Miami Heat to waive Orlando Robinson from 15-man roster

Orlando Robinson had a July 15 deadline to guarantee his standard contract, and now becomes an unrestricted free agent.

As of this afternoon, the Miami Heat have waived undrafted big man Orlando Robinson from the team’s 15-man roster. Miami had until July 15 to make a decision on guaranteeing Robinson’s standard contract, and they chose to officially move on.

Robinson appeared in just 36 games for Miami last season, sporting averages of 2.8 points and 2.3 rebounds in 8.4 minutes. He displayed some potential when the team suffered injuries to the center depth over the past couple years, but ultimately not enough to earn a spot back heading into the 2024-2025 season. He brought some length as a 6-foot-10 big, but lost a spot in coach Erik Spoelstra’s depth chart to veteran Thomas Bryant by the end of this past year.

The Heat chose to bring back Bryant on a one-year veteran minimum deal recently, which almost surely closed the door on any return for Robinson. Miami is sporting a roster with three back up bigs behind Bam Adebayo. They have newly drafted 7-footer Kel’el Ware, Kevin Love and Bryant in the fold.

With Adebayo getting the bulk of those minutes regardless, it was tough to envision a need to have four back ups had Robinson been brought back. He will now become an unrestricted free agent, with the Heat currently at 13 roster spots and two remaining to be filled.

There are three two-way players in Dru Smith, Zyon Pullin and Keshad Johnson. Cole Swider and Alondes Williams received qualifying offers as well, with only three out of the five to be with the Heat in the coming months. One of them could potentially earn a standard contract to complete the 15-man roster.


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So are the Heat still sitting on $6+ million cap space? Or does this mean the Heat now have $8+ million cap space? And are there any potential candidates besides Precious and Locksmith?


we need a backup pg right? how bout devonte graham, got waived by hornets

heat for life

37% FG No thank u


fine then. i think we should just do Point Herro again.

heat for life

pat bev tyus jones could be had


patbev too much take a flyer on dennis smith jr


II understand Ricky Rubio is interested in returning to NBA. He’s an excellent assist man/playmaker.

Reality Czech

It’s true that he didn’t get much of a chance and didn’t capitalize on those he did. I think he’ll find himself on another roster.

heat for life

Never used.Not a spo fav.Same like Cain.

heat for life

Sporadic playing time for orob.They dont run plays for him.Whats the guy suppose to do.Hopefully ware is good cause i know bryant isnt to good

Reality Czech

“Reality Czech

 8 days ago

Also good news. I do hope they convert Cain. I also suspect they will cut O Robinson.

heat for life
 Reply to  Reality Czech
 8 days ago

Depends on how good or not good ware is”

I like Orlando and sorry to see him waived. But i dd not think that decision would be based on Ware. And it wasn’t.

heat for life



I think that, as soon as they drafted Ware, O-Rob was out the door


He was given a decent chance, did not take advantage. Good luck to him. Hopefully the roster additions will be higher than GLeague level.
Watching the games, think that Swider’s shot should hold up in any situation.

Last edited 5 days ago by Bout30man

Especially when we resigned Bryant and drafted ware, you could tell he wasn’t coming back. Swider can get his shot off anytime and anywhere like dunc.

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