ago.


Duncan will never be an elite athlete. He is just making the most of whatever athleticism God gave him.

There are many great athletes who never realize their full potential because they fail to push themselves to be the best they can be. They waste their talents in many ways, (drugs, women, laziness, gambling, arrogance, you name it). There are others who take limited talent and make the most of it. Duncan is one of those people. He deserves all the credit in the world. He is where he is because he worked his ass off to get there!

“Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb … Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.

Deadsori(Vincent Quitoriano)


Zion and Ben Simmons are some of those that i feel are great athletes who doesnt want to push themselves and will never reach the highest ceiling they can achieve.


Exactly. There are many others who have “issues” preventing them from being the best version of themselves.


Great game. At least the team is slowly learning how to close games. Would have been interesting to see both a healthy Butler and Embiid play. We’ll see Sixers again in late February and twice in March. Meanwhile, Heat tied for 4th place with Orlando, 2.5 games behind 3rd place Philly.

Jaquez had a great game. He may not make Rookie of the Year, but he should win Eastern Conference Rookie of the Month a couple more times and be selected as NBA first team All-Rookie. What a steal he was. See JJJ highlights below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvBLKfKULOc

Next up, five game Western Conference road trip vs Warriors, Jazz, Clippers, Lakers and Suns, starting Thursday. (5-0 would be awesome, 4-1 would be great, 3-2 would be OK).



lets go for AWESOME!




I missed the games today and i can’t watch them tape-delayed on league pass.

Great to see the Heat get the win. Jamie is already getting shoutouts on podcasts, now he’s announced himself to the national TV audience. He’s going to be third behind Chet and Wemby as rookie of the year. Cool that Cain and RJ got some burn.

Amazing that Simmons is gone, Doc Rivers is gone, Embiid is out, and the Sixers still manage to choke away marquee games. I hope the Heat see the Sixers in the first round of the playoffs.

Brunson has probably leapfrogged Maxey, Herro, the Cleveland guys, and probably Dame as the best guard in the East, unless we’re giving it to Tyrese Halliburton

And after seeing superstar trade targets, like Dame and KD look old while Bam, Herro, and Jamie looked young, I’m feeling really good about the Heat losing another offseason.

Last edited 6 months ago by oregoner

Still early for that best PG in the east lots of bb ahead. And we do look young lol. Well dnt include our vets 😆


i dunno, Brunson has a two year playoff history at this point. He’s bounced Donovan Mitchell twice. He just carved up Dame. Maxey shit the bed today. Brunson won the 4th quarter against the Heat in the play-in tourney. Dude can ball.


I really like Haliburton. Dude has it all…except experience playing with a good team with veteran leadership. Put him on any top tier team, forgetaboutit!

Last edited 6 months ago by SunManFromDogBone

W!! 18-12!! 3 game win streak after over a month. Jaquez really got game 😳🤯
Thank you Heat for this Christmas present.
Pass this test? Yes. A bit. Would’ve been better if Joel played but we’ll get another crack vs Philly. They tasted Mexican serving triple J style 😁

heat for life

hes awesome manila a budding superstar

Reality Czech

In a virtual tie for 4th, trending in the right direction. I’m still in the camp of looking for a strategic trade that would improve the roster. But now, I don’t think it has to be a major trade, perhaps just a good tweak.


yeah, come over to the ‘make no trades’ dark side. This team rules

Reality Czech

Haha. Sounds evil. No, I believe a strategic trade like that SunMan Lowry+ for Sexton/Olynyk would work for me.

heat for life

ty jon wooden univ for jjj

heat for life

never seen a youngen have so much patience to score .havent seen this many pump fakes since dwade

Reality Czech

Great game by our budding superstar, JJJ!

heat for life

man i hope so herro bam good players jjj could be great

Reality Czech

Herro and Bam are both better than just ‘good’. As fans, shouldn’t our hope be for all 3 to be, if not superstars, A to A+ players? Bam, imo, is already A level. Herro has the potential to be A or A+. He’s B to B+ now.


Herro and Bam are also both still young and, more importantly, have gotten better every year. Same can be said about Duncan and Caleb. That’s what makes them more valuable than guys like Zach LaVine or KAT, who come into the league with more ‘talent’ but don’t work hard to get better.


I agree with those evaluations. These are my opinions on everyone. I think Bam is a low A+, Ty a high B+. Ty got exposed to his limitations last night. He sometimes, not always, cracks under pressure against teams like Philly. JJJ did not, and for that reason he has the higher ceiling in my mind, he could become a low A player, while Ty can only get to A-. Of others, Caleb is a solid B. Dunc a low B+, Jimmy a low A+. Everyone else is below B, JRich a B-, Kyle and Kevin are low C+, HH and Bryant a C+ too.
I still am in the trade Ty or Dunc camp, add picks, maybe one sweetener, get another two way A- player. We need it. That was a great win last night without Jimmy and we are a good team. But, beating Philly with Joel is very different. To make Jimmy’s last year special, we need an upgrade.

heat for life

need a jokic size dude.bam too small for him.the ic in chicago would be the best upgrade to give us that needed size.wheres mason plumlee these days not sure hes avail.too many guys 6 4 6 8,need a giant

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