Josh Richardson to undergo season-ending shoulder surgery

Josh Richardson
Josh Richardson suffered a dislocated shoulder on Feb. 11 against the Boston Celtics. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

Miami Heat guard Josh Richardson will undergo season-ending shoulder surgery, Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald first reported Tuesday evening.

Richardson, 30, suffered a dislocated shoulder on in Miami’s Feb. 11 loss to the Boston Celtics, though the timetable for return was undetermined at the time.

He was playing well before the injury, averaging 13.2 points on 50.9 percent shooting and 42.9 percent from 3-point range in his six full games prior. For the season, Richardson will finish averaging 9.9 points, 2.8 rebounds and 2.4 assists, shooting 44.4 percent from the floor, 34.7 percent from 3-point range and 94.4 percent from the free-throw line in 43 games.

His 53.9 effective field goal percentage was the second-best mark of his career, while his 57.3 true-shooting percentage tied the best mark he set in 2021-22 with the Boston Celtics and San Antonio Spurs.

Richardson signed a two-year minimum deal to return to the Heat last offseason. He will have a $3.1 million player option he can exercise in 2024-25, per Spotrac.

This news comes the same day as the Heat reportedly signed 6-foot-2 veteran guard Patty Mills, who was recently bought out by the Atlanta Hawks, for presumably the rest of the season. The move has still not been made official by the organization, but it’s worth noting that it makes the acquisition a lot clearer in terms of why it occurred.


This is a breaking news story. Stay tuned for updates.

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It’s interesting this time of year to check the schedules of everyone around the sixth seed. The Heat have a pretty tough last twenty games and I was worried. But, so does everyone else around us, Knicks, Sixers, Pacers, and Magic. Maybe the Magic’s is a tiny bit easier than the rest, but pretty much everyone has twelve games against playoff contenders and eight against non-contenders. So, it’s gonna be a dogfight. I predict the Magic will avoid the play-in and the Sixers, especially if Embiid does not return till April, will not avoid the play-in. I predict the Heat will end up around 46-36, which may seem a bit pessimistic, and I admit I tend that way. BTW, 46-36 should be right around the cutoff for the play-in. The good news is we have at least pretty much clinched making the play-in.


OTOH, if Wright and Mills work out well, it’s not hard to envision the Heat approaching fifty wins, which would easily avoid the play-in. I say this, one, because it’s possible, and two, to appeal to our very optimistic blogosphere.


Maybe Heat should target 6th spot… to get in finals over Bucks and Cleveland and wait there what is left of Boston.


I think the Heat org should hold “injury management clinics” for the league. So-called contenders Philly, NY in East…Phx in West are all struggling now. The common excuse, I mean reason hehe – injuries. Other teams also went through that. Their fans (well a good part) are already in semi panic mode. And one thing I noticed with us Heat fans we don’t panic when one of our players get the injury bug. Well some sound like they do panic lol. Obviously when the main stars are sidelined its a cause for great concern but any team should have the capacity to carry on. Sorry thats my belief coz its possible. See Heat team for sample evidence lol. Go Heat!!


Get weell JRich, I had envisioned you as one of the closing defensive 5 for the Heat come play off. Wished the surgery was sooner, by now you would have been weeks into recovery.


Too bad for Josh. He was a good pickup and contributed a lot. It’s a shame because he was helping us more as time went on. But, I feel like Wright and Mills will give us enough to counter the loss. I believe the Heat will be fine.


Patty and Wright addition made be guessing that JRich and will not recover this season.
I didnt like him in his first time with the Heat, but he was much better now.

Reality Czech

Yes, they already announced he’s out for the season


Really,I thought he was good on his first rodeo with the Heat.


Heat tried to make him a go to player back then, but he couldn’t do it. Just too inconsistent player, which made me mad.
He is much better as a role player. He is also much more consistent now.

Reality Czech

Interesting tidbit from Five Reasons Sports:
The Heat have a net rating of +8.3 or better with Nikola Jovic on the floor with (“worst” to best):

Martin (+14.2!)

He is the starter.

He makes EVERY lineup better.

The only meh combo was Lowry.”


We are seeing the real Caleb Martin stepping up again lately. You have only seen glimpses of the player who dominated game 7 against Boston last year. But, for the last two games it seems like he might be reappearing.

Joe Bloe

Thus the acquisition of Wright. I thought that they were redundant.
I like the idea of a true PG in Mills. He has veteran savvy and will be able to settle down the team and run the offense.
JRICH was doing well in his role.


Thank sucks. He was playing well. I hope he fully recovers and opts in next season.
Take care Josh! I wonder if Miami can bring someone else in on a hardship basis?

Reality Czech

Bad news. Get well soon J Rich!


Damm that’s terrible news smh 🤦. Now getting patty mills makes even more sense now, even though I already knew something concerning was going on with jrich. We will be alright though, since we got his replacement Dw IIII . LET’S GO HEAT ! #NEXTMANUPMENTALITY


Ouch!! Just when he’s clicking with the team. Get well soon Josh! Don’t worry they’ll win you one ring 😁😁😁

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