BREAKING: Miami Heat acquire PG Terry Rozier for Kyle Lowry, 2027 1st round pick

Terry Rozier is averaging career highs in points, assists and FG% at 23.2 PPG, 6.6 APG and 45.9% shooting. (Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images)

Amid offensive struggles from starting point guard Kyle Lowry and a current three-game losing streak, the Miami Heat pulled the plug early and have acquired 29-year-old PG Terry Rozier from the Charlotte Hornets in exchange for Lowry and a protected 2027 first round draft pick on Tuesday.

The news was broke and made official by both Shams and Woj. The Miami Heat also released the news on their social media accounts.

Rozier is in the midst of a career year and provides the Heat with a lot of facets to his game that this team has desperately coveted. He is a three-level scorer; he can attack the basket, shoot the midrange and knock down three’s.

He can also do all of these things with or without the ball in his hands.

This is the first trade the Miami Heat have made for a non-free agent in nearly three years, dating back to Victor Oladipo at the 2021 deadline, being among the first teams to make a move ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline on February 8.

Miami finally gets their significant upgrade at the PG position while unloading that expiring Lowry contract and reducing their luxury tax payment by $15.4 M. They also saved a total of $21.7M between their payroll and tax penalty.

Not to mention also generating a $6.4M trade exception.

When LaMelo Ball was out for a 20+ game stretch for Charlotte this season, Rozier proved he can be that guy as the main ball handler with stats of 25 PPG & 8 APG on 46% shooting, 40% from 3 point range & 90% FT.

He has experience playing deep into the NBA playoffs as a youngster on the Boston Celtics years ago. With Charlotte going absolutely no where anytime soon, Rozier has a real chance of getting back to playing at the highest level in South Florida.

The Heat now have four (!) guys on their roster who are currently averaging 20+ points a game.

This is a move that has the potential to really move the needle. Miami’s front office pulled this off without giving up much and may not even be done yet.

There are still names that the Heat have reportedly expressed interest in, such as DeMar DeRozan, Bruce Brown and PJ Tucker in the buyout market.

Tucker seems like the most realistic out of the three considering the Heat can bring in a proven and valuable veteran asset for little to nothing, similar to what they did last season with Kevin Love.

Miami chose to target Rozier over Dejounte Murray to fix their PG problem because it costed less.

After striking out on Damian Lillard over the summer and going into the season with a 37-year-old Kyle Lowry, the Heat still end up making a serious upgrade just in time for another playoff run.

The thing that was holding back Pat Riley from getting his hands on Lillard was having to part with young, franchise cornerstone assets like Tyler Herro and Jaime Jaquez Jr.

Instead, the Heat front office pulled off acquiring an All-Star caliber PG but also being able to retain those assets.

It is tough to say Heat Nation is going to miss Lowry a whole lot, who simply never met up to contract expectations.

He clearly showed quick signs of declining following a long All-Star Toronto Raptors tenure.

Thank you Lowry for the good moments and leadership, but now it is time to flourish under a new and younger offensive orchestrator in Rozier.

Rozier is expected to be available and starting for the next game tomorrow night against the Memphis Grizzlies at home.

Welcome ‘Scary Terry’ to the 305!


This is a breaking news story. Stay tuned for updates.

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In Terry Rozier’s first game, it feels like the trade was Kyle Lowry out, Kyle Lowry in.


This is a classic Pat Riley trade. The Heat add a quality playoff contributor without giving up anything of value. A pick that’s three years away and an underperforming vet in exchange for a guy that’s averaging 20+ points and 6+ assists, all while shaving money off the cap and putting the Heat in position to add a buyout guy. All of you people trying to trade Tyler and Jovic and Caleb for role players need to learn from the master. His real trades are better than your fake trades.

I like what I’ve been hearing about Rozier. He’s only 6’1 but has a 6’8 wingspan. Zach Lowe called him a ‘two way player’ and Caleb Martin called him a ‘dawg’. The proof will be on the court, but everyone makes it sound like he’ll be a good culture fit.

Last but not least, I want to give a shoutout to Kyle Lowry. While he obviously didn’t live up to expectations, he was the vibes captain of the team. Served as the bridge between Jimmy’s abrasive, hard working, veteran personality and a lot of the younger guys. The on-court production was pretty bad, but in two seasons with the Heat, they finished first in the East once, won the East once, and made game-7 of the ECF the other season. He played tough defense, set-up his teammates, and made savvy vet plays in big playoff games. He won’t go down as a top-5 point guard in Heat history, or a top-20 player in Heat history. But the team was always good when he was on the roster, and that’s gotta be worth something.


Also, shoutout to Kevin Love. With UD and Lowry gone, he’s the only player left on the team with a Championship ring and the new unofficial vibes captain.


Not a bad upgrade and it was probably time for Lowry to go. He was never ever going to live up to his contract.
He was playing decently for most of the season but not at any where near his salary’s worth.
The only problem is that a Herro, Rozier back court doesn’t inspire much confidence defensively. Rozier is a 6-1,190 lb cg and Herro is a 6-5 sg with a 6-3 wingspan and is a traffic cone on defense.
I wouldn’t trust going to war in the playoffs with that backcourt and the less than inspiring choices the Heat have at pf.

If I’m Pat I pick up the phone and Call Charlotte again and offer up Herro, Jovic, Richardson, Bryant and Dru Smith for Miles Bridges and Gordon Hayward.
I would feel much better about the Heat’s chances in the playoffs with Bridges at pf and Caleb at sg with Hayward as the backup pf/sf instead of what they have now.
Yeah they would be giving up a lot of depth but they would be getting back a young dynamic pf with still a lot of upside and a good all-around vet that can play 3 different positions and would be a big help in the playoffs.
He’s also on an expiring.
The Heat would be set at pf, C and sf for the near future.
It would be a move of Quality over quantity.

Reality Czech

Although we can look into the Heat past and find a few players that had a checkered reputation, I’d be surprised if the Heat added Bridges. As SunMan suggested, you may be able to add Kuzma for Herro, if not straight up, maybe with a sweetener, and keep Jovic.


Good thoughts. Especially quality over quantity. Everyone says we are deep like it’s an asset but there are a lot of B level players that have some value but this team would be stronger by trading two to get someone better, especially at the PF.


This is great. I am quite pleased with everything about this move. And, the possibility of another move is totally in play. We just went from hopeless to full of hope in a day. Hats off to the Godfather, great job in every way.


This will help. I think there are too many defensive holes in our lineup, still. But it’s better than what we had. I am glad we got to stick with Jovic. Tyler Herro is annoying me, though… For every basket he makes, he gives up one. It’s like running in place and never getting anywhere. I understand that he is an asset, but hopefully he can be traded for someone that produces on both ends consistently. He is with us throughout these playoffs, though, so moot point. Is Terry a starter or is he coming off the bench as sixth man?

Reality Czech

At 23 ppg and 6.6 apg, he’s definitely our starter. Best lineup imo is Rozier, Herro, Butler, Jaquez, Bam. And still a strong bench.
But I wonder if the Heat are done? We have Martin on an expiring, Bryant who is not being used, Dru can be used to match salary.
I’m a Herro fan, but I understand mixed feelings about him. A 3 level scorer who can make amazing, sometimes clutch shots. Below average defense. Inconsistent this season. If you think you’re great, don’t just say it, prove it.

Last edited 1 month ago by Reality Czech

Another move is definitely on the horizon. Exciting times.


Very accurate description of Ty. He is the opposite of most, high quality offense, average to slightly below average defense. But, it is harder to find the offense than the defense, so he has a tiny bit more value than good defenders with limited offense. And his deficiencies on defense are pretty much only related to strength. If it was coverage alone, no one really fakes him out.

Alaska Emily

Once again, Riley manages to flip an unproductive asset into something with potential. I look forward to seeing what this addition does to the team.

That said, I wonder what the plan is for all those trade exceptions? They’re gonna start expiring in the offseason…

Reality Czech

This is great news on 2 levels! First, we get an aggressive guard who can put up much needed points. Sure, he’s more of a 2, but has plenty of experience at the 1.
And, secondly, I kept telling hfl, and was willing to bet him, that we would not have to give up Herro to get Rozier.


Glad hfl ain’t the gm , herro for rozier was a dumb idea soon as he said it. He’s probably a 2, but he’s a better 1 then herro. I think his assist numbers will go up more and his points will go down a lil.

heat for life

u still think kyle does things to help us win lol.expiring contracts matter.29 mil to spend next year gl to them nice nucleus ball bridges washinton miller.milw shtting in their pants after this they fired their rookie coach.u know nyk are gonna make a move for sure after this.something going on between char and miami they do us alot favors.

Reality Czech

You’ve totally lost your mind bro. For 3 years, since the moment the Heat paid that ridiculous amount for Lowry, I’ve written more comments against that trade than I can count. I also recently wrote at least 2 or 3 comments, including to Bout30 and Manila, explaining the value of expiring contracts. Oh, and yeah, another conspiracy, now concerning Charlotte, lol.


I say this is the time to bury hatchets. I very seldom dislike a player but Lowry I soured on as time went by. But now, only wish him the best wherever he ends up. We got a new guy to cheer on now. Someone who is going to help everyone, a player who lifts our collective strength. We got the high A- player athlete we needed, a player capable of being another two way contributor. It’s a huge upgrade and we should all rejoice and enjoy the more winning.

Reality Czech

Yes, as I wrote on the newest thread, I was never against getting Lowry, but staunchly against the contract. I also wish him well and I’m sure he’ll get his wish to retire a Raptor.

Reality Czech

This was our previous conversation. You’re buying the beers AND the dinner at Boma. 😆

“heat for life

 Reply to  Reality Czech
 1 day ago

need to trade ty for rozier and were good


Reality Czech

 Reply to  heat for life
 1 day ago

I wish we could bet real money on that. For me, it’d be like taking candy from a baby.”


Receipts don’t lie. Plus, years worth of freezing cold takes in the HHH archives.


This is a good trade. Rozier is a solid two way PG and we got him for 1 first round pick and kept our young players. Well done. Now we need to solve the other issue of this team – PF position. Love is a solid backup, Jovic not ready and playing Butler or Martin or Highsmith at the PF is not a solution.

Last edited 1 month ago by Sharkey

Yep, good trade! Added proven talent at a position of need without carving into the future – Miami’s young core (Bam, Herro, Jacquez, Jovic) remains intact.


Rumors of PJ heading back, probably after a buyout. But having two mummies at PF does not make me feel great. But I do feel great that Pat is the one looking for this move. If it’s to be had, he’ll make it happen.


Exactly, ideally, we need to upgrade on Love and we will be complete.

heat for life

yes he suks played ok for a few games overall suks upgrade needed


no way dude, Kevin Love is awesome


He has given us some nice moments. But, not starting quality anymore. He was a great buyout pickup and as a backup will still have value.


SunManFromDogBone crack open that bottle of champagne!! You have been consistently calling for this trade and it’s done!

Well, maybe wait ’til a championship for the champagne, but at least some sparkling water 😀

Last edited 1 month ago by HeatDiehardSince88
heat for life

wow ty charlotte again ty for zo few decades what great news now maybe get an athletic pf and were good to go

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