Heat stop Pistons, win 118-110

First Half: 

The Pistons scored the first five points to open this one, while Miami worked to get into rhythm. It was Duncan who’d anchor the offense to start with some exceptional play beyond the arc and at the rim.

Detroit despite its poor record played competitively and forced Miami to work. Even with Jovic, shooting and slashing to the rim well the Heat’s lead remained slim at 4 with Jaden Ivey causing issues for the Heat on the other end. Jimmy and Bam got going somewhat allowing the Heat to maintain its lead and expand on it conservatively. Miami’s reserves were solid early on with Caleb Martin playing crafty basketball, Highsmith hitting from beyond the arc and Jaquez forcing himself to the line. Just like that the Heat went up 10 headed into the second quarter.

Miami’s reserves stayed hot with Caleb continuing his offensive assault on the Pistons. He was so aggressive tonight, it reminded me of his postseason self. If Caleb, who’s had a tough season due to injury, is finally turning a corner – it’s definitely at the right time. Caleb had 15 + points in the first half.

Even with Caleb lighting things up the Pistons managed to hang within striking distance. It didn’t help that Bam struggled to score in this one, and that Miami was undisciplined defensively fouling often. Miami close the half strong with Jimmy and Duncan scoring consecutive buckets, still Detroit fought hard keeping things close. Miami would head into the second half up only two.

Second Half:

The Pistons stole back the lead to start the second half as Miami struggled offensively. Thankfully it seemed as if Bam found his groove as he scored multiple bunnies and a beautiful turnaround jumper for a quick six points. Jimmy would also get involved and tie the game back up, and a big Terry bucket would put the Heat ahead once again. Duncan and Bam would close a 12-0 run for Miami, and suddenly the Heat were firmly in the driver’s seat.

Miami continued to build its lead with Terry and Jovic surging expanding the run to 15-0. Jovic has really become an essential part of this Heat offense. His ability to play-make in transitions as well as space the floor in a set-offense makes him a real threat who is improving in real-time. Unfortunately he’d also be forced to leave the game after a second technical, the refs just don’t seem to appreciate Niko the way we do.

Even with Miami’s impressive run, Detroit did not go silently into the night clawing back to within two off great play from Fontecchio. Caleb Martin would return after hurting his ankle in the first half dispelling any major injury concerns. After Detroit’s 15-5 run, the Heat would regain its bearings toward the end of the third quarter thanks to good decision making from Jaime, and Bam as well as one beautiful fade away from Jimmy.

Jimmy kept momentum going to start the fourth quarter, but Detroit wasn’t going to roll over with Fournier keeping things close. Jimmy is able to score at will when he’s forced to, but I just wish sometimes he’d do it earlier. Still, I won’t complain about Butler getting his signature buckets and he did so tonight when they were needed. Miami’s only real downfall was its inability to guard the three tonight leaving international assassins Fontecchio, and Fournier open to score (they did).

Thomas Bryant was big down the stretch, blocking some key shots, as was Jaime hitting a much needed bucket after a short drought. Things would remain uncomfortably close down the stretch with the Pistons knocking on the door, but the high-iq play of Jimmy, Rozier (we’re excusing the in-bounds play) and Duncan would get Miami the win. Jimmy also managed to extend his three-point streak as the game came to a close. A solid win all-around.





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glad to pick up a win over the pistons, a lousy team in a lousy city with lousy fans


Congrats to the Heat. Nothing is ever easy for us, but we keep fighting.


Sucks that jrich out for the season now…. f****. Good thing we’re a deep team, just keep stacking wins, hopefully herro comes back eventually, and we can get Mr. Wright more incorporated into the games. We won’t let these injuries stop us, from grinding hard 💪 😤 💯 🙏


6th seed…bad boy Jovic got the boot maybe the kid needs some tats already. Jimmy playoff look once again. Dunc and Caleb already in playoff form? Terry getting comfy. Was looking for a big lead but any W would do.


Jovic’s biggest enemy is his immaturity. The team can’t afford stupid mistakes or shit fits when they are going up against top teams or during the playoffs. He was clearly holding the dude’s jersey. When he got called on it he had made a gesture which showed up the ref that made the call. It was his second technical of the game. That’s some low BBIQ crap. Get your shit together Niko or you will be on the bench a lot and the first bus this summer to Detroit, Portland or some other NBA hell hole.

Last edited 1 month ago by SunManFromDogBone

Lol, he is just 20y old, cut him some slack. If Draymond can get with all kinds of crap and many other players doing way worse shit, he can let his emotions out a bit. He is a good kid, not some ghetto no name wannabe gangsta a-hole.


Jovic had zero techs in his nba career before this game. and that second tech was absolutely weak. the threw him out of the game for waving his arm after getting called for a foul.

I’m not saying he’s an NBA vet ready for high level playoff games. But I think the two techs he got tonight say more about the refs than they do about Niko. That was some b.s.

If anything, seeing Bryant and O-Rob out there shows how valuable Jovic has become for this team. If you had asked me a month ago, I would have said he’d be out of the rotation by the playoffs. But now I’m not so sure. After Bam and K-Love, he’s probably the 3rd best big man on this roster. Depending on the matchup, the Heat might need him in the playoffs


I overreacted to his ejection. I was just pissed that he reacted to getting called for holding the opponent’s jersey as though he didn’t do it and as though the ref screwed up. He didn’t fool anyone by his show of emotion. Remember, this is a veteran team. He needs to play more like Jaime…with emotion…but controlled emotion.

Niko is young so I will give him a pass. But he does need to show more intelligence. He can’t afford to let his youthful exuberance cost the team a game. Hopefully, it was a learning moment for the future and between now and the playoffs he adjusts to and excels in his new role.

Reality Czech

I think that’s a bit of a strong reaction. He’s been playing better ball week by week and I’m glad we have him here to develop further. He made an error, he’ll learn from it.

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