2024 NBA SUMMER LEAGUE: Miami HEAT vs Golden State Warriors

The Miami Heat open their 2024 Summer League in the California Classic against the Golden State Warriors at 6:30 p.m. EST!


Broadcast Info:

  • 6:30 PM EST
  • TV: ESPN

Miami HEAT Summer League roster

  • Gabe Brown, F, Michigan State
  • JC Butler, F, UC Irvine
  • Josh Christopher, G, Arizona State
  • Caleb Daniels, G, Villanova
  • Keshad Johnson, F, Arizona (two-way)
  • Pelle Larsson, G, Arizona
  • Zyon Pullin, G, Florida (two-way)
  • Neal Sako, C, Cholet (France)
  • Isaiah Stevens, G, Colorado State
  • Cole Swider, F, Syracuse
  • Kel’el Ware, C, Indiana
  • Bryson Warren, G, Overtime Elite
  • Warren Washington, C, Texas Tech
  • Alondes Williams, G, Wake Forest

Golden State Warriors Summer League roster

  • Reece Beekman – G
  • Marques Bolden – C
  • Yuri Collins – G
  • Allen Flanigan – F
  • Trayce Jackson-Davis – C-F
  • Kevin Knox II – F
  • Daeqwon Plowden – G
  • Brandin Podziemski – G
  • Jackson Rowe – F
  • Mantas Rubštavičius – F-G
  • Gui Santos – F
  • Roman Sorkin – C-F
  • Pat Spencer – G
  • Christian Terrell – F-G
  • Ethan Thompson – F-G
  • Santiago Vescovi – G
  • Jimmy Whitt – G


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Reality Czech

If anyone wants to refer to me as a rosy eyed optimist (okay, maybe) or as an apologist (ridiculous), so be it. I certainly hoped this offseason would go very differently, but it didn’t. I wrote all the way back in the February trading period that trading Butler would benefit the future of the team. But I accept the reality of the team, despite what frustration or disappointment I may feel. Even in that awful first effort last night, I try to find positives, like Ware’s 5 blocks, Swider’s overall game, or Larsson’s 3 steals, defense, and athleticism. On the other hand, I see Alondes, a player I really liked, playing himself out of anything other than a spot on the Skyforce with his sloppy ball handling.
DeRozan, like other players recently, chose not to come here. But he also chose not to go to the storied LA Lakers, even with the great LeBron saying he’d take a pay cut to get him.
Am I a cheerleader? You betcha! But I try to be objective. Criticism, whether it is here, in the job, or in life, is fair and can lead to improvement. But assessments like ‘Riley sucks’ or ‘that player is a scrub or bust’ is, to me, totally juvenile.


“Stay positive. The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude.” Dennis S. Brown

Last edited 5 days ago by SunManFromDogBone

As long I ve been around, every year Heat at least try to improve the team till this year.

-We lost important players, and we didn’t replace them.
-We could keep some cheap and solid players, but we didn’t.
-We didn’t trade for quality players.
-We draft players, which wont help any time soon.

I remember you said a while ago (maybe months ago), that this team will be different and better.

Makes sense back then. I m in doubt now.

Still, team at full strength as it is, with Jovic and JJJ a bit older, and Butler playing for his contract, is a good team.

But if everything stays as it is, its clear, that general direction is getting younger, and there wont be another run for a title with Jimmy.

So there is a reason to be optimistic. We have a good team. Not a contender team, but watching young players developing will be as fun as winning a title.

Reality Czech

I agree. I also don’t expect the team to be a title contender barring a real miracle of everything coming together for this team and other teams having problems.


That’s true. I try to back up any comment with underlying reasons, or as close as I can come to objective facts.
Two points. One, it takes more courage to say things aren’t ideal when they aren’t than saying something nice to look at the bright side or just hoping for the best. You get pushback, which is all right and I even welcome, when you take a negative stand.
And two, my comments were not directed at you, who I have high respect for and think you are far from just a cheerleader.

Reality Czech

Haha, likewise.


Our summer of discontent continues. And Demar flies away, another who had mutual interest. We will learn, some did already, to take those reports with a grain of salt.
As a general comment, this site has too many cheerleaders, not enough critical, honest analysis. The magic of two years ago continues to color our perceptions, like somehow the Heat will rise up like a Phoenix, despite having a clearly inferior roster, and perform feats of derring do.
I, for one, will continue to look at the Heat’s team building efforts with a discerning eye, and will have the temerity to question the great Godfather in his current form, and not give him a pass for his illustrious past.
At the risk of upsetting the rosy eyed optimist police, this off season has been an absolute crap show, and unless something positive happens way bigger than Burks, this year will be a lost one. Yes, the sky really is falling this time.

Last edited 6 days ago by Bout30man

It’s okay to be frustrated, and without some level of certainty in our sporting entertainment, and in this crazy world, I get it. It’ll also be bittersweet for the Jimmy Era to end in close but not quite.

As always I’m excited to watch the team compete when the season comes. We are definitely in a transition period and I hope we don’t saddle Bam with uncompetitive teams like we did to Wade. (For the record it definitely seems like that lesson was learned.)


Thanks, for your understanding. I am frustrated. The Heat were so close. It was a magical time.
There will be interesting things to watch involving player development even while we lower our expectations.

Last edited 6 days ago by Bout30man

lol 😉
We did not want DeMar. That was going to delay the gap year we need to have to become “cool” again

Last edited 5 days ago by 2qbn

To think that even the allure of Heat Culture can’t overcome the trendy desire to play for a winner. What is cool is having a chance for the glory.


Everything does not always go our way in life’s important matters, such as family, friends, marriages, jobs, health, etc. Why should we expect anything different in something as inconsequential as sports? If you have ever been poor or in a bad place, literally and/or figuratively, you have a much greater appreciation for the blessing of normalcy, when it comes your way. Having a “winning” team is something to be grateful for, even if your team is not a viable contender for a championship each and every season. If you don’t believe me, just ask fans of the Washington Wizards, Chicago Cubs, Cleveland Guardians (formerly known as Indians), Cleveland Browns and countless other franchises with “losing” reputations.

Miami has made some good and bad personnel decisions along the way. Today’s team is the cumulative effect of those decisions. Where would Miami be if they had drafted Miles Turner or Devin Booker, instead of Justice Winslow? What about Tyrese Maxey or Desmond Bane instead of Precious Achiewa? What if Miami hadn’t traded for Kevin Lowry? What about decisons on Whiteside, Beasley, Waitors, Brothers Johnson, etc., etc., etc. On the other hand, there’s Wade, Butler, Bam, Herro, Jaquez, Dragic, Jovic and others. There are a ton of both good and bad decisions made by Heat management over the years.

The bottom line is this…we will have a winning team this year. Hopefully, we will finally see a healthy group on opening day for the first time in a while. With any luck, Riley will bring back Highsmith and find a way to trade current assets for a difference maker. Who knows, maybe we’ll go on a roll and make it to the finals again like 2022-2023. Time will tell.

Meanwhile, we can all sit around bitching, moaning and complaining…or we can see things for what they are and hope for the best. I for one, am looking forward to finding out the following:

  • What (if any) trade(s) Riley can make despite being hamstrung by the CBA?
  • How much will Jaquez and Jovic improve this season?
  • Is Ware the next Lively?
  • Can Bam be converted to power forward?
  • Can the starters remain healthy?
  • How well can the team mesh, if healthy?
  • Will “Playoff Jimmy” return?
  • Is there an unexpected “dark horse” who will emerge as a key rotation player?
  • Will Riley retire?
  • Will heat4life and Reality Czech ever kiss and make-up?

OK folks, time to lighten TF up and enjoy the ride. After all, it’s just basketball. It’s not as though you have lost a loved one, a friend, a job or your life. It’s just a game!



Yes, that is all true and it is so important to keep everything in perspective. But, sometimes pointed commentary engenders thoughtful discussion like we have engaged in here. Thanks for your level headed thoughts.


Thangya vera mush. Fogedabowded!


Reminder that Victor Wembanyama’s first summer league game was 9 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists and 5 blocks on 2-13 shooting from the field. No reason to overreact too much. Showed some good, some bad. Just gotta hope he improves game by game.They played Ware but didn’t try to really get him involved, besides a few lobs.Ware had to create offense a lot in the game for himself which is not bad cause he got reps and was better as the game went along and he got comfortable, but no one end tried to pnr or entry pass to him.

Ware has excellent paint presence. Moves his feet very well. The one thing I noticed that I didn’t like when watching was his attitude towards defensive rebounding, the shot would go up and he would just walk around lazily at the free throw line extended and not hustle to the spot incase of misses, needs to work on his positioning on box outs.. Other than that, I loved the interior defense and length and willingness to shoot even tho the 3 didn’t fall. I was encouraged by just the confidence to shoot it.His shot will fall. Its a clear adjustment from college 3 to nba 3.


40 points… thats beyond terrible.


Sky is falling! Game one. Summer league. Lol! Also… DeRozan to the Kings. Go Heat!


With demar gone, we should focus on getting locksmith back. Other free agent options are saddiq bey, Lonnie walker, fultz, saric, and Beverley. Also some trade options are Ingram, kuzma,beef stew, and collins.

Reality Czech

Saric is gone too.


Oh dammm.


Absolutely nothing so far from Heat.


I was told he sucks and yet Denver gave him $5 mil a year. Hmm 😛


They looked terrible overall. Ware is very thin and green. He’ll need the weight room and physical assertiveness training. Swider looks likes he’s just about ready for a spot at end of bench. Future replacement for Duncan. Too early to tell about Larsson and Johnson. That Spencer dude reminds me alot of TJ McConnell. Tough and scrappy. Golden State had a couple of guys missing, so there’s that.


This a brickfest for the heat, plowden going off, I might take nap cuz this game putting me to sleep.


Maybe these kids aren’t nba quality. Other than Ware’s blocks, haven’t seen much to get excited about…


Hopefully they’re just rusty, but they need some more practice. Let’s hope they show out the rest of the games for both summer leagues.

Reality Czech

Definitely won’t judge on game #1. Let’s see how the rest of summer league plays out.


Any degenerate fans left to watch this abomination? If no one can shoot? Maybe Miami should drop outta the summer league lol.

10-44 is impressive.


These kids will all fit in great with Miami. None of them can hit a shot….


With the exception of swider, whose keeping them in it.


God damn it. Hopefully it’s just first game rust. I have high expectation on Alonde since he was awesome in the g league.


I love ware rim protection so far, got like 2 or 3 blocks I think, so far.

Last edited 6 days ago by Big_guy305

he’s been moving his feet well, he’s been rotating weak side really well, the proof is he has 4 blocks on help.He’s been good positionally all game all he has to do is stop falling for pump fakes. Experience will help fix that concern.


I agree with everything you said, also he has to work on that shot too, so still a work in progress.


Pelle “Swiss Thunder Dan” Larsson


It’s time!

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