PJ Tucker reportedly linked back to Miami Heat in a potential trade

Could bringing back former Heat player PJ Tucker be Pat Riley’s trade deadline whale?

The Miami Heat, like always, have already been in the thick of NBA trade rumors with a little over a month away from the NBA trade deadline on February 8, 2024.

There are betting sites that have attached Miami to several big name players that could be available via trade.

Some of those include guys like Dejounte Murray, Donovan Mitchell, Pascal Siakam, OG Anunoby and Gordon Hayward.

Chicago Bulls stars Demar DeRozan and Zach Lavine have both stated that the Heat are a preferred trade destination for them as well.

Some, if not all of those guys are big name players that can bring a significant impact to this year’s Miami Heat squad. A few can even immediately elevate them into one of the NBA title favorites.

However, outside of the Bulls stars, none of those names are official reports that link them to Miami. They are just from betting sites giving the Heat a high percentage of landing them.

Either way, there is not any known mutual interest between both the players and Heat organization yet.

Heat fans are accustomed to always being thrown into the NBA trade rumor mill, and the betting sites don’t add any significance to the reality of any of those trades happening.

Another problem with acquiring any of those big name guys is the likelihood of having to split up the main core in Miami and maybe give away guys like Tyler Herro, Duncan Robinson or Kyle Lowry.

It is very well known that Heat front office likes this team.

They have ran it back with this group year after year, and are paying dividends from that with the continued development and progression from their guys.

A new rumor/report that could be considered much more realistic is the possibility of a PJ Tucker reunion in South Beach.

NBA insider Marc Stein linked both the Heat and Milwaukee Bucks to the veteran role playing Tucker, who has been disgruntled in his new role on the LA Clippers.

Tucker was acquired by the Clippers in the James Harden deal from the Philadelphia 76ers.

The problem is that Tucker has been an outsider in the Clippers rotation. He has been getting DNP’s by coach Ty Lue, and when he does play it is in very limited minutes (around 5-10 min).

This has caused the former NBA Champion Tucker to voice his frustration, and state that he would indeed like to be traded to another contender to get more playing time.

He is one of the oldest players in the entire league at 38 years old and will be 39 in May.

His playing days as a centerpiece role player could be over, but there should be no doubt at all that this man can still be a regular contributor for the next year and a half of his NBA career.

The Heat signed Tucker to a deal in free agency in the summer of 2021, and it proved to be a legitimate under the radar offseason move from Pat Riley.

During that 2021-2022 season, Tucker was the everyday starting PF and helped lead Miami to the Eastern Conference’s top seed.

The team made it all the way to the closing seconds of game 7 in the Eastern Conference Finals before just falling short to the rival Boston Celtics.

Tucker had a career year in the 305 even at an older age. He had averages for the season of 7.6 PPG and 5.5 RPG on 48% shooting and 42% from 3 point range.

Coach Spoelstra was able to utilize him beautifully as a two-way 3 and D player.

The team knew what they were getting out of Tucker every night and it went beyond just the box score numbers.

His intensity, energy, elite one on one defense, screen setting and charge taking ability was huge. Offensively, that corner 3 was deadly for most of that season along with his occasional floaters around the rim.

Haywood Highsmith is an active Heat player that shows some similarities in his game to the likes of PJ Tucker. After beginning the season as the team’s starting PF and playing very well, he has been in and out of the lineup’s since with injury problems.

Currently, Highsmith is now in a bench role and not seeing as many minutes as he was getting the beginning of the year.

Tucker was a player who embodied and embraced ‘Heat Culture’; a perfect fit and ideal small ball PF to put next to Bam Adebayo.

He was willing to do whatever it took to help the team win, including defending the opposing team’s best perimeter player night in and night out.

Tucker has a great relationship with Jimmy Butler and other guys on the team.

Financially, it could work bringing in Tucker in the sense that he is on a player option year. He could opt out and choose to re-sign for the minimum for one extra year.

Regardless, the Heat will have some extra cap space with Kyle Lowry’s contract expiring after this season.

It may not take a lot via trade to bring in Tucker from the Clippers, and it still is possible that he reaches a buy-out with them.

That would be the best possible scenario if the Heat were seriously interested in the reunion, as then they could then sign him outright for a minimum contract. Which is exactly what Pat Riley and the Heat did with Kevin Love a season ago.

Tucker’s admiration for the Miami Heat franchise never went away, as the veteran always has good things to say about them even after he chose to sign with the 76ers over the Heat two summers ago.

He even has told media before that he never wanted to leave Miami in the first place, but the extra money and potential to team up with former Houston Rockets teammate James Harden and MVP Joel Embiid was enticing to him.


This is a developing news story. Stay tuned for updates.

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No Tucker at this point in his career. Tempting because he knows the system but money and age deem it not worth it.


No on PJ Tucker for me as well.


HH is cheaper over the rest of his contract, younger, and at this point, better. Maybe 76ers would want him back on a buyout, but I don’t see PJ actually being productive in Miami again

John Steven Myers

It seems smart to wait for Tucker to become available. It really does. We save money. We have enough 3point shooters this year. And, Jar Crowder can stay in Milwaukee. Right? Good riddance. It will seem that way until we don’t have an answer for Lebron, or Aaron Gordon on Defense. Or until our beloved culture is exposed by a two big lineup. At that point many of you will criticize the current Heat roster. You will forget you even commented on this thread. But, it remains true. We lack what PJ Tucker, and Jae Crowder brought to the defensive end of the court. That is what changes this Heat lineup from competing to dominating. JJJ was a great draft choice. But, I have been astonished that they have not drafted to fill the void left by Tucker & Crowder. To me, this seems like a no brainer. Those teams were highly successful. It was not low key. Even the Miami Hearld shouted the importance of these role players from the rafters. I say buy. Bring Tucker in for 30 mins against the Nuggets. The G League can develop HH.

Reality Czech

I have to wonder if you’re kidding, you don’t watch many Heat games, or you are Tucker’s agent 😀. Highsmith is on a regular contract and has proven himself without needing any time in the G League. He is the same height (albeit 20 pounds lighter) as Tucker, much younger, an excellent defender, and has better stats this season in every category while playing similar minutes.
Adding another player to this team is something many of us agree on. Adding some size and a pg would be nice. But Tucker at 38 is not the answer. And Crowder, who is having a good year, suffered a serious injury and will likely be out at least another month.


Speaking of ex-Heat players. Gabe Vincent has played only 5 games so far this season and has terrible stats. Furthermore, the Lakers announced Wednesday that Vincent underwent a successful arthroscopic surgical procedure on his left knee and will re-evaluated in eight weeks.

Reality Czech

Vincent has had a tough year. At least Strus is earning his paycheck. Interestingly, so is Derrick Jones Jr. I’m happy for him. Another Heat success story.


Definitely a no, he’s too old now, plus if he really wanted to stay he should’ve not been greedy. He wants out of clippers because not enough pt for him, well it’s probably gonna be same here or worst. I mainly Don’t want him because I want all the extra minutes for young guys trying to develope. We’re already set between jjj,hh,Cain,etc.


More Jaquez news. Quite revealing.

Reality Czech

Interesting. Watched most of it, but really hate robotic voices.

Reality Czech

Heat in 4th, tied with Orlando.


Dejounte Murray raises our floor, in theory Donovan Mitchell raises our ceiling.
I think I like the former better.

Deadsori(Vincent Quitoriano)

But who are we going to give to get Murray? Herro and some picks? For me,it will be a bad trade since Herro is younger and they are almost equal in stats, the only difference is Dejounte is a better passer and defender right now while Herro is the better scorer.


Yeah that’s true


Tyler better playmaker imo

heat for life

no fn way


Traitor lol
No if we are to lose HH or other impt piece/s. Yes if its for free hehe

So Heat have 2 days off again. That’s good more rest for the weary and with minor injuries (Caleb, Jimmy…). GSW is not one team to take lightly considering their standing. That 6 game stretch seems brutal starting with the Clipps ending with the Magic 😳😬


Agree with all. Don’t want PJ, don’t waste a roster spot on him.


Or Goran, or Jae.



Remember when Pat Riley “lost the offseason” and Daryl Morey “won the offseason” because the Sixers signed PJ Tucker away from the Heat?

Anyway, I’d take PJ Tucker as a buyout. But I think he still has one more year on his contract for $10 million, so I doubt the Heat trade for him. His contract is a negative asset.


$11,539,000 actually. Another smart move by Riley. And Bucks can keep Jae Crowder too.

Last edited 2 months ago by SunManFromDogBone
Reality Czech

Trade for Tucker? If we wanted or needed him, we can wait until he’s bought out. At this point, and his age, pass.


That ship has sailed. Miami already has a younger version of Tucker. His name is Hayward Highsmith.

Joe Bloe


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