Heat fall to Boston 118-84, are eliminated from playoffs

First Quarter:

It was Bam who would anchor the Heat offense once again to start this one – but still Miami would start things off slow once again. On the other end, Brown and White picked up where they left off after last game getting Boston out to an early lead (albeit a small one). Jovic, Wright and Caleb both got involved to help the Heat tie things up. The Heat and Celtics traded punches for a short period, with Bam hitting threes and seemingly carrying the entire offense. Unfortunately that wasn’t enough to stay within striking distance and Boston put together a 19-5 run. Boston did not stop rolling extending their lead on made threes. Patty Mills, Kevin Love and Bam would show some life – but the Heat’s inability to guard (Boston scored 8) put them in a very difficult situation down 18.

Second Quarter:

Things did not improve for Miami to start the second quarter, looking defeated early on. Herro, still scoreless at the 9:55 minute mark could not make anything happen with Boston pressuring him. Bam continued to be the only player capable of creating offense leaving Miami in a precarious situation. With Miami staggering Boston stepped on the gas scoring more threes to balloon their lead to 30. Herro finally got on the board, and Miami would chip away slightly with him and Bam doing some consistent work on a 14-5 run. Still with the Heat down 20, things looked bleak. Bam would showcase some great footwork on tough buckets – but other than that, there really were no Heat highlights as they’d go into the second round down 22.

Third Quarter:

Bam continued to lead Miami’s offense, with very little help as the Celtics built on its lead putting a 10-0 run together to get its lead up to 34. Jovic got on the board, but with Bam not scoring and Herro once again cold, Miami’s offense continued to look anemic with the Heat unable to make a dent in Boston’s massive lead. It didn’t help that the Heat were absolutely atrocious from three with the Celtics eliminating the one weapon that made them dangerous. The Heat had no fight left headed into the fourth, disappointing for a team that had its share of gutsy performances

Fourth Quarter:

Bryant saw minutes to start the fourth sending Bam to the bench – but things remained constant even with Boston emptying its bench. In a garbage time that felt like an eternity, Miami’s injury-riddle season finally came to a close with a whimper. The Heat front office has a lot of decisions to make in the coming months, but this is likely the last we see of this team in its current form.



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Such a shame it ended because of injuries. I think this team had a real chance to beat Boston if we had a full compliment of players. On to the offseason!


It was a torture watching this. Boston was a better team, so we should congratulate them (and wish them to loose in the next round).

Well, it will be an interesting offseason. I expect that Butler will stay, at least for the first part of the season, but I don’t expect the extension.

Bam is out of question, but all the rest could be available in right deals.


Zach EdeyPurdue, Senior
AGE 22.1
Zach Edey Is Just Different
I am endlessly fascinated by the possibility of putting Edey next to a rim protector like Bam Adebayo. Edey could provide the beef inside, and Adebayo would provide two-way versatility. The fact that Bam has begun to shoot 3s (and has made just under half of them since the break) indicates that he could continue improving in that area. An interior force like Edey might be a perfect balance.

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Reality Czech

You know I’ve been on board with this since the mock drafts have indicated he will fall to the 15-23 range. He may have some limitations, but he’s a monster in the paint.


See next article on what Heat should do next. I posted there as well.


Spo showed a lot of class in his postgame interview.



2024-2025 worse case scenario…

  • Miami keeps Butler and extends his contract for 3 years @ $150M+
  • Martin opts in or is given multi-year extension
  • Miami keeps Herro and Duncan,
  • Bryant opts in,
  • Miami trades Jovic and Jaquez,
  • Love and JRich opt out
  • Miami does not re-sign Highsmith, Wright, ORob or G Leaguers.
  • Miami blows draft picks

2024-2025 best case scenario…

  • Butler is traded for top 20 player (Mitchell, Siakim?) or package of young players and draft picks (Houston, OKC, San Antonio, Utah, etc.).
  • Martin opts out or is signed & traded
  • Herro is traded for frontcourt starter (Collins, Kuzma, DeRozan?)
  • Duncan is traded for rotation player and second round pick
  • Jovic and Jaqquez are not traded
  • Love and Jrich opt in
  • Highsmith, Wright, ORob and G Leguers are re-signed for minimum
  • Miami makes shrewd draft picks and gets starter (preferably an NBA ready C) and a solid rotation player with tons of upside.

(I should be charging Pat a consultant fee for this shit).


heat for life

wow doncic dam u r great


Other than Luka the Clips & Mavs so-called super stars choked it up. Nobody on either team (other than Luka with 35) scored over 15 points. NBA is quickly becoming a foreign man’s game…Luka, Jocic, Giannis, Joel, Shai, etc.


Irving was good, actually, without scoring it. The limitations of Harden and George are well known.
All US great players are over 30, the next generation is not on that level.
I dont think is just about the talent, its also about the training.
Skills are everything, and foreign players are skilled, any one of them.

heat for life

tyrese jalen tatum brown booker ant trae brunson zion kat hoopers come from the playgrounds except the giants

heat for life

this lively gafford washington airplane mode lac cant make a shot best defensive team in nba

heat for life

james and pg13 in playoffs rather have ty n dunc

heat for life

clippers getting pulverized73 50

heat for life

rebuild trade jimmy or retool keep jim theres arguements for both sides hoping for a better team next year,have a good off season hhhers.


so its over. good to be part of the playoffs sad to end early. well its against the best team in the league (season record at least) so hold ur heads high heat nation. nothing to be ashamed of we were decimated by injuries all season long and that misfortune culminated this playoffs losing jimmy and terry. what couldve been. again congrats to boston. heat org has a lot of pondering to do after a good vacation i guess. now for the changes thats been a clamor here in hhh…
sorry but id go against the popular opinion…run it back lol! im willing to take the risk but some exemptions. butler opts for a lower price in new contract 2-3 yrs? and hopefully retire in a heat jersey. get a big that will complement bam. for some speculations out there – no kd pls. and dame. unless they accept vet min haha! bout tyler and caleb, im torn with keeping or trading letting them go. i still see an upside specially for ty but i maybe wrong. i just hate giving up on young talent/s when they struggle coz they have shown already that they can ball. its a big risk i know and lots here might hate it but its up to riles. again we are at the mercy of his decisions no matter how many tomatoes we throw at the old man. enjoy ur vacay miami heat. its not just our time. again. it will come. thank you everyone!

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Reality Czech

Butler is under contract for next season for $48 million. There is no negotiation, it is binding to both parties. The only choices the team has is to keep him or trade him. After next season, he has a player option for $52 million. I don’t see him opting out of it and taking less money.


Thanks for this. My guess is Pat will keep Jimmy. And plenty of tomatoes to be thrown if that happens. But that’s just a guess.


I think if Pat keeps Jimmy you can kiss Jaquez and Jovic good bye, and I don’t think that would be a good thing. Also if I’m not mistaken Highsmith is a free agent and Caleb has a player option, that my guess is he’d opt out, given what we saw guys like Strus and Gabe get paid.

I will be disappointed if they do run it back, as I still think they are far short of the pieces they need. Duncan Robinson was a nice story, but injuries have derailed his career.

Terry, Tyler, Bam and Jimmy isn’t enough. Selling off Jovic and Jaquez would gut their depth. I get next man up philosophy, but this team is short pieces.


well whatever happens next…we get disappointed. or excited. or meh. still lets go miami heat!


You’re right Terry, Tyler, bam, and Jimmy ain’t enough, but the team can still get better without losing jovic, and jaquez. If Riley wants to hold on to Jimmy, the plan next Is get a big in free agency to pair with bam, like valciunas. He’s a rebounding monster and can shoot 3s at near league Average. If not you can trade any combination or all 3 of herro,Martin, and dunc to the pistons, jazz, etc. A pistons trade could net us beef stew with a young role player or a 1st , jazz trade could net us Collins, solid role player, or a 1st or 2nd. Next if we can’t get Murray, then get a 2 way sg to pair with Terry from free agency like kcp. Starting lineup could be Terry, kcp,Jimmy, collins/beef stew, bam. Bench could be JJJ, Jovic, jrich, then let our draft picks battle it out with the leaguers. If we trade away our draft picks, then orob, and Cain get the next spots.

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heat for life

ty rc tough decision for part time player who has lost his lift but still a top15-20 player in the league,


To me it’s time to end the Jimmy era. It was fun, and he probably got and will get a raw deal if they do move on, as Pat failed to ever really put pieces around him, but he’s aging, struggling to stay healthy, and this Miami team isn’t set to compete anymore.

It was a fun run (at times) and frustrating other times, but in my eyes, we can’t run it back.


I agree. Can’t run it back. Jimmy and Ty must go. Jimmy is too fragile and will only be more so. Ty has been exposed, can’t have him unless you get rid of Dunc and Jovic , and Love. No other team has so many of these types of players. That is because it doesn’t work. Need to go in new direction. Can’t get sentimental about players. It’s going to cost us a couple of non playoff years, but if we use our picks well, we will be competitive sooner. Jovic is not going to be good. Maybe I just am more realistic than others, but hanging onto him is a mistake. Time to fix our problems, get better. It will be a long road but now that Jimmy is started on the downside, that’s our only option.

Last edited 26 days ago by Bout30man

I am still glad we made the playoffs and avoided the sweep. It’s been an exciting year, full of highs and lows. The future will eventually be bright again. We have an organization that rises to excellence every time. Whatever comes, enjoy the ride. Go Heat!

Reality Czech

Love my team. Looking forward to positive changes.


whew! finally its over. i feel relieved to be honest… now lets start the long road to rebuild

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