2024 Miami Heat Mock Draft Roundup: May 13

Jared McCain is one of many prospects pundits have the Miami Heat selecting in the first round. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

While the Miami Heat, locked into the No. 15 pick of the 2024 NBA Draft, was not directly affected by Sunday’s lottery, plenty of other teams were. Depending on where certain teams fell, there’s a possibility that their draft strategy could change, which could lead to key prospects falling down the board for Miami to nab.

The two-day event doesn’t tip off until June 26, so teams have plenty of time to formulate what they want to do. But who do pundits have the Miami Heat selecting roughly 24 hours after the lottery order was decided? Let’s examine!

(Editor’s note: This is our third mock draft roundup–our most recent one was on April 1!)

No Ceilings:

No. 15: Devin Carter, G, Providence:

“No culture clash here, as Devin Carter to the Heat may be the most frequent pairing you’ll see across all outlets. Carter is essentially college basketball’s version of Troy Polamalu, as he plays basketball with great infectious intensity. It’s like his hair is on fire. Son of former NBA player, Anthony Carter, Devin has a very strong frame, which allows him to guard up and down the lineup. He is also one of the best rebounders in college basketball–not just for a guard. Consider how valuable rebounding guards are.

You need to look no further than the playoffs. Players like Josh Hart and Brandin Podziemski are tremendously valuable for their squads because they can end or continue possessions solely from their effort on the glass. Carter has also grown as a three point shooter, putting up a percentage just under 38% on 11.2 attempts per 100. Even if his percentage turns out to be “just average” at the next level, teams will still have to respect him from deep while also fearing him on the other side of the floor. Not every player is guaranteed to see the floor in their rookie season–and that expectation drops as the picks continue. But, one way for a player to earn the trust of their coaches is doing the winning things. That is where Devin should excel.”

No. 43: Bobi Klintman, F, Australia

Bleacher Report (Jonathan Wasserman):

No. 15: Isaiah Collier, G, USC

“Isaiah Collier remains one of the more interest names to track pre-draft.

The positional size, unique physicality, ball-handling and shiftiness, acrobatic finishes and playmaking flashes created signs of upside. Underwhelming shooting and a high turnover rate raised concerns over his projected efficiency. And given his ball-dominant style, he won’t be a fit for most lottery teams’ starting lineup.

The fit part stops mattering after around No. 10, when teams will accept drafting a bench spark. While it’s entirely possible Collier’s jump shot and decision-making improve, early on his career, he’s going to be valued for his ability to provide speed, rim pressure and creation off the bench.”

No. 43: Pelle Larsson, F, Arizona

During Arizona’s loss to Clemson, Pelle Larsson had a forgettable offensive performance and some bad defensive lapses late in the game.

The timing was poor, but he had been highly reliable all season, finishing at 42.6 percent from three and 47.2 percent on pull-ups with 3.7 assists and highly efficient pick-and-roll and transition play.

Teams could see a plug-and-play wing with Larsson if this year’s improved shooting wasn’t fluky.”


No. 15: Tidjane Salaun, F, France

Video shared:


No. 43: Trevon Brazile, F, Arkansas

The Ringer (Kevin O’Connor):

No. 15: Jared McCain, G, Duke

“With Jimmy Butler on the rocks and Tyler Herro’s continuing inconsistency, the Heat may need to rebuild their backcourt. A player as versatile as McCain could be a great place to start.”

Excerpt on his strengths and weaknesses:

“Talented, selfless passer who runs a composed pick-and-roll. He’s capable of making any pass and does a good job of reading the floor.

Hard-nosed defender who can handle point-of-attack defense, fighting over screens, and sticking to the opponent … Lacks a quick first step, limiting his ability to create a ton of space. Sometimes he’s unable to turn the corner against longer defenders, which keeps him from getting all the way to the basket.

Undersized, below-the-rim finisher who will need to rely on creative finishes to score around NBA length.”

No. 43: Terrance Shannon Jr., G, Illinois

“Continuing the logic of selecting McCain in the first round, Shannon’s size and downhill-scoring ability could be a great complement to grab at this point of the draft. (Editor’s note: Shannon is currently awaiting a preliminary hearing in a criminal rape case, which is scheduled for May.)”

Yahoo Sports (Krysten Peek):

No. 15: Isaiah Collier, G, USC

“Collier didn’t get a chance to find his rhythm at USC after dealing with an injury and chemistry issues with teammates, but he would be a steal for anyone outside the lottery. There are still questions surrounding his outside shot, but he is one of the best downhill guards in this draft.”

No. 43: Jalen Bridges, G, Baylor

USA Today (Jeff Zillgitt and Scooby Axson):

No. 15: Tidjane Salaun, F, France

“Another athletic and lengthy wing from France who has immense offensive potential as a scorer. Can handle the ball and is focused on making the right play. The success of NBA rookies Victor Wembanyama and Bilal Coulibaly this season has put a spotlight on these young French players.”

ESPN (Jonathan Givony and Jeremy Woo):

No. 15: Zach Edey, C, Purdue

“Edey’s positional fit alongside Bam Adebayo would be a topic of discussion in Miami, but his productivity, physicality, intensity and team-culture match would be welcomed by the Heat. Adebayo started to slowly incorporate a 3-point shot into his offensive arsenal late this season and has the type of defensive versatility that could be useful alongside another big. Edey’s offensive rebounding and interior scoring are skills the Heat lack, making him an attractive pick here.”

SB Nation (Ricky O’Donnell):

No. 15: Devin Carter, G, Providence

“Devin Carter’s breakout junior year was one of the true joys of the college basketball season. The 6’3 guard was always a tenacious point of attack defender, but he suddenly morphed into an effective offensive player as a junior for Providence. Carter fixed his three-point shot, and it opened up the rest of his game. He fired threes off the dribble and the catch with abandon, hitting 37.7 percent on 6.8 attempts per game. His improved shooting helped open up the lane for driving, which allowed him to make a big leap as a two-point scorer as well (56 percent as a junior after being a tick below 50 percent as a sophomore). Carter’s mentality as a ferocious on-ball pest helps make him a perfect fit for the Heat, and his improved offensive potency addresses some of the Heat’s biggest problems.”

The Athletic (Sam Vucenie):

No. 15: Devin Carter, G, Providence

“Carter was one of the best players in college basketball this past season. The son of former NBA point guard Anthony Carter, Devin was terrific in the 2022-23 season after transferring from South Carolina but leapt to another level this past campaign.

Carter has always been a terrific defensive player, rightfully nominated as a semifinalist for National Defensive Player of the Year. He is aggressive at the point of attack and has elite off-ball defensive instincts. His athleticism is basketball-functional and allows him to fly around the court. Plus, he processes the game as well as one would expect as the son of a former NBA player …”

No. 43: Jamal Shead, G, Houston

Sporting News (Kyle Irving):

No. 15: Terrance Shannon Jr., G, Illinois

“The Heat’s offense continued to struggle in the halfcourt, and Shannon would provide instant help off the bench as a 23-year-old senior.

The Illinois star was an explosive scorer this past season. He averaged a career-best 23.0 points per game, flashing a quick first step with a strong build and elite body control to finish through traffic. His incremental improvements as a perimeter shooter only help his NBA potential.

It is worth noting that Shannon is awaiting a hearing in a sexual assault case that is scheduled for May.”

No. 43: Nikola Djurisic, F, Mega Basket

CBS Sports (Kyle Boone):

No. 15: Ja’Kobe Walter, G, Baylor

“Walter wasn’t been the world’s most efficient offensive player in his lone season of college basketball, but he showed all the tools which made him a five-star prospect. He’s athletic and rangy, and his excellent free-throw shooting suggests there is long-term shooting upside. I’m still a believer.”

Last Word On Sports (Marshall Graves):

No. 15: Jared McCain, G, Duke

“Jared McCain has had an excellent freshman season for Duke. He’s had several big performances and has been a consistent performer throughout the year. What’s really contributed to McCain’s rise however is his three-point shooting combined with solid perimeter defense. He shot 41.4 percent from deep on just under six attempts per game. McCain’s ability as a ‘3-and-D’ connector guard draws comparisons to Donte DiVincenzo and De’Anthony Melton. Both are a little taller or have more length than McCain, but the roles and playstyles are very similar.”

Bright Side Of The Sun (Damon Allred):

No. 15: Kevin McCullar, G, Kansas


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Last edited 14 days ago by SunManFromDogBone

If Miami drafts Bronny James with the 43rd pick, would that entice LeBron to accept sign & trade for Butler to come to Miami? Inquiring minds want to know.



This is a fascinating thought experiment.

Jimmy for Lebron straight up. How would that all unfold?

Even at what 40/41 I’d seriously consider it


Oh thank God they did not include Bronny here. Coz he is in other socials, even the HHH fb page!


My top 3 for the 15th pick : 1. filipowski has the necessary tools to pair with bam at the 4 or 5, and the best passing, shooting 7 footer with really gpod ball handling for his size. His comp to me is a hybrid of love/gobert or a better version of zach collins. 2. Carter to me is the best defensive guard in the draft to me in my opinion, he’s a pest and POA defender, with the 2 way ability we crave. Increasing both his 2 and 3 pt percentage and was born in HEAT CULTURE. His comp for me Is Derrick white. 3. Collier has immense potential, a tall pg/sg, with good length, and bulk on him. Also probably the best downhill guard in the draft, gotta work on his shot though. His comp for me is like a mix of baron davis,sga,and tyreke Evans. If we can’t get any of those 3 , trade back, and take a big swing on edey.

Last edited 15 days ago by Big_guy305

Good post. I like Carter and Collier, but prefer Ware from Indiana over Filipowski. I would be okay with Edey as well. Shannon Jr is intriguing if he’s cleared of any wrongdoing.

I have no idea which position or player type the Heat are contemplating, but we trust them to make a solid choice.


Thank you sir. I like ware too, but the main reasons I pick Kyle over him is he’s more offensively ready with better ball handling, passing, shooting, and more girth. They both have the same weakness, which is guarding on the perimeter, but I’ll give ware the slight edge on D. His comp for me is a bigger nic Claxton with more moves in his bag. If we trade back, I also like Keyshawn George a 2 way sg/sf at 6’8 with the ceiling of paul George or ingram. I trust Riley, so hopefully they get us an nba ready stud.

Last edited 15 days ago by Big_guy305
Reality Czech

The more choices, the more difficult I find it. I’m definitely warming up to Carter because my dream come true would be Carter coming to play for his dad works out similarly to Brunson playing for his. But there are a lot of good choices.


Based on what I’ve read on the internet (I haven’t seen any of these kids play) I like the guard from USC the best, but I think the guard from Providence or Duke are more likely. I think a lot of people here want Edey or some other 7-footer, but I don’t see the Heat going that way.

Based on what I saw last season, I expect a defense built around guards like Rozier, J-Rich, and Wright really hounding people beyond the 3-point line, maybe even full-court. And based on the fact that Wright and Patty Mills were getting playoff minutes for this team last year, I expect the Heat to draft a guard. When the Heat do get a big man, I expect a mobile big that can switch the perimiter and guard wings, like Precious.

Not saying this is specifically what I WANT, it’s more what I EXPECT from the Heat. And, as always, I trust this team knows what they’re doing.


I concur . What about # 44? Carlton Carrington ,Kyshawn George ,Pacome Dadiet or someone totally different

Last edited 15 days ago by Quayzeze305

like i said, i have no idea. I really only watch the nba and march madness. If i had to guess, I’d say the Heat will use their second round pick on a long armed forward that can play defense and needs to improve his shooting.

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